marriage theory again?

please note that i know this is a hUGE reach. i know that there’s maybe a 1% chance of this happening, and even i dont take it seriously, so please do the same. i simply had an idea for this, and just wanted to type it out

i know most of us are all over and done with the marriage in august theory, but here’s why it’s still technically possible:

phil’s parents are supposed to be staying for phil’s mom’s birthday, but what if there’s another reason.

phil tweeted at 11:15 PM (England time) that they had just gotten back from seeing Wicked. however, this doesnt meant that that’s when they saw it.
what most likely happened is that they went and got dinner, then saw it, as it started at 7:30 PM (we know this from the website). it ended shortly after 10 PM, and they probably got back around 10:45.
my point with this, is that they weren’t out too late, and we all know they go to bed late anyways, which leads into my next point:

when do you think the wedding would be?
i would guess thursday or sometime next week.
why thursday?
martyn and cornelia, as well as phil’s parents would be free that day. it’s just before SITC starts, and as we all know, dan and phil can’t attend it this year.

then what about the meeting dan tweeted about?
just because they’re getting married, it doesnt mean that they’re not doing another project. id guess that the project would be a documentary, so how do we know that they’re not documenting their marriage?
and even if the project/documentary isnt related to their marriage, they could still easily manage to do one.
its also possible that he didn’t even go to a meeting, or went to just a normal one, and only tweeted this to throw us off (or just generally tweeted it because it is what he did)

why do you think they couldnt go to SITC?
i would say honeymoon, or they just want some time to relax. I’m sure it’s not the most relaxing thing to get married and then wake up early the next day to go to an event
if its not related to marriage at all, it’s because of some life related thing for sure

why would the wedding be now?
i will admit, it’s a bit weird to think that after all of this time, they’d do a wedding in such a busy time. BUT: while for us, it is busy; it may not even be that busy for them, but more convenient.
just think about it. they have phil’s parents visiting for phil’s mom’s birthday, and then they can just stay a few extra days for the wedding. martyn and cornelia only have to attend SITC, but the planning for that would be done much earlier. all they have to do is invite some relatives and friends, who probably already live nearby.
(how could anyone be sure that dan’s parents/family isnt there? it would be easy for them to just take the train into london. d&p wouldnt tweet about it because then it would be too suspicious or easy to guess)

does this relate to ‘that week in march’?
possibly! maybe something went wrong with the wedding planning, and then it got moved to this date
it may not relate at all, but either way, it doesnt really matter

are there any friends of dan and phil in london at the moment?
yes! duncan and mimei are now there for SITC (but maybe there’s another reason). the rest of their friends live somewhere in england, so probably wouldn’t make a post on going somewhere.
what about cat?
oh yes, how can we forget about her. instead of tweeting that she was going somewhere, she tweeted this, which everyone thinks was about dan:

if she had a crush on dan, (as many thought), then wouldnt this make perfect sense? her crush is out there getting married to the man of his dreams, while she still feels like she’s waiting around for him to love her, even though she knows it will never happen
im not a fan of her, but this is a bit suspicious, considering the timing

once again, i know this is completely crazy, and i personally dont believe it will happen. but its only a theory that i figured a few people might like.