surealist photography


Black and White Digital Photographs

These Photos were taken for a photo series examining the subconscious self.  Below is an the abstract for the Series titled A Dark Walk.

A Dark Walk
This series derives its inspiration from a fear of myself. It was conceived one night walking home from a night course in aesthetics.  We had just been lectured on Freud’s notion of the id, ego and super ego and I began reflecting on the tripartite nature of my subconscious.  It was frightening to think that parts of my own psyche could harm me.  My id could get me into trouble with inappropriate desires and my super ego could destroy any element of character I had by constantly barraging me with feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness.  Even my body was out to get me, every year growing older, plotting my eventual demise.  The series I created was inspired by this notion of self versus self.  The three landscape portraits with figures are self-portraits.  The process of setting up each shot was two-fold.  First I played the role of a photographer setting up the camera and composition so that I could take a photo of myself.   The second part was standing in front of the camera, looking at the ‘unbiased eye’ I had left behind in an attempt to capture my subconscious.  The figure in each image stands on a boundary, either physical or one composed of light and dark.  These boundaries represent a fringe or precipice, the gap between consciousness and unconsciousness.

In addition, I paired with each portrait in the exhibition an abstract composition. These more abstract photos are of indoor constructed/found forms. The contrast between the natural outdoor landscape photographs and the unnatural, constructed indoor ones attempt to encompass the human dichotomy of a natural and unnatural existence. The pairs are meant to complement one another and to cause a viewer to wonder at their coupling.  I hope as a viewer you find this act of capturing my subconscious, if anything, interesting.    

Photos taken by,

Chris Cadena