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Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday @pretttypadalecki! Hope you have a wonderful day! Lots of love from the SPNFamily!!

Sitting in your own room in the oversized bunker, you lounged against your headboard, earbuds in as you listened along to your favorite music. It was always your favorite way to relax after a long hunt. Sam and Dean both understood that, giving you your space, respecting your wishes.

Usually you would spend your day like that. Dressed in your rattiest pair of sweatpants, along with a shirt that had seen too many washings you would sit there, listening to your music. Sometimes writing in your journal, other times just surfing the internet. Nothing crazy, just a way to get your mind off of the horrible things you had seen, the victim’s you couldn’t save.

It didn’t matter to you that today was your birthday. It just meant you were another year older, another year closer to getting gray hair and wrinkles. You had never been one for celebrating your birthdays, especially now that you were a hunter. You knew you should, since a hunter’s life was usually shortened, but you could never bring yourself to it. So instead, you sat there, staying to yourself, humming along to your favorite music.

So caught up in your music, you didn’t hear the soft knock on your door, or the two following it. With your eyes closed, you hummed along to your music, shrieking when you felt a large callused hand gently lay over your arm.

“Sorry Y/N!” Sam exclaimed as you yanked off your head phones, glaring up the man who stood there staring down at you. “I thought you heard me come in!”

“I was listening to my music, didn’t hear a thing.” You exclaimed, before noticing the fact that Sam was hiding something behind his back. “Sam, what are you up to?”

“Y/N, I know it’s your birthday, and you usually don’t celebrate it. But I thought, maybe, since we’re not on a hunt right now, you wouldn’t mind.” He told you, before showing you what was hiding behind his back. It was a homemade cake, that was easy to see. It was lopsided, the frosting not spread very well. In lumpy letters, it said happy birthday Y/N. It was probably the first birthday cake you had been given in years, and definitely the sweetest one.

“Sam, did you bake that?” You asked, staring up at the gentle giant as he stood there, unsure and awkward.

“I did. Dean’s busy making dinner, but I wanted to show you this now.”

Standing up, you took the cake from him, sitting it down on your nightstand before standing on your tiptoes and pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Thank you Sammy. I really appreciate the gesture.”

“So, I know it’s usually your day to stay in your room and listen to music, but I thought maybe we could watch a movie or something. At least until dinner’s ready?” He asked, and you nodded.

“I would like that a lot.” You told him, enjoying the big smile on his face. “Thanks for making my birthday special.”

As he grabbed your hand, pulling you down the hall to his room, he glanced down at you, his spectacular eyes full of love. “It’s the least I could do. You deserve this, and so much more!”

Settling down on his bed as he grabbed his laptop, you realized you had left the cake behind. “Sam, what about the cake?”

“Leave it. At least it’s safe there from Dean. While he might say he doesn’t like cake, he’s been eyeing it all morning.” Sam told you, before pulling you tight against him.

Happy Birthday from @katymacsupernatural

I love thinking about how normal a teenage boy Baz actually is. He’s easily annoyed by his younger sister and rolls his eyes at his embarrassing dad. He cares about his grades so he spends a large portion of his time studying and doing homework. He plays football. He takes violin lessons. He acts really awkward around his crush. He also has a lot of teen angst involving said crush.

If he wasn’t a vampire and the war wasn’t a thing Baz would be the most average teenager okay

Perfect For You Too

You may not be her first

Her last or her only.

She loved before, she may love again.

But if she loves you now,

What else matters?

She’s not perfect-

You aren’t either,

And the two of you may never be perfect together;

But if she can make you laugh,

Cause you to think twice,

And admit to being human and making mistakes,

Hold onto her

And give her the most you can.

She may not be thinking about you every second of the day,

But she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break-

Her heart.

So don’t hurt her,

Don’t analyze

And don’t expect more than she can give.

Smile when she makes you happy,

Let her know when she makes you mad,

And miss her

When she’s not there.


~Bob Marley

Whole new meaning to doggie style

I was surprised when daddy brought home two male mastiff puppies. I had always asked daddy for a puppy but he always said he would think about it. The puppies grow up super fast and we’re trained to be good protection.

Daddy and I were surfing porn on the internet one Saturday morning when he clicked on a link of a cute blonde being fucked by a black dog. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Daddy asked if I liked it. I just looked up at him shocked. He said that I could try it with the dogs if I was interested. I must have looked as excited as I was feeling cause daddy got up and lead max into the room.

Daddy had me sit on the edge of the bed with my legs spread. My pussy was wet and full of daddy’s cum so max went right for it. He began licking my pussy with his rough tongue. I couldn’t help but moan. Daddy leaned in and kissed me then told me if that was good just wait. He told max to mount and before I could ask. Max was between my legs starting to hump. Daddy lined me up so my ass was on the very edge of the bed. I started to ask daddy what was going to happen as I felt Max’s cock at the entrance of my pussy. It only took a second or two before Max’s cock was totally in me.

I could believe the power he was pounding my pussy with. Then I felt him swelling and it was just too much. I screamed as I started to cum. Feeling him shooting his cum into me. Daddy told me that he was knotted in my pussy. Daddy rubbed my clit to show me that while max was knotted with me I could cum as much as I wanted.

I was panting it felt so good. Daddy pushed his cock into my mouth and told me to suck as he rubbed my clit again. Daddy made me cum again and again on Max’s cock. We were knotted for over 30 minutes. As Max’s cock soften and finally slipped from my pussy daddy opened the door and let dean into the room. Daddy told me not to move.

Dean started licking me right away. I arched my back and moaned. When I was about to cum daddy told dean to mount. Deans cock hit my pussy right away. He had only pounded my pussy twice before I was cumming. I was still cumming as I felt dean swelling inside me. Daddy laughed and told me I was such a good little fuck toy. Between daddy making me cum and me sucking daddy’s cock again he explained how male dogs knot with females to keep their cum deep in the females pussy.

Once dean soften and slipped out of me daddy had max lay down and he told me to rub his belly slowly making my way down to his cock. He had me rubbing Max’s cock until the pink tip showed its self. He told me to keep going then to lean down and take him into my mouth. When I did move fast enough daddy smacked my ass and said now. He make me suck Max’s cock but grabbed the knot before he pushed it into my mouth. Once max had cum in my mouth he let me lean back and he told me to start with dean.

Once I sucked dean daddy pulled me so I was back on the bed with my leg spread. Daddy pushed deep into my pussy and stopped. He told me that I could play with the dogs when I wanted too and I was such a good fuck toy for daddy. Then he fucked my pussy.


character moodboards: annabeth chase

“Annabeth came up to me. She was dressed in black camouflage with her Celestial bronze knife strapped to her arm and her laptop bag slung over her shoulder—ready for stabbing or surfing the Internet, whichever came first.”

During freshman year, we formed a circle of friends that included Zach Heckler, Nick Baumgart, Eric and Dylan. Our favorite place to hang out was at the Columbine library. The library was a great place to trade jokes, or sit and talk about how much we hated school. Conversations like those were nothing unusual. But we’d have fun too.

Sometimes we would get so rowdy with our jokes that we’d get kicked out of the library for the rest of the day. Most of the time, though, we did our best to avoid causing trouble. After all, our favorite thing was using school computers to surf the internet, and we didn’t want to lose that privilege.

(Brooks Brown - No Easy Answers: The Truth behind Death at Columbine)

A Phanfiction

One day Danny-boy was sitting on the couch surfing the internet in his clichéd-over-used-in-phanfics-browsing position, when his supposedly so not gay friend Phil walked in. “Oh Hi Daniel” Phil said with a smug look on his face, “you want some pizza?” Dan looked away from his laptop for once in his life and saw that his friend was standing in a towel. “Uhm sure,” Danyul replied, “are you about to go pick some up or do you want me to order one?” Phil’s face got smugger and Dan’s got unreadable. “Oh Dan its already here.” Phil followed this statement with a swift motion causing his towel to fall. Dan saw a brand-SPANKING-new pair of pepperoni pizza underwear. Dan didn’t even look fazed, “they’re really nice. But I was kind of busy and you interrupted me, ya know?” Phil gulped as his best friend moved towards him. Dan moved his hand to his pocket where he pulled out a knife. Slowly he brought the knife to Phil’s head. Then he cut off a chunk of black hair where he simply put it in his pocket. Phil looked terribly confused as Dan went and sat back down, “are you gonna get some pizza or what mate?” Dan asked. “Oh yeah sure,” Phil replied with a nervous chuckle. Later that night… While Phil slept comfortably in his bed his roommate Dan worked furiously in his room. His long fingers mixed potions while his pink lips chanted spells. Back in Phil’s room an erection creeped up in the older man’s pants. This was an erection like anything Phil had ever felt. It was all caused by that damned dream of Dan stroking himself. MOANING his name, “Phil PHIILLL.” Little did he know what Dan was up to. With a voodoo Phil doll In hand, Dan controlled Phil’s subconscious making his roommate uncomfortably hard as he slept. Dan tied down the dolls hand preventing Phil from pleasing himself. Phil woke up suddenly tears were rolling down his face as he moaned. “Wha-wha-OH GOD!” Dan creaked the door open, “well well well what do we have here?” Phil begged Dan to help him. “And whyy would I do that? You thought you were so cute earlier interrupting me-TEASING ME! with those damn underwear. Well I’ve got news for you lester.” The younger got down on his knees at the foot of the bed and pulled of those stupid fucking underwear. He followed this by taking the tip of Phil’s manly man parts in his mouth. “You’re a goner.” Dan continued to take his friends full length into his mouth and bite down all the way through. Dan ate Phil’s whole hmmhmm and then cooked the rest of his body using the meat for a pizza topping. THE END