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Undercurrents - saltylances

Word Count: 4, 371

Summary: In which the Voltron crew spends the day on a tropical planet and Lance takes it upon himself to teach Keith how to surf, Coran’s beachwear nearly gives the locals on the seaside a stroke, and Shiro ends up being buried beneath a mound of sand.

Not necessarily in that order.


007-HIPONEA [Hippocampus-Pony-Sea]
-The Sea Horse pokemon
-Ability: Torrent - River Dancer(HA)*
-Dex: “This pokemons live near water surface, where the water is clear. the position of their fins allow them to move in almost any direction while swiming. They are vey docile and smart”
    -Aqua Jet

–>Evolves at lv. 16<–

008-RIPOCAMP [Riparian-Hippocampus]
-The Hippocampus Pokemon
-Ability: Torrent - River Dancer(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon can live in both pure and salt water, and they are often seen on rivers and lakes where water is pure. They often jump outside water in complex coreographys, leading people to beleive they are dancing.”
    -Aqua Tail
    -Iron Tail

–>Evolves at lv. 36<–

009-DISTILLION [Distillation-Stallion]
-The Sea Knight Pokemon
-Ability: Torrent - River Dancer(HA)
-Dex: “Legends tell this pokemon serve the gods of the sea as they royal knights. They can swim even o the abyss without problems, and can move on land by separating its tail into legs-like apendages.”
-Sig. Move: Hydrosword “The user creates a blade out of compressed water, harder than steel. This attack always results in a critical hit”
   Type: Water
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 60
   Accuracy: 100%
    -Mirror Shot
    -Aqua Ring

–>Using Distillionite<– 

-Ability: Fairy Fountain**
-Sig. Move: Hydrosword 
   -Hydro Pump
   -Dazzling Gleam
   -Mirror Shot

* ”The pokemon Speed will increase when hit by a water-type move.“ 

**  "This Pokemon Water-type moves are treated as Fairy-type moves simultaneously”

Let me teach you a thing or two - Surfer!Luke [fluff]

Requested - no

A/N: I told you I’d be writing this


Word Count - 1528

Surfing has always been a passion of yours, ever since you were little and you first took to the waves. Over the course of 10 yeas you got better and better and you were set to become pro but then there was an incident that put you out of action for a while and ruined your chances. Instead you set up your own business by the sea, surfing lessons, and you’re one of the best in your field too, you’ve had a few famous clients in the past, not many because, truth be told, not many celebrities feel the need to learn how to surf.

One night, while you’re sleeping to be exact, you get a phone call in the office that rings throughout the building. You live in a beach house with the bottom floor converted into your surf shop so you have to trudge down into the back rooms of the surf shop to answer the phone.

“Hello?” you groan.

“Hi is that [Y/N]?” an aussie accent says

“Yes, what do you want calling at this hour?” you rub your eyes.

“Oh shit, timezones sorry, it’s only 7pm here,” he adds. “I was wondering about booking surfing lessons for tomorrow, me and my friends will be travelling over and we’ll have some spare time,” he continues.

“Sorry tomorrow is the day I usually schedule for recreation or private lessons, I won’t be doing classes,” you yawn.

“We’re willing to pay for private lessons”

“That’s over double the regular classes,” you tell him.

“We hear you’re the best in the biz so if that’s what it takes, my band and I have heard great things about you,” he adds in a smiley tone.


“Yeah, you might have heard of us, 5 seconds of summer?” he’s suddenly shy.

“Oh yeah, that Australian band, I read about you guys once, what one are you? Without trying to sound ignorant,” you laugh, slightly woken up now.

“Luke Hemmings”

“The blondest of the blondes,” you sleepily mutter making him laugh.

You turn the light on and locate your business diary.

“Is that what you want your reservation under? Hemmings?” you question.

“Uh, yeah, what time would you recommend?” Luke asks.

“Normally mornings are better but since I’m probably going to want to sleep in tomorrow I’d recommend the dusk sessions, they’re just as good because the beach is calmer, 6-8pm are probably the best,” you say.

“How about an extra long lesson from 3 until 8, that way there’s extra time for me to screw up,” Luke laughs. “Also it’ll take up more time we would normally be eating”

“It’s $200 per hour. Each,” you remind.

“We’re not exactly strapped for cash at the moment,” he chuckles.

“That’s fine by me, I’ll see you then”

The next morning you’re up at 10 making an energy filled breakfast before you start to get ready, showering and dressing in your beach shirts and tank top.

You’re relaxing in the back of the shop when you hear the bell at the front door go and you spring up to see 4 tall guys in skinny jeans wander in.

“Uh, w-we spoke on the phone?” the blonde says.

“Ah, Mr Hemmings I’d never have guessed, our schedule is fairly full today,” you grin ticking off the only thing on today’s to do list.

“Really?” Michael frowns slightly looking around.

“Sarcasm,” you laugh. “You’re not exactly dressed for the beach are you?”

“We figured you’d have stuff we could wear,” Ashton adds.

“I’m not sure if I’ve got wetsuits tall enough”

After a little while of rummaging you eventually find 4 wet suits that’ll fit and then 4 surf boards too.

“Changing rooms are just outside and then head down to the fenced off area of the beach,” you instruct before vanishing and changing too.

You tie your hair back behind your head and tuck your board under your arm to jog down the beach to meet them.

“Wait, you do the lessons? On your website all of the pictures showed these pro looking instructor guys,” Luke says.

“What are you trying to say?” you giggle. “Today was meant for recreation and private lessons like these, like I said, which means my chief instructors James and Kevin get the day off but if you’re that bothered I could call them in, you are paying me like $4000 for today”

“No, no, I was just surprised,” Luke blushes.

You nod, “I’ll have you know that before I had my leg broken I was going to be a pro”

You teach them the basics and one by one send them off to the ocean to try it out. Calum is first to last 5 seconds standing on the board and soon gets fairly good. Ashton catches up with Calum quickly as does Michael but 2 hours into the lessons and you are yet to allow Luke to try it out in the water.

“Come on, you let those guys go, at least let me try,” he whines.

“Health and safety, Luke, I can’t let you go in unless I’m certain you won’t seriously hurt yourself. That way you don’t have legal ground to sue me,” you chuckle at his childish nature.

“I promise I won’t sue you”

“You’re a celebrity, forgive me for not believing you”

He sighs and rolls his eyes muttering, “I am not a celebrity”

“Let’s try the drills one more time,” you tell him.

He follows through with the first of it well but as soon as he stands on the board you see him twist his foot slightly.

“You need to stop that,” you say as he snaps his feet back to normal.

“Stop what?”

“The foot thing!” you exclaim.

“What foot thing?” he chuckles.

His foot twists once more, “That foot thing!”

“That’s just how my foot is,” he pleads.

“If you can do the drills once through without doing the foot thing I’ll let you into the water,” you tell him. “Just focus on that, keeping balance and keep tension here”

You place your hands at his middle and hear him audibly gulp but you brush it off.

At last he is allowed into the water but he can’t stay up for longer than a few seconds at a time which is a source of a lot of amusement.

When the sun begins to set they’ve turned into semi-confident surfers and you sit back watching them have fun for a little while.

“Get in the water [Y/N] you’re getting payed $4000 but you’re just sitting there,” Michael shouts.

You paddle out to them all sat on their boards.

“Who do you think is the best surfer?” Calum asks.

“Well definitely not Luke,” you joke and he pouts “Probably Ashton”

“You know what,” Ashton chimes in. “I think you’re all talk and no trousers”

“I’m not wearing trousers,” you point out.

“Fine, all talk and no wet suit”

“Kinky,” you wink.

“Oh shut up, I think I could last longer than you riding the waves,” Ashton challenges.

“You want to go up against an almost pro surfer?” you raise your eyebrows.

He nods, “Try me”

That’s all it takes and the contest has begun, Ashton does manage to last a good minute before falling and paddling back which means it’s your turn.

“You’re turn sunshine,” Ashton smirks.

“Let me teach you a thing or two”

Luke’s eyes stay glued to you the whole time, partially impressed but as you get a little more risky you could say he was worried. You beat Ashton easily but eventually you do fall the only problem is, you don’t come back up instantly, not that worrying to you since you do surface but to Luke it’s a shock to his system.

“Shit, I got scared for a second there,” he says when he reaches you.

“Don’t worry deep water, if it was shallow water I might have hit my head or had another incident to stop me surfing,” you tell him swimming to grab your board.

You hoist yourself up to paddle along beside him back to shore.

“Is that how you broke your leg?” he asks on the way back to dry land.

“No, I was actually hit by a car that time,” you tell him.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he sympathizes

“Don’t be,” you insist, “It’s in the past. Where have the guys gone?”

None of them are on the beach any more and their boards have vanished too.

“They went to get some food,” Luke replies. “Ashton couldn’t stand to loose”

You laugh before untying your hair and allowing it to fall down around your face.

“I had fun today, maybe I could come back some day and we could surf together, outside of a teacher student kinda thing?” he proposes.

“Are you trying to score free lessons?”

“No I just, might kinda like you and wanted to ask you out but I know you’re busy,” he looks at his feet as you drag your boards out of the sea.

“Well in that case maybe you could give me some music lessons, show me something you excel at”

“I’d like that”


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