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Fic: Life’s Treasures (Chris Evans x Reader)

A Chris Evans x Reader Fanfic

Rating: T
Warnings: Language
Summary: Requested by anon - “Can you write a Chris Evans imagine of him proposing to you in Boston? You’re from California but he knew that you would move out there to settle down with him.”
Note: Here you go, lovely. I hope it came out ok. Thanks for reading! xo


Marriage had never been a topic you and Chris shied away from. In fact, it was discussed openly from the get go. Just like any other committed couple, it was important to not only you, but to Chris as well to know where you both stood in the relationship. Not long after becoming exclusive, you spent hours upon hours sharing your dreams about your potential future children, and a house spacious enough for a big family, nothing too extravagant where you’d have to hire help, but decent sized bedrooms and a large kitchen and living room to fill with hearty meals and laughter and love and lifelong memories you’d both treasure.

The tricky thing was you were a Californian – born and raised –, while Chris was… well, a forever Bostonian at heart – no secret there. That’d been one thing neither one of you brought to light when discussing your future. Until one day…

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The Summer Of Surf-core

You Take Your Car To Work, I’ll Take My Board

Now that Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, it’s basically the unofficial start of summer and to celebrate, I’m busting out the Hawaiian print shirt for a LEWK I’m calling the surf-core/tourist dad aesthetic. While most of us don’t have the luxury of spending countless hours at the beach all summer trying to catch that perfect wave, we can still channel the surfer off duty look with a few key pieces. A vintage-inspired Hawaiian print shirt is probably the key item to pulling this off. Literally go into any store and you’ll be able to find one (tropical florals are having a “moment” in fashunz). Pair them with some sun-faded jeans because like yeah brah my jeans are naturally distressed from beach lyfe, yanno? And lastly, buy yourself a pair of slip-on sneakers because everyone knows a true surf bro has at least one pair of beat-up slip-on Vans in their closet.

I’ll end this post with my favorite song off The Blue Album and also my current mood because HASHTAG SUMMER and eff the 9-5! Happy Listening: Weezer - Surf Wax America


Scotch & Soda Shirt // Armani Exchange Jeans // ASOS Sneakers