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Can you recommend any good DJWifi centric fics?

check out this fic tag cuz most of it features oneshots, and links to stories focusing/ including them heavily  seriously go through it you’ll find find some killer oneshots and fic links)

other recs 

and some random ones i don’t think i’ve reblogged/ i can remember at the top of my head

Now, All I see is You (2 oneshots, slowburn-ish,  it fluff with music being the theme. not sure if they’re gonna continue it but boy its so cute A++ on that)

Chatoyant  by @marshmallohno (first two chapters focuses on them. A++ interactions/dynamic)


A Night on the Town by @krzed ( oneshot, Christmas fic with incredibly miraculous presents, hella good , nsfw-ish but not really its mostly just mentions stuff

Honest proposal ( its a short one-shot but its funny and sweet)

Akuma Victums’ club ( not specifically about them but the interactions between themselves and the other classmates is really great and it warms my heart)

fragile ones by @sadrien (im still crying from this one, akuma victim flashbacks and they comfort eachother )

Frozen first dates by @siderealscribblings (well..the title says it all. one-shot and its frickin adorable) 

Snowball fight by @insanitysscribblings (again the title says it all. its a oneshot and its cute as hell)

Knighted  by@thelastpilot (princess and royal guard au!! multi-fic, in process to bro)

Q&A, VOL 1

So as 2016 is coming to an end, I thought I’d take a few minutes to publicly answer a couple of questions that I’ve been receiving in my private messages. I’m actually surprised by the number of questions I get daily, so I thought I’d share some answers. If this article gets a good response, I’ll make this a regular thing.

Let’s kick this off with the main question that I get from this blog.

“What stage are you and your wife in?”

The best answer to that question is that we’re still in the same stage as quite a few of you are in. My wife knows that I fantasize about her being with other men, however she has reservations. I think some of her hesitation comes from confidence, being nervous, and being slightly skeptical - I’m not sure that she understands entirely how I’d be ok with sharing her with another guy. Early on I think she might have had the impression that I wanted her to do it so that I could do the same thing with other women, but that is the farthest thing from the truth. I love my wife, and wanting to share her with other men gives me the opportunity to sit back and actually watch her and SEE her beautiful body in action. So as far as what stage we are in, that is where we are.

“How long did it take you to convince your wife?”

Well to be perfectly honest, I still haven’t completely convinced her yet. I still bring up the topic and we talk about it, but again she has some reservations and I’m finding it best not to push the topic and potentially cause an argument or have her pull back. Having the discussion in little bits, and having patience seem to be the best route. If she resists at first, then back off. Change your approach. Tell her how beautiful you think she is. Tell her how much you enjoy her body. Build her confidence in herself and make her feel sexy, and when she feels sexy and confident then bring up the discussion again! Just have patience if she seems reluctant at first.

Ok guys, so that’s all for now. But PLEASE keep the questions coming. Again, with a good response I’ll keep these types of Q&A sessions going. Also if you’d like to share pics from your experiences, by all means do so! I’ll share them here on my blog with your permission.

What I really dont understand about Neo-Nazis is like the sheer level of cognitive dissonance that they must have to manifest to rationalise their shit, like - do they think they’re the good guys?? when they watch star wars, do they root for Darth Vader and the Empire?? do they think indiana jones is about a bunch of soldiers tryna do their job waylaid by a murderous archaeologist?? sure, some of them rationalise by denying the holocaust happened but some of them are literally lobbying for a second one - how can you exist in this day and time, where nazi is literally a word synonymous with evil, and still think youre in the right?? that genocide and ethnic cleansing is the force for good??

Do you ever get this weird feeling when you watch YouTube videos about Star Wars and they will talk about something that’s been gone over ten times back and forth on Tumblr, as if it’s brand new information or an idea that’s never been posited before? Like I was watching one the other day where they posed the question of whether the prequels and Rogue One make Vader irredeemable because we see him killing children and rebels. And they were like “omg what a good question I never really thought of that before! It does kind of change things.”

And I’m just like… Really? You haven’t thought about that? Well lucky you because we’ve already analyzed this ten ways to Sunday.

But also I still, even after having it discussed over and over, don’t understand how people didn’t think Vader was capable of actual murder before the prequels.

I don’t know how anyone can watch the Original Trilogy and go, “Yeah, that guy is OK, I’m sure he’s never killed anyone who didn’t deserve it. I mean I know Obi-Wan said he hunted down and murdered the Jedi, but like, Obi-Wan lied about him being Luke’s dad so IDK, maybe he only ever kills Imperial Officers and watches planets blow up.”

If anything the prequels make him more redeemable because even though you see the murders you also see the person he used to be and see what led to his fall (the road to hell was indeed paved with the best of intentions. Love! Family! How could that steer you wrong? Just ask Anakin). You can still chose not to give a shit about him, if you don’t care about Vader’s redemption, that’s fine for you. In RotJ it’s mostly about how Luke is justified in believing his father has some good left in him, and Vader’s redemptive action is centered around loving and saving Luke… a nice ironic bookend to how his fall was in part motivated by loving and saving Padmé. But if you already liked and supported Vader’s “redemption” from RotJ I will never understand how getting confirmation that he did indeed do the thing Obi-Wan said he did, changes that.

Who should you fight (first years edition)

Okumura Koushuu

  • I guess you are one of those who are still mad at him for that one time with Sawamura smh
  • okay I understand you have your reasons but all this boy does all day is stare into the horizon and imagine that everyone hates him 
  • like I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have time for you he’s too busy trying to learn how to eat without choking
  • anyways who would want to beat up that beautiful face??  why do you hate art so much

Seto Takuma

  • I mean he’s a lil bitch, so you kinda should like I’m pretty sure you both will have a good time
  • this is the boy who will say “lol sure” if you tell him to fight you 
  • anyways I hope you know that there’s this unwritten rule that states that you can’t punch a guy with glasses 
  • he probably says “we hould to this again sometime” when you are done

Yui Kaoru

  • you are going to lose
  • like don’t even think about it 
  • why do you wanna die so bad tell me

Yuuki Masashi

  • he got a bad temper but he’s a good boy
  • like why would you want to fight him this is the boy whose tummy growls in class
  • he’ll fight you if you ask him to tho
  • that’s bad news for you my friend
  • he’s a good person so he’ll send you flowers when you are in the hospital

Kuki Youhei

  • okay what the fuck why
  • really why what did this fluffball do to you
  • blind you with his beautiful smile???
  • he won’t fight you he’s too nice he’ll even try to ask you if you got issues and offer you to talk about them until you feel better
  • you win you monster

Asada Hirofumi

  • over my fucking dead body you fucking asshole fucking fight me 

calum aesthetic

(not my pictures just my edit)

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You're drunk so I might as well ask. I'm a girl and I'm dating this girl and we both really want to have sex but are too nervous because we've each only ever been with guys. Any advice on how to start some girl on girl sex?

First and foremost have the conversation about what does and does not feel good when it comes to sexual intercourse. Second, TAKE IT SLOW! Not sure where you’re relationship is at, but start with gentle make outs, heavy petting, and what you feel is appropriate for where the two of you think you are sexually. If toys are involved, do your research before buying or using anything AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD USE WATER BASED LUBRICANTS. Also, DO NOT USE GAY W/W PORN AS A SPRING BOARD! It’s literally only made for the male gaze and is not an accurate depiction of most w/w intercourse. And please understand, the first time might be awkward. There will be giggling. There will be unsure moments, but keep communication open at all times. Let your partner know what you like and don’t like. Let them know your boundaries. Stuff like that. This informative broadcast is brought to you by drunk Nerd and Beth. =) 

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How do you think Jack's time in ancient Greece affected him?

Good question! Actually, I’m not really sure since I think the only thing we did see with him in Greece was him flipping that guy from episode I but honestly I wish there was more about him in Greece? Especially with the running theme of mythology in the show. Hell, I think Zeus fought Aku in the Birth of Evil. (May’ve been thor but idk)

Really the mythology there is what I would’ve loved to see. Perhaps impacting him in more of an understanding of his situation in life and that his sword was made by literal gods and not just monks on a mountain. Maybe he could gain a lil confidence in that regard JACK SEEING BIRTH OF EVIL FLASHBACKS, COUGH COUGH. lol sorry that’s my fave ep

Honestly though I wish the show had lived long enough to give us more backstory episodes like the Africa one. It would have been pretty cool to see more snippets of him growing up and becoming who he is =/

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I'm a transgender guy and I have a very homo/transphobic grandmother. I see my grandma almost everyday because she lives within walking distance from my house and she enjoys coming over. I'm not out to my family yet and I'm only out to a few friends. My grandma tells me probably every other day how much she hates LGBT+ people and how wrong and gross they are. It makes me so uncomfortable but I can't do anything about it. I want to come out but I don't know how to do it safely. Any tips?

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Older people aren’t that supportive when it comes to LGBT. She probably won’t accept you anymore. It hurts and it’s so stupid because you are still you but they don’t understand it. I think you should tell your parents but not your grandma. If your parents are okay with it then you can try to figure a way out how to tell your grandma. I hope they all support you!

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Hey. Last year I met this guy online. I wasn't sure about the whole situation and said my name is Lena (I've met a few not ... really nice guys online and thought it's better that I don't say my real name). When we first met I wanted to tell him the truth. But at this moment his parents came in and he said my name is Lena. We are together now and I don't know how to tell him that my name isn't Lena. I feel bad. Pls help me!

Hi there, oh no that’s not good. I understand what you have done and I don’t think it’s bad that you have lied about your name. The best I suggest you right now is to tell your partner as soon as possible. It might not be easy but don’t hide it longer. You should explain him everything from the beginning to end. Why you did what you have done. I hope you have only hidden about your name to him. Make him understand and I really hope he can forgive you for it. I guess when he really likes/loves you he will not let this break you guys. Wish you all the best!

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☀ What’s your rp pet peeve?

The community, but at the same time, not really. My idea is that all people are following someone else because they wish to be following them, which may be false in some situations, due to ‘follow for follow.’

Though, I suppose to be more specific, how anxious people are. I like to think I am fairly relaxed, so I want to feel that people can talk to me. At the same time, I have no real good social skills, so, that’s an issue.

In the end, I suppose the best way to say it is that no one really talks to me. I can understand it, though. I just wish that I could tell whether or not you guys enjoyed talking to me. Sure, I understand the few words that people say, where they may say ‘I don’t mind you messaging me,’ but at the same time, neither of us message each other due to anxiety.

I just wanna talk and have some fun, and it is considerably harder with a lack of communication. Nearly every message I send, I spend about three minutes thinking about it, worrying about it. So, I suppose I’m to blame, too.

I think one of the saddest things about Civil War is thinking of how Tony, in the first Avengers, said of Steve, “I don’t know what my dad’s deal was with this guy,” and that he couldn’t understand why he respected him and talked so highly of him. But if you really watch Cap’s development through Tony’s eyes, you see how good Steve really becomes. How he saves people and helps them. And sure, maybe Steve befriending and calling on Sam instead of him was a bit hurtful, but hey, maybe Steve just didn’t think of Tony. It happens. I mean, you don’t see Tony calling on cap every time something goes wrong. But in Civil War, Steve, the good and righteous man who saves lives and fights for good, defends what Tony sees as a Hydra assassin, someone who killed for the people even Steve himself fought against. And then for Steve to go against Tony for Bucky just hurts, really deep down.

Maybe all Tony wanted was to have a friendship as close and loyal and pure as Steve’s relationship with Bucky, or Sam, or Nat. Tony was never good at making true and legitimate friends. We know that. All he has is Pepper (who is a love interest so technically, no), Rhodey, and Happy (who is from the business). And adding into the mix was his father’s respect and love for Steve. Maybe Tony just wanted to be Steve’s friend. Maybe he finally saw why his father set Steve on such a high pedestal.

But in Tony’s eyes, Steve betrayed him for an assassin.

And to be given the excuse of “He’s my friend.” That must hurt.

Because the pain and betrayal in his eyes when he says, “So was I.” You can just see his heart break. He doesn’t want to have to fight the two of them. He doesn’t want to go against Steve. But he has to.

What tf are these people’s intentions to dress up as clowns and being a threat to people in America like what is the purpose of this

I was taking a walk down my road which is like a steep hill, and when I got half way to the top, I heard something, but barely because I had my headphones in and so I got closer to look and I saw a person (back facing me) with a clown costume on, took my headphones out and walked a little closer to see for sure, and that son of bitch turns the fuck around and looks at me for a good five seconds and I’m just standing there thinking to myself, “what tf should I do”? and then they slowly walks closer to me and I started walking backwards and then they started to walk faster, then that’s when I ran the fuck for my life. Like you guys don’t even understand how fast my heart was racing, I never ran so fast in my life, but that clown was pretty fucking fast let me tell you, I had to legit run all the way down the hill then back up the hill. Then as soon as I got to my driveway, I ran into my house and locked all the doors, called my mom and her bf. So they hurried home and I told them I was gonna call 911, but they said oh no and I was like WTF YEAH I AM and they came home, I like stayed by my sister and mom the whole time, I am NEVER going on a walk again until this shit gets resolved. I live in Ohio, (Canton/Massillon area)  so if you live in Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, Colorado, Maryland, PA, you best be locking your doors because you never know what’s out there and that was when I never even really knew about this, I was so confused and scared because it fricken chased me. ALL OF YOU PLS STAY SAFE PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN, LET YOUR CHILDREN KNOW ABOUT THIS GOING ON because they are luring them into the woods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont think you understand just how proud i am seventeen. theyve worked so hard to get where they are now, and theyre constantly getting better.
everyone works so hard and puts so much effort in.
woozi, hansol, dino, everyone who helps create music, spend so much time and effort on their songs. making sure its absolutely perfect and that its catchy enough. since they write their own music they deal with so much stress to make something good enough and catchy enough. to create something just as good if not better than the music they wrote before that.
hoshi and dino spend so much time on choreography. they have to create something and make sure its something that incorporates everyone and shows off everyones charms.
wonwoo is learning chinese (im not sure about the others). like holy shit guys.
they looked so amazed on After School Club when they showed them all the fanart they received. like the idea of having so many fans who care and love them is something they still cant fathom.
you can tell through their interactions with the fans that they genuinely love their fans and so grateful for their fans like holy shit.
im honestly so proud.

Hey guys. I’d like to talk to you about empathy. It’s one of those nights, where I can’t quite make sense of myself, so I think this will help. If you’re interested, you’re welcome to read. If not, it’s all good, scroll right past.

I only recently (probably last year or so) found out that I’m an empath. I’m not sure how I stumbled across the word, but I remember reading about it and thinking “Holy crap, that sounds like me” and the more I looked into it, the more things made sense.
If you’re unfamilar, empathy in regular human emotion is basically the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another’s shoes.
Pretty much everyone feels empathy to a degree, if something bad has happened to a close friend, you try and imagine how they are feeling so that you can best comfort them. Now try and imagine that empathy ramped up 100%. You’re always open to other people’s emotions and can take them on; even people you have never met. If someone is hurt, you feel it too. You know the motivation and intents of others. You can feel the energy in the air, animals, plants, the earth. This is why I can see colours in things that don’t have colour, and sometimes taste sound. It’s pretty overwhelming, as you can imagine.

When I found out about being an empath, I looked back and wondered if maybe this was the reason I used to act how I did when I was younger.
People seem to like my company, which is awesome! But… socialising exhausts me. It’s not that I don’t like socialising, because I do enjoy meeting people and talking to friends, but if there’s too much going on, I get frazzled and have to take some time out on my own for a few days afterwards. It’s kind of hard to explain, and I know friends that used to get frustrated with me if I didn’t contact them much for a couple of days after being out. So many people and so much energy and emotion is a problem for an empath if you’re unsure how to properly deal with it.
Relationships are another thing I have a lot of problems with, because… well, there’s a whole lot of emotions swirling around right there. Every relationship I’ve had, has ended because I put up giant walls - and now I know why. I was trying to stop the overwhelming amount of FEELS heading in my direction, and I didn’t know how best to handle them. Putting myself in my partners shoes, and trying to figure out what they felt for me and WHY - and what I felt for them - was brain overload, I guess. Thankfully, I’m doing better with this now, thanks to starting to figure this whole empathy thing out.
I still build walls sometimes, when things get too much, but it’s mostly for anger and conflict, which I cannot deal with. The last time I failed in pulling them up quick enough, I fell into depression - bad times. I mood swing up and down when depressed and it’s a nightmare.
I also suffer from chronic pain. I used to have burning pains in my back when I was little, which was never diagnosed. I now have Rheumatoid Arthritis/Disease, and random body pain that the doctors can’t seem to figure out. I think it’s because I get stressed, because I’m always trying to figure out how to save the world. Haha. It kind of sucks. So I’m still learning how to best block that out. I know there are certain things that you can do to dispel bad energy so I may try them sometime. Because it hurts when the world hurts. I mentioned in an earlier post that I went to the 9/11 site last month while I was away on holiday and could not deal with the pain there and had to leave. That was another thing that really opened my eyes to this. Tonight, I read about a friend’s pain, and immediately felt awful in myself. If I see someone cry, I will also cry, because they’re hurting damnit and I hate seeing them hurting. You know what’s also great? When you empathise with fictional characters. Oh boy, that’s a ride and a half. I can’t rewatch a few of my favourite TV shows because of this (I’m looking at you, Life on Mars and Hannibal).
Sometimes, I know stuff and I have no idea how I know this stuff, which is kind of weird, but sometimes kind of cool, I guess.

If you’re still reading this - thanks. You’re awesome, and I hope you learnt a little bit about when I ramble on about empath problems. I’m gonna wrap this up now I think. I should be asleep. I feel a little better though.

Expanding on that Poe meta post, I think it’s interesting that people have taken to the belief that Finn doesn’t understand courting or affection or wouldnt know the steps of showing someone you care about them. This is the guy who immediately held hands with a stranger to try and help her and ran into Poe’s arms immediately upon seeing him. THEN hugged Rey when he went after her.

He even asked Rey if she had a boyfriend. He may be a stormtrooper but he has knowledge on how to show you care about someone, platonically and romantically.

I would think though that perhaps he conflates the two or think one thing you do with a partner, you can do with a friend and the only difference really is the title you give them.

Could you imagine him kissing Poe before a mission and being like “its for good luck. i want you to come back.” Or giving Rey presents on the anniversary of their meeting–he thinks he has the right date, he’s not entirely sure but its the thought that counts.

When they all finally agreed to be a relationship, Finn’s all smiley and Rey asks why and he’s like “I have a boyfriend. A cute boyfriend. And a beautiful girlfriend.”

okay my problem with tumblr user h0m0666ual dressing up as a trans boy for the day as a “social experiment” lies mainly in the way she’s executing and trying to get her information on how trans people are oppressed. first off: why do majorities like cis people feel the need to go through it (as if they need to validate its truthfulness themselves) instead of just ASKING US what we go through/ what we experience on a day to day basis with transphobia. also, I honestly feel disgusted that she thinks that going to school for a day or two dressed like a trans guy will even give her a good feel on transphobia??? or the experiences we go through??? like yeah, sure, go ahead h0m0666ual, wrap an ace bandage around your chest, dress up in drag and have fun with your “social experiment” but don’t you dare claim that you can understand or even come close with your “experiences” to feeling the anxiety, fear, and general danger WE do on a daily basis. why do you want to live through a few days as if you’re in our shoes when you’re basically treating us as an experiment. “oh look, it’s so weird to see through the transgendered eyes…” it honestly makes me uncomfortable as a trans person— it would be fine if you were experimenting with gender honestly or something, but no. you’re practically donning the “outfit” of a group that already feels shamed by most of society and using it to try and legitimize our experiences of transphobia yourself instead of just ASKING and LISTENING to us.
rant over

Seven Minutes From You - Chapter 3

Alright, so I think it’s time we sat down and talked straight for a moment. This fanfiction will be exploring some dark themes (evidenced by both Chapter 2 and 3) and while it won’t be anything too scandalous, this is a M-rated fic. Of course there will be plenty of the good, fluffy stuff as well but I just needed to make sure that everyone goes into this understanding that perfectly clear.

I’ll shut up now.

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