surefire scout light


HK 416 Clone Build

My next clone project has begun. 

I got the HK 10.4″ MR556 upper earlier today. Just swapped the factory quad rail out for a Remington RAHG rail. I still need to install the Geissele MR556 trigger into one my SBR’d lowers, which will hold me over until i track down a HK 416 lower. 

I’m still waiting on a few parts to arrive, like a Magpul RVG. I still need a few other items, mainly: EOTech 551, G23 magnifier, ATPIAL-C (one on it now is off one of my CQBR’s), Surefire Scout light, and S&S Precision mount.

Currently have a lead on a 551, so hopefully i’ll have the proper optic soon. I used to own a 551, never thought i’d have to see another one again. 

- b

KAG-KM on a fully loaded BCM 16" Mid Length Carbine, featuring: KMR15 handguard, KAG-1913, Surefire Scout Mini, Thorntail KeyMod light mount, DBAL, EOTech EXP3-0, GFG Mod 3, BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Stock, BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Mod 4 Charging Handle and BCM Mod1 Compensator.

Also pictured Custom Glock 19(work by Arsenal Democracy), Incog Holster, G-Code Scorpion Double Stack and 556 Pouches, Haley Strategic Flat Packer Assault Pack, MS2000 strobe and a Hardcore Hardware Tomahawk.