Tried & True…SureShop by HatchThings

Designed by industrial designer and mom of three, Sonjie Feliciano Solomon, SURESHOP is my latest obsession.  

I am THAT mom at the park.  When I arrive with Avery, the nannies all edge a little closer because they are used to seeing me unclipping Avery, and the whole stroller tipping over the second she shimmies her little butt off the stroller by herself.  So they tend to gather around closer to me when they see me pushing Avery as many of them have helped me either up right the stroller while I am chasing Avery or held Avery’s hand while I am trying to pick up all the little organic rice cereal spilt all over the playground. 

So when I saw HatchThings on Twitter and watched their video, I arranged for the nanny to come Friday morning so I can run to Bump in Brooklyn to pick up a couple.  I cannot go another weekend with the stroller tipping over every time we arrive somewhere, especially because Will always has coffee in the cup holder….

So I am happy to say, we spent this past weekend with me not even once on my hands and knees trying to pick up everything that fell out of my diaper bag!!  We did grocery with the two bags (one of each side) in our Uppababy G-Luxe, and ran errands in our Bugaboo Bee with one bag clipped onto the handle bar.

I have decided to replace my diaper bag with a SURESHOP with another one thrown in the bag so I always have a reusable shopping bag wherever I go.

I’m officially obsessed!!