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this was meant to be short but surprise, surprise, it totally got away from me. oh, percy might be australian in this. because australian!percy would be pretty cool, tbh.

Percy Jackson’s dad is a local legend.

Well, he was actually a national legend, but the fervour around his surfing achievements never really died down in his home town even when the national news stopped reporting his every tournament win. 

So when Percy graduates from surf lifesaving to being a lifeguard, no one’s really surprised that he gets the second best times and scores in the club’s history, beaten only by his dad. He vows to break the records at next year’s trials. Sally tears up when she sees him in the uniform for the first time, because, god, he looks so much like his dad.

On Percy’s very first shift he spots a girl caught in a rip, struggling to keep her head above water. His supervisor, Beckendorf, is busy getting instructions for another rescue over the radio and Percy knows that this girl can’t wait, so he grabs a board and goes out after her. Beckendorf is screaming at him from the beach, because even though Percy’s good he’s still a rookie, but Percy’s focus has narrowed to this girl and getting her on his board.

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I went to the beach this weekend! 🐶💦
It was just me and human dad… We had a boys trip to the beach 👊🙌
I worked on my surf lifesaving skills, then we went home and I had a snooze 😴
The only downside of going to the beach is that it means I get a bath afterwards 😐
I decided to have the bath though because human dad said he would take me with him to a BBQ! 😋
A beagle has to look his best when going to a BBQ! 🙊🙈
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anonymous asked:

Do you live in Sydney? I would assume there are other beaches aside from Bondi nearby? Ones that would be quieter. Ones that Mr. Privacy might enjoy better.

hahaha exactly!!!!! there are beaches scattered the whole way up and down the NSW coast. and theres like a bazillion in Sydney to choose from. 

Bondi Beach is the most famous beach in Australia. It has it’s own fucking television show!! it’s called Bondi Rescue and it’s about the surf lifesavers rescuing people from the big surf… it also features MANY MANY MANY tourists, who go there BECAUSE THE BEACH IS FAMOUS!!! thats why they go there… and most of the people on the show are either asian or BRITISH!

sooooooo i mean, try and tell me this wasn’t set up. PLEASE.