surf gods

The Ocean Calls

If you don’t already know, I’m very much in love with @nightships​‘ Surfer AU verse, and while she was writing an extra in that world (it’s beautiful, go read it, no bias here), she was kind enough to let me join her and play around a bit with her characters myself! This is what happened.

Summary: Standing in front of her with a board tucked under his arm, the only explanation Killian could offer was “It’s been a long time.” It hadn’t been, though. Not really. Emma hadn’t even known him as long as he’d been off a board, and even for her, the thought of him in the ocean at the mercy of the waves and the sharks was terrifying. It hadn’t been nearly long enough to erase that fear. And yet here they were.

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Abraham Portman Headcanons

- King of sass
- Loves babies, hates toddlers
- Is all over the moon for baby butts
- Was a a heartthrob for all little girls back when he wasn’t sent to Miss Peregrine’s
- Ripped af
- Owns multiple vintage sweaters that say #1 grandpa (which Jacob wears now lol)
- Loves it when Horace roasts everyone
- Besties with Miss P tbh
- Sharpshooter
- Tells everyone that ambrosia is deftly dangerous but got high with it back in the days
- Is a god in surfing
- Actually pitied hollowgasts at some point
- Despite being a badass soldier
- Is a huge fan of Marvel comics
- Born to be an amazing grandpa
- Has shitty handwriting that Jacob finds amusing
- Cried in Finding Nemo (and Finding Dory)
- Fluent in sarcasm
- Life of the party


Okay, here we go.

Hi! My name is Grace and I am here for the kingsman tumblr meetup :3

Little background about myself, I am incapable of taking a photo that isn’t super close to my face, half of my face, or with a filter (see top two examples.) I came into the fandom pretty late actually, around this time last year if i was to guess. I had just watched the movie, and while surfing the web for god knows what, I stumbled upon a hartwin fic. As you can probably guess, I threw myself into the Kingsman trash bin shortly after.

I love to talk, so this post will probably get long (brace yourselves.) I am half korean, half american and currently reside in the U.S.

I occasionally try my hand at writing, though im not very good. Im trying to get better everyday! I try to contribute as much as possible, and i love talking to people so please dont be afraid to shoot me a message! (Ask box is always open for whatever yall want, and feel free to message me. I’m lonely guys lmao)

I didn’t join tumblr until these past few months, and this fandom has been so kind. Some really great people, so many talented artists and writers, people who edit videos and gifs, photo sets and moodboards. They are all so welcoming, and there is really no need to feel intimidated! This fandom loves new people!

I also have a mainblog (spilledmangojuice) and it’s a lot of multifandom posts and things I find interesting :)

Reach out to others! I know it’s hard, trust me. I kind of just sit there and occasionally send people asks, and reblog posts. But be better than me and talk to people! Love y’all :D

[oh no now other people are hyped for sinnoh remakes and I’m gonna FUCKING CRY

It was my second Pokemon game, and I remember that when I was younger, my best friend wanted my Prinplup, so he gave me a fucking Palkia for it in Sandgem town.

Sandgem town.

So I went the rest of my journey with this Palkia who was level 60- it wouldnt listen to me sometimes, but it was a powerhouse. The two moves I used for it the most were strength and surf and god… I loved wiping double battles with Palkia’s surf (Even though my own Pokemon would faint, too).

I think something about Palkia not always listening to me just… really made me feel connected to Sinnoh in general. Like, my Palkia had a personality. Back then, I was new to Pokemon and didn’t know that if you had an overleveled pokemon without the right badge, they wouldn’t listen.

So, if I was ever in a tough battle or tough gym battle, I’d hope and pray for Palkia to get a hit off, and when she did, I’d actually kiss my DS screen and praise her. If we had Pokemon Amie and refresh in those days, you would’ve seen Palkia fat as hell cuz I woulda given her so many pokebeans.

… And, so, when I finally got the gym badge that let me control her, I thought that meant she’d finally accepted me as her trainer, and I was so goddamn proud.

I was playing Diamond version, and for the life of me, I could not replace Palkia to try out Dialga, Giratina or Arceus.]


Around The World In 80 Days: French Polynesia

No Go
Photo Credit: (Tim McKenna)
Sunset In Moorea
Photo Credit: (Bettina)
Photo Credit: (Ben Thouard)

The photographers deserve credit so DO NOT remove credit information. Thank you.


Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America, Hawaii

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
Photo Credit: (Alexa Clark)
Honolulu Harbour
Photo Credit: (Bob Bittner)
Ioa Valley
Photo Credit: (Fernando Margolles)

The photographers deserve credit so DO NOT remove credit information. Thank you.