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“We recently worked on a small collection of lights for fellow Cornish business Finisterre. They were opening a new store in Bristol, and were keen to work with local businesses for the fit out. We made them 6 of our Quake pendants in Oak and Walnut, with matching ceiling roses, and black fabric cable. The shop looks fantastic, and they were kind enough to pass on their photos, taken by Andy Knowles…..”

Tyrian cast a sly smile to James. “Does the king wish for me to leave his castle?” he asked. The slight tease in his voice made James scowl. “Or perhaps he is in need of a court jester?”

“I’m in need of something all right,” muttered James, pinching the bridge of his nose. Then, to Tyrian, he said, “And I’m not the king. The royal guard, maybe, but not the king.”

“No,” agreed Tyrian, humming to himself. “That title belongs to the true jester of this place, doesn’t it?” Tyrian quirked an eyebrow at James, his mouth quirking up on the same side. “It’s not like you to worship false gods, James Ironwood.”

After four hours of hell, I think I got at least 30% of Tyrian’s voice.

Impact Zone #hype