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full name: Juria Mei
other names: Mei, Mayday, stargirl
occupation: former Champion of the Unova League, currently unemployed
age: 20
gender: cisgender female
sexuality: pansexual
origin:  unova / dominica
current location: alola // thread-dependent
nationality: unovan 
ethnicity:  dominican-novan (hispanic)
spoken languages:  japanese, english, spanish
religion: uncertain
height:  5′2″
body type: slender and curvy. like a cute pixie.
eye color: ocean blue
tattoos: none
piercings: ears pierced
social media: snapchat // messengers // facebook // instagram.
smoking: rarely
drinking: yes
drugs: no
athletics: running?? mei usually doesn’t do sports
hobbies: surfing with pokemon, jogging, battling, reading up on mythology
virgin: no
favorite drink: lemonade
favorite food:  cake. cake is good.
favorite music: songs like unstoppable, albatroz, and wonderland
clothing style: cute, sometimes form-fitting shirts and dresses, short skirts or culottes over tights, sneakers or high boots, and visors. most default outfit is a striped pink-and-white halter top with a light yellow sarong skirt and white open-toe kitten heels. also sunglasses b/c fuck yeah
underwear type: probably cute, lacy underwear. go big or go home, everyone.

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Van Doren Invitational: Shop Battle

Today’s Shop Battle at the Van Doren Invitational in Huntington Beach, CA was the kick off event for skateboarding at the Vans Us Open. 11 Shops from California and Arizona brought their top 3 riders to jam in the bowl for 5 minutes. Active Ride Shop and Val Surf were on top of the pile after all the dust settled. After a 15 minute final jam heat it was Val Surf team that walked away with the $2,000 and a new axe.

View the full Van Doren Invitation Shop Battle Results

Photos: Grant Hatfield & Brandon Means

My Top 5 List of Things I Would Like to See in...

Okay so I love the Pokémon series even when they become stale, but, well there is always room for improvement, so without further ado:

1. Multiple Saves - I want to be able to do a Nuzlocke challenge (or any other challenge) without having to wipe my previous games.

2. Dynamic Difficulty or a Difficulty Slider - Once upon a time, you had to train really hard to defeat gym leaders, but now they’re really easy. However, we cannot bar new gamers with too steep a difficulty curve and as such, having a game that either adapts to your own difficulty (say, if you one-shot all the leader’s Pokémon in the 1st gym, the leader in the second gym will say something like “I heard you’re quite powerful” and their Pokémon will be much stronger) or with a difficulty slider (on hard, a gym leader would have Pokémon 10 levels above normal difficulty and use more advanced strategies and moves).

3. No more HMs! - At least two slots in a party tends to go to HM slaves. Well no more, say I! It is time to abolish slavery and put those useless badges to good use! Basically, instead of having HMs, you touch the badge in your inventory and it summons a Pokémon that will do what you need (so you stand on the edge of a body of water, touch the badge that would normally allow Surf outside battles, and a Lapras or Wailmer or similarly large water Pokémon shows up and you jump on. This would also explain away things like how a Pidgey is able to carry a teenager between cities, since only large flying Pokémon would show up, and how a tiny Goldeen would be able to carry a 10-year-old). Voila! You can now carry six of your favorite Pokémon without worrying about having one with Surf/Waterfall/Whirlpool/Dive and so on. This also means that they can have underwater exploration and such without thinking about how it forces the player to carry around all those HM-loaded Pokémon.

4. Expanded Player Character Customization - So we dabbled in XY with this, but I am talking about something far more expansive. For example, you get to pick gender, life-stage (Child, Teen, Adult), hair, skin-tone, eye color and shape, clothes and so on before you even start and during your journey you unlock more things (even more than what was in XY). I would also love it if we’re allowed to customize our own room like in GSC. Maybe even have a Pokémon of our choice following us around? Interacting with us if we stand and idle for too long?

5. Improved Story - This means an evil Team that has better a motivation than Team Flare. I mean, Rocket was a mob who secretly controlled most of Kanto looong before we started, so we never saw “why” they got together, but can guess that maybe it was like in real life criminal groups. Aqua/Magma were eco-terrorists. Galactic was pretty weak but better than Flare and Plasma was the strongest of them all in terms of story and characters. It also means having a good after-Elite 4 story and content, perhaps some story-points that takes time and effort to reach?


Van Doren Invitational: Shop Battle

Yesterday was the kick off for skateboarding at the Van Doren Invitational in Huntington Beach, CA for the Vans US Open. 12 shops from California and Arizona where there to duke it out in the re-designed bowl. After the qualifying round it was Huntington Beach’s Jokers vs Mission Viejo’s SoCal skate shop in the finals where 11 year old CJ Collin’s lead his SoCal squad to the top of the podium. 

1st SoCal Skate Shop

2nd Jokers Skate Shop

Most individual points: Al Brunelle

View the full results for the Van Doren Invitational Shop Battle 2015

Visit for the full skate schedule.

Photos: Anthony Acosta & Grant Hatfield

why do you have a dad in pokemon they don’t need dads they’re cartoons
—  Davyn’s mom to Davyn’s little brother while Davyn tries to explain that u get surf after battling ur dad in Sapphire

anonymous asked:

About the surfing battles, weren't they already a thing in X/Y?? sorry my memory's really bad

Sky battles were a thing in XY, we need surfing battles were only Water type are allowed and the trainer and Pokémon get on a surfboard do some tricks and battle.

well look what arrived in the mail today~

he even sent me 5 extra pins as a gift, that’s super awesome

a proper photo shoot of all these pins in super high detail will be happening soonish, then I’ll queue them all up on Tumblr to auto post over a period of a month or so

I think I can use Surf outside of battle now!