Journal entry 6 24/4/2016

  Mind Map. Healing the self. 

Onyx, the gorgeous boy in the above image is my first born son.  I fell pregnant with him during a very difficult and painful time in my life.  The discovery of his growing presence helped sheild me from the harsh regret inevitably felt by some very bad choices.  He was born, Superman style with arm and fist up by his face and facing upwards.  I thought ‘Wow, he really is my superhero, my saving grace. He’s been guiding and teaching me about love and life his entire 11 years. “The wisdom this boy holds could fill the hungry ears of those in a hall full of chairs” - Littlebirddoula. He is so much a part of who I am, a piece of my soul living and breathing outside of my body.

Onyx + roller derby. Their powers combine.

Roller derby is my physical outlet for pent up hurt, anger and resentment.  Also my prefered method for keeping fit, (I skate because running sucks, haha) having fun and connecting with brave like minded women. 

I bought this cute roller derby box from @sys_uk because I needed somewhere to put my mouth guard and it’s the perfect size! It is super good quality and it is all hand painted by @ramonaflowers__ you should check out her etsy, she does some amazing wood burnt and hand painted unique gifts 😊

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Derby Decisions...

Calling all my Derby peeps - mothra-stewart, maximus-pad, willtumblefortea, toxicbombher , laurahaul-ass, jess-ticulate, madweasel et al!

I’ve been lucky enough to have come into a little money that I can justify spending on derby gear. I’m thinking of upgrading my plates to something more solid/Metal (currently standard nylon GT50 plates)

Any advice? I’ve been looking at Suregrip Aventi or Alu Avengers, Pilot Eagles or Crazy Apollo. 

Any thoughts on any of those? :-)

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