Dare to Love You

Words: 460

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Language (1 curse word)

Summary: Steve is worried that (Y/N) had been seeing someone else, even though he isn’t dating her.

A/N: Don’t forget to request!

You lay awake that morning, resting underneath the covers of your mattress, the tips of your toes cold with the brisk morning air. You hadn’t the motivation to get up and go downstairs yet, although all the other Avengers had been up for hours. The clock struck 10:04, a surefire sign that you had slept in. Sighing, you threw the comforter off of your body and slid out of bed.

After changing into a clean set of clothes, you slipped out of your room soundlessly and crept downstairs. The faint murmur of voices could be heard from the kitchen, but none of which seemed to question why you hadn’t shown yourself yet that morning. Little had you known that one person had noticed, and he was in a bad mood because of your lack of presence.

The light padding of your feet had finally hit the hardwood, to which everyone slowly turned to greet you. First, Clint had scruffed the top of your head, offering you a half awake, “Morning, kiddo.” Thor had beamed about how it was a pleasure to have been graced with your attendance. Natasha had stopped pouring coffee and looked at you, her eyes soft and a faint smirk perked at the corners of her mouth. Bruce had raised his head over the top of his newspaper and muttered a quiet “Hello.” Tony had announced that if you weren’t up in five more minutes he was about to blast Metallica throughout the entire house. But it was one response that had caught you off guard, and that was Steve’s.

“Can I speak with you for a moment?” He asked in a passive-aggressive tone, not being bothered to wait for your answer before he rounded the corner into the hall.

“Is everything okay?” You questioned, folding your arms over your chest.

“I don’t know how to say this in a tone that doesn’t come off as offensive, so I’m just going to say it,” he sighed, “Do you have any prior engagements other than this team?”

“Prior engagements? You mean a life outside of being an Avenger?” you scoffed, “No, Steve. You know my family died when I was young. You know that I don’t have any one else to turn to. That means no friends, no family, no boyfriend. Boys don’t even look at me anymore. I’m not the same, Steve. But I’m not any different than the rest of you.”

“You’re mistaken.” Steve turned away from your gaze, eyeing the art that decorated the wall adjacent to him.

“Mistaken about what?” You questioned, forcing him to look at you by standing in his view.

“Boys, men. They always look at you. maybe you don’t see it, but wherever you go, you always catch the hearts of men.” He snapped, angry that you hadn’t seen the obvious.

“So then why does it mater if I have someone outside of the team? Clint…Clint, he has a wife out there. He calls her after missions to tell her he’s okay. And that’s fine with you! But I sleep in for one day after working my ass of on missions and you come here to tell me that my heart must not be with the team.” Your voice shakes slightly.

“It matters, (Y/N). It matters to me if you have someone outside of the team. It matters because he won’t be me. It won’t be me that you disappear to go see after a mission. It won’t be me that you sleep in with, it won’t be me that holds you on a cold night to keep you warm. It won’t be me. And I need it to be me.” Steve threw his fist against the wall, his entire body shaking as if restraining his feelings had hurt him inside.

“I need it to be you, too, Steve.” You stepped closer, resting your hand on his arm. His head shot up, and a glimpse of hope gleamed in his eyes. He turned to face you and grabbed your hand.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked gently. When you nodded, he pressed his lips against yours, pulling you closer. His lips tasted like musk and brown sugar as they brushed against yours. When he finally pulled away, you looked into his eyes and confessed,

“I thought I was in love with you, but I was too terrified to admit it.”

“Don’t worry, doll. So was I.” he chuckled.

aggressivelythinkingaboutspace asked:

(also do you have any headcanons about Bill and Fleur's kids?)

oh MAN this is a better pickup line than asking about feminism + superheroes. Okay, hold onto your pants, friends. 

Disclaimer: Literally the only canon info I have about these kids are their names and Victoire’s relationship w/ Teddy Lupin. Everything else is pure bullshit.

Victoire Weasley:

  • Combination of Bill and Fleur - blue eyes and long blonde hair, but gangly and absolutely covered in freckles. 
  • Gryffindor af
  • Does a lot of weird experimental things with her hair (like shaving half her head when she was 16) because she can just grow it back with magic anyway. Usually this gets her a high five from Bill.
  • Got in a fight within her first month at Hogwarts because some kid was talking shit about werewolves and Vic got punchy
  • In general being a bigoted ass is a surefire way to get punched by Vic
  • She likes wearing flower crowns and leather boots and long skirts and dragon fang earrings that she stole-borrowed from her dad 
  • Does Not Get makeup that’s more complicated than black eyeliner
  • She dosn’t need it, her skin is amazing. All the Delacour-Weasley kids have amazing skin
  • Loves punk rock music festivals more than most things
  • Totally That Friend who asks “What’s wrong? Who do I have to kill?”
  • She’s only a year or two older than Dominique and she tells Dom EVERYTHING. Calls Dom her sidekick, though. #rude
  • She’s like two years younger than Teddy, has been in love with him since she was like 8

Dominique Weasley:

  • She mostly got the Weasley look, all red hair and freckles
  • Also Gryffindor af
  • I’m not saying Charlie has a favorite niece but yes he does, it’s Dominique
  • LOVES ANIMALS SO MUCH YOU GUYS. She’ll talk your ear off for 15 hours if you let her
  • Adopted every stray in a 10 mile radius as a kid
  • Literally always had dirt under her nails and skinned knees and shit
  • Wants to work with dragons when she grows up (THANKS CHARLIE)
  • Almost always seen wearing a Huge Sweater and Jeans Full of Holes. Dom owns infinite variations of this outfit
  • Will back Victoire up in any fight ever if Vic wants her to, but left to her own devices she avoids drama at all costs
  • Always has two or three hair ties on her wrist. Yes of course you can borrow one. No she’ll never get mad if you don’t give it back. 
  • As an adult she’ll probably work abroad; comes home to visit all the time though
  • Also she’ll eventually have full sleeves of tattoos on both arms and they’ll be GORGEOUS 
  • Huge huge lesbian

Louis Weasley:

  • Takes after his mom the most, all silvery blond hair and blue eyes and minimal freckles. Eyelashes To Die For
  • Is like 5-7ish years younger than his sisters; he was sort of an accident
  • The first Weasley in Ravenclaw in like 6000 years. He’s quietly very proud of himself for breaking the trend.
  • The kid doesn’t talk a lot; possibly because he grew up with his big sisters talking over him. 
  • Pls don’t think he’s resentful; he adores them and they adore him
  • He’s not Fleur’s FAVORITE kid because she doesn’t do that shit, but they are the closest. Vic and Dom always had each other to play with, but they were already off at Hogwarts for most of Louis’ childhood so he spent a lot of time hanging out with his mom
  • Usually reading or drawing; has a bad habit of doing both at once and drawing in his books
  • Weirdly fascinated by Muggle photography. Appreciates the art of making a moment hold still in a way that most wizards don’t. Grandpa Arthur shamelessly encourages this
  • Dresses like Harry Styles tbh. Most of his clothes come from tragically hip secondhand stores
  • Bffs with equally artsy cousin Lily Luna Potter. I have headcanons about her too but we’re not talking about her right now
  • Man Bun (not douchey, though)
  • Probably Not Straight

anonymous asked:

Genyatta slow dancing fic maybe?

yes good

headcanon: Genji is a good dancer since it was a surefire way to pick up ladies when he was young

“You wish to…”

“To dance, master. It is something I picked up in my youth, and I would like to share it with you.”

Zenyatta chuckled, then slowly straightened his legs from their crossed position, regaining his balance standing upright. “That does sound quite fun, Genji. Let me warn you, I have not danced like this before.”

“If you trod on my feet, I will find a way to forgive you.”

Zenyatta’s vibrant laugh sent a thrill through the cyborg. He placed one hand on his master’s slim waist and directed Zenyatta on where to place his own. Together they began to find the motions. True to his word, Zenyatta stumbled and occasionally did step on his foot, but he took to dancing like a fish to water. He moved elegantly, trusting his student to guide him through the motions.

“Ah, it seems that you are the master now, Genji!” Zenyatta joked, prompting a laugh from Genji, who stepped closer and rested his brow against his teacher’s.

Together they danced, guided by Zenyatta softly humming an unknown tune.


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Fashion doesn’t always have to come in the expected form. Sometimes, it moves beyond the classic silhouettes and heavily-utilized structures. Often seen in more avant-garde looks, some designers push the envelope a bit with their sartorial shapes. Resembling the ancient Japanese art of paper folding known as Origami, these garments are wearable artwork.

The Runway2Street team has hand picked a few designers known for their work in extraordinary garment design and selected a few of their strongest origami-esque pieces. Having any one of these in your wardrobe is a surefire way to earn your stripes as a fashion forward taste maker!

Ada & Vic

Haling from New York City, Ada & Vic is a two person designer duo that brings forth the influences of Hong Kong, London, Paris and New York in their designs. The result is luxury womenswear that blends feminine silhouettes with heavily architectural components.

Black Cape With Mesh Bow

External image

Sheer Lace Patch Top With Bow

External image

Silver Lurex Jacquard Jacket With Bow


N-Duo is the breakout label from Tbilisi, Georgia that perfectly translates streetwear for the sophisticated woman. Coming from the minds of the streetstyle famed Natuka Karkashadze and partner Nina Tsilosani, these pieces are a must have for anyone aiming to always appear Instagram ready.

External image

Ruffled Beige Split Skirt

External image

Beige Alice Dress


Contemporary women’s clothing for work and play is the concept behind Ukraine’s Andreeva. The label focuses on using art to drive their garment design, and the inspiration is fully felt in the unique silhouettes and playful color stories.

External image

Andreeva Viscose Jersey Pants

External image

Pink Jacquard Pleated Skirt

Ksenia Schnaider

Kiev, Ukraine brings the glamorous grunge works of Ukrainian fashion designer Ksenia Schnaider and Russian graphic designer Anton Schnaider. The duo bring looks that oscillate between classic sportwear and ’90s infused streetwear.

External image

Flagged Chiffon Crop Top

External image

Reworked Dark Blue Demi Denim Jeans

Origami Fashion was originally published on Runway2Street

staches-and-sabres asked:

🔥 Vader/Anakin's redemption

To begin with, I was never a supermassive Vader fan; granted, he’s one of the most iconic movie characters of all time, and a greatly satisfying one to watch on-screen, but those who made (and make) me clap in glee whenever they show up are others. Therefore, I only care up to a certain point for the redemption arc in Ep. VI: sure, its conclusion was beautiful and emotional (though frankly, I always cared a lot more about Luke in that predicament), but remember what I was saying last night, that a surefire way to make me like a character is a good death scene? Yeah. Vader/Anakin is one such example. Had the death been taken away, that part would have lost most if not all of its allure for me. I still cannot bear with post-ROTJ survivor redeemed Anakin fics, even.

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Little rifle, big boom.

Switched stocks again. I broke the ARC a few weeks ago during range time. Not sure how I broke it, it got stuck halfway when I was collapsing it. CS/Engineer at MVB said it was most likely due to part not being heat treated properly. Their CS was top notch, had it fixed the same day it got to them, shipped it out the same day, all for no cost to me. The total turnaround from me shipping it off and getting it back was one week.

So I’m back to the PDW style again.

For those of you wondering if we’ll release a version of the Ragnarok that fits weapon lights the answer is… ABSOLUTELY. In the works. A prototype for the Glock/X300 model is pictured here from a shoot a while back. We’re currently finalizing production and then they’ll be up.

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