surf dudes

 flash  starter  call  for  my  mutuals.  ranging  from  one  liners  to  excessive  word  vomit.  will  surf  over  to  your  verses  and  pick  something,    &  if  not,  i  will  slink  into  ur  dms.    let’s  sin.

asp world tour ranking

surfer: joel parkinson

quiksilver pro gold coast finished: 2nd

parko ‘had it’ since the beginning of the final. the 2x quiksilver pro gold coast was minutes way from his 3rd win but gabriel medina came flying and got 2 scores in the dying minutes. joel said it was a fair win. i agree. let’s see if the 2012 world champion will stay consistent with his results

how do you call chris when
  • he's hungry: chris food.
  • he's with drift: chris woof.
  • he's emotional: chris mood.
  • he's angry: chris rude. (nah he's an angel)
  • he's under the shower: chris nude.
  • he's on his motorcycle: chris vroom.
  • he's taking a picture: chris zoom. (haha jk he never takes pictures)
  • he's surfing in australia: chris dude.