surf rider foundation


Michele Catena di Horsefield nonchè nostro carissimo amico ha sfornato questo super video. Pulizia Spiaggia Aprile 2013.

In acqua leoni ma l'immondizia nei bidoni !!!


This is a TV commercial for the Surf Rider Foundation.

“Sea can’t erase all of ours marks

Help the sea

Let’s clean the beaches, lakes and rivers" 

Agency : Young and Rubicam France

I just wanna be me!

So I put a TARDIS sticker on my car. My oldest daughter flipped. So I stopped her. I asked why it was so bad. She shrugged. I asked why it was ok for other mom’s to have monograms on their car, I don’t want my car monogrammed, I like Doctor Who. I support surf rider foundation, I don’t need a salt life sticker. I don’t want a 13.1 sticker because I don’t run. I do yoga. Yoga is my thing. It’s not that I don’t like the other moms. I do. I’m just not into the same things they are. I’m into the things I’m into. Why can’t I be me? She’s not so ashamed anymore.