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“ you’re softer than the bed. ” jungkook plss thank u~

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“So… this is my room,” he mumbles shyly, unable to make eye contact with you. He’s never had you in his bedroom before, let alone by himself. The last time he got to be alone with you Jimin ended up ruining the moment a minute later. Afraid that would happen again, Jungkook made sure you whisk you into his room as fast as possible so no one else would see you, but he didn’t think about what he would do after that.

“It’s nice,” you simply reply, also nervous about being alone with your recent crush. For the time that you’ve known him, Jungkook has never been forward; always too shy or considerate to make a move on you, not knowing that you were dying on the inside because of it. Although you’re buzzing with excitement, you’re nearly trembling with anticipation.

“Did you wanna watch a movie?” Jungkook glances over at you, ears and neck pink. You guys always watch movies, he realizes. There’s no way he’d get closer to you by doing the same thing every time you hang out. This makes his chest feel a bit hollow, but you still agree, not knowing he’s scolding himself for being too boring and predictable when he should be impressing you. 

The two of you lay near each other on the bed, slowly getting closer as the movie progresses. With each small movement, the both of you think the other doesn’t notice, not knowing both of your hearts are racing at the thought of innocently laying beside each other. Sparks shoot through both of your arms when your skin makes contact, heat instantly taking your cheeks hostage. Neither of you dares to look at the other, secretly hoping the experience is mutual. Jungkook, though, is still in agony. He’s internally pushing himself to make a move when really he’s petrified. He can’t move any closer than he is now, especially when you aren’t moving either… But just because he can’t move doesn’t mean you feel the same… right?

“You… You can lay your head on my chest or something if you want,” he mumbles quickly, the words coming out as a jumbled rush of sounds, but you hear it clearly. Your heart’s trying to leap out of your chest as you open your dry mouth to respond, only for Jungkook to surprise you again. He lifts his arm, resting it on your shoulders so you can easily curl into his side when you’re ready. He doesn’t force it, rather he leaves the invitation open with a nervous heart. So you gather your nerves up, remembering that this is what you wanted days ago when you watched a movie the last time and fulfill his subtle request, your head comfortably on his chest. He wonders if you can hear his heartbeat or feel the little victory dance he’s doing inside, but he also is too occupied with trying to grasp the moment to care. He’s stuck staring at you in glee, wondering if he was freaking out over nothing this whole time.

“Are you comfortable?” he questions, his nerves calming slowly.

“Mhmm,” you hum, nodding. “You’re softer than the bed.”

And this time he’s sure you can hear his heart when it skips a beat, even if you can’t see the rosy hues overpowering his features.


i’m sure this has been posted before….but if u feel like fucking weeping and maybe ending up in the fetal position, watch florence welch sing to karinya chen (apparently she had tickets to a florence + the machine concert but had been battling a rare type of bone cancer and was in hospice, so florence came to her and fucking delivered. the way she closes her eyes and nods her head at one point while florence sings is just ….. this is so heartwarming florence is truly an angel and by the look on her face i am sure she made this girl so unbelievably happy)

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I don’t know if this has been done before, but can I get headcanons for Gokotai, Midare, Sayo, and Maeda receiving a flower crown from the saniwa who told them that they are precious and wishes that they'll always be happy? Little tantou boys needs some more love

It has but not for these tantous it’s no problem. I agree, the precious bbies.

• Face goes red and he gets very shy as he thanks you. It made him really happy but he wasn’t sure how to react.
• One of his tiger cubs probably ruin his flower crown and he cries until you make him a new one.

• His face lights up and he hugs you, rubbing his face against you affectionately.
• Probably wouldn’t be able to resist running around proudly telling everyone he sees what happened.

• Blushes a little and looks down mumbling a thanks. He’s just a weapon but you’re saying something so nice to him, he doesn’t quite understand why.
• Probably walks away and shyly but happily tells his brothers, earning you thanks from them as well.

• Gets a bit flustered you’re saying it to him since he’s not used to special treatment. Thanks you with a big smile on his face, unable to help it.
• Tries to make you a flower crown as well but doesn’t know how, asks you to teach him and you spend a nice evening making lots. When he was finally happy with one he gave it to you telling you happy he is to serve you.

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Simon likes cosplaying. Nahyuta didn't know this until he just kinda...walked in on Simon attempting to copy a characters scar with make-up.

OF COURSE SIMON LIKES COSPLAYING HE’S A BIG OL NERD and we love him for it so much <3 

I’m actually thinking that Simon used to be really good at cosplay makeup when he was younger, but the seven years in prison has made him a bit rusty with it, so he has to practice a bit more in order to make sure it is just right before attending a convention. 

So imagine that he has decided to cosplay someone with some sort of scar on their face.  Or, alternatively, he is doing some sort of “battle damage”-type cosplay where the person is bloody and beaten up.  He’s in his bathroom, having been able to actually leave work early for a change, with his makeup out and trying to recreate the look that the character has via a picture on his phone.  

And yeah, he might have been rusty, and to other expert cosplayers, it might have been semi-apparent (hence the need to practice).  But to ordinary folks, his makeup job looks damn realistic

So, when Nahyuta enters Simon’s apartment and he suddenly sees his boyfriend emerge from the bathroom appearing horrendously injured, he flies into a bit of a panic, rushing over to Simon and asking what happened and if he is alright and who did this to you?  Nahyuta starts fearing the idea that the Phantom got to him or one of the Phantom’s employers did, or something, and Simon is just…a bit confused for a moment, until he realizes what he must look like. 

“Oh…no, no, this is just makeup.”

And Simon says it so casually that Nahyuta is a cross between infuriated and dumbfounded, until Simon starts explaining his old cosplay habits and the convention he has coming up. 

“You know…this character does have a love interest.”  Simon is actually smiling and explaining how great Nahyuta would look and how he could do his makeup as well and how much fun it would all be and before Nahyuta knew it, he was being measured for clothes. 

And that was how Nahyuta Sahdmadhi ended up going to an anime convention in a couple’s cosplay with Simon Blackquill.  

What Moonlight isn’t is a sure sign of greater shifts in the industry or at awards shows: The Oscars have made steps forward in terms of diversity and recognizing artistic daring before, and followed them with steps back. The Academy Awards remain a window into how Hollywood sees itself and how it’d like to be seen, two things that are sometimes directly at odds. Because, no matter how many easy digs Jimmy Kimmel managed to slip in (or tweet) at the current administration last night, the self-assured progressivism that so much of the film industry takes for granted has been very slow to manifest in the choices that industry has made about whose stories get told and who gets to tell them. Studies from University of Southern California, Annenberg’s Media, Diversity & Social Change Initiative have not only laid bare damning statistics about who’s directing and appearing on screen in the biggest movies; they’ve also showcased how little those stats have been improving.

This Donald Trump/Sprint news is a great example of what I’ve talking about on here regarding “fake news” = propaganda. I’ll explain this step-by-step:

  1. Trump takes the credit for Sprint jobs being brought back to the United States, a deal that was exchanged long before the election AND without Trump’s involvement. Trump even made sure to include his usual fear mongering with the whole ‘evil foreigners took our jobs and I took them back for YOU’ routine.
  2. News outlets report that “President-Elect Donald Trump Brings Back Jobs for Americans!” and “Another Victory for Donald Trump as He Save Our Jobs.” etc… 
  3. Later it was confirmed that Trump has nothing to do with the deal, it was already in place exposing Trump as (surprise surprise) a liar. 
  4. Trump makes a statement disputing the notion that the jobs had already been brought back without his involvement. Telling news reporters that they did it because of him AKA repeating the lie. 
  5. Despite his bullshit being revealed news outlets continue to report that “President-Elect Donald Trump Brings Back Jobs for Americans!” and “Another Victory for Donald Trump as He Save Our Jobs.” etc. etc. This time they knowingly repeat the lies that Trump is feeding them and they uncritically do the same thing to their viewers AKA spreading his propaganda. 
  6. The American public now believes and repeats the lie that Donald Trump saved U.S. jobs/ brought them back with a simple phone call. Success.

Again, this shit is dangerous and should not go unchecked. Call this shit out when you see it and don’t take something as fact just because it is fed to you, especially when it involves Trump and his upcoming administration. We’re going to be seeing a lot of this and it’s important to keep yourself properly informed. 

Nooow this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit on down and tell you about how I became the prince of a place called Po Town

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16 and sterek maybe?? :D

16. “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”

The dates are perfect. Nights spent curled up on the couch watching their favorite movies. Afternoons out discovering restaurants neither had been to before for lunch. Entire weekends sharing each other with the rest of the pack and growing ever closer and closer and closer…

Stiles has no complaints. He’s never before thought he could enjoy spending so much time with Derek. Yet here he is, constantly moving his schedule around to fit Derek in at every available opportunity. He doesn’t even really mind that they haven’t made whatever is going on between them official. It’s nice to just take it easy for once.

But still he has that voice in the back of his head. The one that wonders why Derek never seems to want to initiate contact. That worries when Derek purposely angles his face to avoid a kiss. Stiles can’t help but doubt that Derek even really likes him at all.

“You know that’s not true, Stiles,” Derek argues, looking more hurt than angry at Stiles’ comment.

“Then why haven’t you kissed me yet? Why won’t you hold my hand or even hug me? We are dating right?” Stiles says.

“Because every time I kiss someone they seem to end up dead!” The air around them rings in silence for a long moment. “Or they try to kill me. Most of the time it’s both.”

Derek is staring at the ground with his jaw clenched and hands drawn into fists at his sides. Stiles watches him long enough to see his shoulders lift higher and higher with tension until he can’t take it anymore and he steps up to Derek. He reaches slowly toward Derek’s hands, running his fingers softly along the white knuckles. There’s blood smeared across his palms and the tips of his fingers when Stiles pulls apart Derek’s fists, but he ignores it.

“Okay,” he says finally, voice just louder than a whisper.

Derek’s heavy brow furrows in confusion but relaxes when he sees Stiles’ face. 

“We can wait. Or we don’t ever have to,” Stiles says, swallowing the thickness built up in his throat. “You choose the pace.”

He goes to slip his hands out of Derek’s, but Derek grabs them before he can, squeezing them between his warm fingers. Stiles smiles at that, letting his arms hang loose in front of him. With soft gazes and joined hands, they come to a silent agreement.


Don’t be like that, boys, Frisk just wanted to show you their cool X-ray! Humans sure are resilient!

I figured the bone brothers would be easily freaked out by broken bones. This has been sitting on my computer unfinished since before finals, so I made myself sit down and finish it today! 

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I hate what the reboot did to the girl’s personalities.

Bubbles is, according to herself, the ‘cute one’. Since when? Sure, she was always the cutest but that wasn’t her role. She was the naive one and the innocent one. Her naivete made her cute, she wasn’t just automatically cute. The current Bubbles isn’t even cute. She’s try-hard cute. Squealing like a fangirl and dressing in rainbow doesn’t make her genuinely cute.

Blossom has pretty much been devoid of all fun. She’s just a geeky stereotype and a mysophobe stereotype. She’s there to make smartness jokes about when that was never a part of her original character.

Buttercup is way too mean spirited compared to before. She was rough and tumble but she wasn’t so aggressive. She wouldn’t be a class clown like in that episode with the panda and she wouldn’t bully people on her own accord much.

The writers said they wanted to flesh out the girl’s personalities so why are they all so one-note? Bubbles is a cutesy internet fangirl, Blossom is the nerd, and Buttercup is the tomboyish rough one. That’s pretty much them 85% of the time in the reboot.

I was really excited during the preparations for this concert even though we have had concerts before, I’m more excited this time. Our concert is called Wings but one wing wouldn’t be able to fly; so I hope everyone could be our another wing. During the rehearsals today, the seats being empty made me think that we are able to stand here because of everyone. Whenever I see from the stage your smiling faces, it becomes my source of strength. Later, I will make sure to produce better music and stages. I hope everyone’s heart has been moved and excited for us.
—  Yoongi’s ending speech 170219
“I wish you’d never retire.”

And why that line hurts.

I didn’t realize it before. But this scene was actually very painful. Contrary to what other fans say that this scene is romantic and that those tears are happy tears. Here is why I think it’s not.

After the Free Skate Program, Yuuri went out in the snow and thought about his future, and decided on this:

It wasn’t the first time Yuuri thought about it. He has been sure Victor won’t stay with him for good since Episode 2. So when he vocalized it in Episode 9 (through a voice-over), Yuuri was finally firm on this decision but he doesn’t have the guts to tell Victor yet.

He decided to keep it to himself. However, he also hasn’t let Victor in another decision he’s made: his retirement. Which is what I think he is about to say in that scene above, before Yurio cut him off with a flying kick.

We may have not realized it, but Yuuri has been sure when he will retire since Hasetsu on Ice.

This is his last season. In a few months time, Yuuri will retire from competitive figure skating.

So when he came back to Japan and reunited with Victor at the airport, what Yuuri really meant when he said this:

Was “Please be my coach until the Grand Prix Final ends!” Which (I’m sorry if I’m mistaken), only a couple of months forward or so.

However, this was mistranslated. We all know that.

And that’s the sad part. Yuuri, here, was in fact asking Victor something much deeper than that. What he really asked him was, “Please take care of me until I retire.” Which, as you may all know by now, is the Japanese way of asking one’s hand for marriage, or generally, to belong to one another exclusively.

Yuuri here was asking Victor to be whatever he is right now to Yuuri, ONLY until the end of the Grand Prix Final. After that, he’ll let Victor go.

Here was a man ready to return Victor to the world even if it hurts.

That’s how Yuuri looked like before he asked that mistranslated plea. Face scrunched up by both pain and determination. That’s the face you make when upon finally making this decision, you also realize you only have two months or so left to be with the person you want to hold onto the most. And that hurt.

And here was how Victor responded:

Victor was all of us. He didn’t catch everything that Yuuri meant. Because it sounded “almost like a marriage proposal.” We were all too happy that we failed to take into consideration the deadline… the end… that Yuuri has set.

Yuuri, on the other hand, was contented with Victor’s answer. He has finally made peace with the fact that he can’t have Victor for himself forever.

Until Victor said this:

With this one sentence, Victor expressed his commitment to Yuuri. He wants to be together forever which shocked Yuuri.

But Yuuri…

… can’t give Victor that. For Yuuri was convinced he stole Victor from his life on the ice, from the world. That he is holding him back and he is not worth all the sacrifices Victor has made.

So Victor saying “I wish you’d never retire.” goes against what Yuuri has already decided on: an impending separation. It wasn’t that Yuuri wanted it. It is a sacrifice he has to make. And Victor saying this line only makes it harder. Because Yuuri knows that just can’t be. Hence, the tears.

And it hurt more because Yuuri is the only one who knows it. He, alone, carries the pain.

“I wish you’d never retire.”

It makes letting go, “ending this”, hurt more.

Note: I’m sorry if I made you feel miserable. This is just my personal realization after I watched the episodes for the nth time. I won’t claim anything. I cried myself to sleep upon realizing this and didn’t go to work the next day. I felt miserable. But if it helps, I also realized another thing. 

Yuuri’s decision became firmer in Episode 11. He wanted to nail Victor’s signature jump so badly because this is the last time he will be able to show him. And when he failed, he crumbled.  Then later on he saw how Victor reacted to other skaters, looking like he wants to go back on the ice and reclaim his throne.

But all that pushed Yuuri to finally tell Victor. It urged him to open up to him, and tell him about his doubts, fears and other insecurities, not only on the ice, but with their relationship. Yuuri, though unintentionally, will fix this miscommunication.

I haven’t thought much about it yet because I still don’t want to replay Episode 11. It still hurts. But I can only see one way this will end.

Victor will accept Yuuri’s wish to stop being his coach, and Yuuri will retire. But just that. Victor will insist that whatever they have between them will remain. VICTOR WON’T LET YUURI GO JUST LIKE THAT. They will get married whatever the results of the GPF will be, and Victor will prove that Yuuri was wrong. He won’t go back to the ice. Because to Victor, home, no, his entire world now, is Yuuri. 

Okay so real talk about Alec being able to just walk into Magnus’s apartment when it seems everyone else needs to knock: I know we’ve all been low key assuming it has to do with wards or something but what if Magnus did give him a key?

Remember that night where Alec stayed and “nothing happened”? We know they talked. We know Magnus wanted to make Alec feel safe and comfortable with him. What if, that night, Magnus offered Alec a key? He’d have made sure to be clear that it didn’t come with any strings or expectations. Just…an offer. “Be welcome in my home, and let this be a safe space for you when you need one”

And now we see Alec using it for just that