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My first pair of Moxi Roller Skates and the rest of my life...
I’d like to reminisce about my first pair of Moxi Roller Skates for a moment. You see, it was this pair of skates that would change my life forever. I already owned my Riedell R7’s and was starting derby. I had gotten those after my life changing divorce. But, they weren’t that change I was looking for. Then, Estro Jen saw something in me that I wasn’t sure still existed. I began to work for her and the Moxi Roller Skate brand. Enter, my first pair of Moxi Roller Skates.  “What do you mean I get a cool job AND a pair of pink roller skates?” I asked bewildered. “Yes, and we’re going to Florida” Estro replied. And, things for me would never be the same. Estro and I arrived in Florida, dripping with sweat but wild with excitement we made our way to the trade show. I knew my skates would be in one of these boxes. The sooner I got to work, the sooner I got my skates. Like a ray of pink sunshine, I find my skates and customize them with laces and pom poms. It’s funny to think the first day I skated in them, I was skating on short loop cut pile carpet. Not a preferred skating choice but Florida loved us anyways!! From that moment on Estro and Moxi Roller Skates has been my home and heart. My pom pom’s have long since died and I’m onto my second set of wheels (Moxi low profile Hello Kitty Outdoor Wheels). I’ve been run over by parade floats, skated through Manhattan at Midnight, my skates have been to several states and life keeps on rolling..

Some exciting updates today!

1. We’re registered to go to the Surf Expo in January. There will be 3,500 vendors from the surf and skate industry there. This is HUGE!

2. Our talks with Gulf Oil to become licensees for their logo is moving along and is almost complete!

There’s more exciting things coming our way so be sure to stay tuned.

Thank you all for being a part of The Suncoast Classic Lifestyle!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

This year my lovely mother is bringing me to Orlando Florida for Christmas. Clearly this means one thing, Surf Expo. I have yet to attend the show however my number one goal with Positive Surf Reform this year is to expo at the show in August.  With that being said I’m going to go to the show as a “buyer” next month and cover the show. Hopefully get a few good shots and what not and be able to plan my own booth for August. Anyways basically shout out to mom on this one:)<3