when i told someone how i felt about you for the first time, they only nodded.

  never understood how monumental it was, how saying the words ‘i like her,’ was like saving the library of alexandria. how saying ‘her,’ was like digging up atlantis with my own hands.

her. not a 'him,’ but a 'her.’

—  Darshana Suresh, from “heartquakes & other monuments,” Fleur

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What poetry books would you recommend that are written by PoC?

There are other good books by poets of color but these were the ones that felt most satisfying (or had a high rating on my Goodreads). I would have recommended Warsan Shire’s Her Blue Body but it seems to have disappeared off of Amazon after her announcement of an upcoming poetry book on Twitter.

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can you rec some poetry about girls who love girls?

sorry this is took me so long to get to ya! i’ve had a busy month. this is real quick & dirty bc this has been sitting in my drafts 4 ever & if i don’t post it now i never will. love u xoxo!

i also invite u guys to check out glitter tongue which is an online collection of love poems by lgbt poets