ASIAN ACTORS YOU NEED TO KNOW: Kalpen “Kal Penn” Suresh Modi
Ethnicity → Gujarati-Indian American
Breakout Role → Kumar Patel in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle 
Current/Upcoming Role(s) → Seth Wright in ABC’s Designated Survivor (Wednesdays @ 10/9 C)
Fun Fact → Kal Penn went back and forth from acting to work as the Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement during the Obama Administration from 2009-2011
Official Links → IMDB | Twitter | Instagram

The Untameable by Darshana Suresh

Tell me about the people you drowned
in the well, how they’re all the memories
you try to lock away daily. Tell me about
your lover holding your head in the water,
saying ‘I love you,’ despite knowing that
those are the only words that will ever
scare you away.

The pattern of your life goes like this:
you build a home and it burns away and
so you try to follow but even the flames
don’t want you. You crawl into someone’s
skin and they’re so scared of love they
spit you back out again, and so you
wear their fear like a bridal veil.

The memories you drowned (one after
the other, all staring at you with dead
eyes as they sunk under the water)
watch you as if you are an unfinished
story. Your lovers stand in a line by
the wall, their faces a haunting you
can never forget.

Tell me about how no one looks at you
like art so you have learnt to treat
yourself like a masterpiece. This is
the pattern of your life: love / lose /
love / lose / love / love / love.

  • what i said: You should watch Heroes, it's really good.
  • what i meant: for the love of god please watch this i need friends who understand my pain i need someone to talk about it with who hasn't heard my opinions a billion times please i'm begging you!!!