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The Myth and Meaning of MissingNo

A few notes about this essay: first, I have removed the period from the name “MissingNo.” for ease of transcription. I also refer to MissingNo’s sibling as Bar ‘M Bar or [][][][] ‘M [][][][] because its real name is irreproducible in Unicode:

Also, for the purposes of this essay it is helpful to think of Pokémon less as animals and more as a gamut of spectral entities: yokai, devas, fairies, sprites, genies, elemental intelligences, ghosts, servitors, unincorporated astral matter, etc. All those strange and elusive beings who populate world mythology and the collective imagination. In contrast to our world, however, people in Kanto are universally aware of these entities and their relation to ourselves. Much more can be said on this subject, but allow the basic premise to inform your reading when it feels appropriate. The subject before us is liminal by its nature.

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Prince of Lies Meets the Queen of the Waves

The Avengers take a day off to spend time at the beach. The day they pick just so happens to be the same day as a surf competition. The beach is teeming with people watching the top ten surfers duke it out on the waves. One surfer in particular caught the eyes of a certain raven haired Prince of Lies.

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Surfer Luke AU - 2

Part 1 

(everyone liked how I split it by time so I’m going to try & do it again)

8pm - You both thanked your sponsors as you left dinner. It was the night before a WSL (World Surf League) event and as usual, your nerves were at an all-time high and Luke was calm as could be. “Wanna walk back or get a cab?” He asked, unbuttoning his dress shirt and pulling it untucked from his pants. You took in the scenery of the little town, Waimea Bay in Oahu, “Let’s walk.” You stuck out your hand and grabbed onto his. “Your first heat is quarter after eight, we have to be there by half seven, no wasting time so you avoid media.” He rolled his eyes and scoffed, “Do media with me, please?” 

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