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some time ago I read this really cute fanfic and I can't find it again! It was set at Christmas, Soul and Maka were invited to stay with Wes at a cabin and they go. From what I recall there was at less 2 times Maka tried to tell Soul she loved him but he was asleep for both. Also when they fist get there Maka and Soul starts laughing about Wes having " yaoi hands". Also Wes ships them! He keep trying to get them together and stuff. I think it was on ao3? But not sure... please help?

We believe you mean “Red Eyes Bleed Green” by @bitternovembersoul !

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The Code Name: Hunter side series, A Year and a Day, is back with a new page! For today’s update, here’s page seven of Issue 2.5: A Quick Chat!

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Sure, Fredrick… we all believe you.

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Dear Donald,

Before you become the 28th person to be the Republican nominee for president, there’s something we want you to know:

You do not represent us. Your ideas don’t represent us. Your values don’t represent us.

And we are going to do absolutely everything we can to make sure you never, ever become president.

We believe in our country’s founding principle: that all people are created equal. That no matter the color of our skin, the faith we practice, how much money we have, or who we love, we all deserve a chance at happiness. We all deserve to be treated with dignity.

You’ve spent your life looking out for yourself. When one of your businesses fails, you declare bankruptcy and pass the cost onto workers and small businesses. You say you’ll make America great again while manufacturing shirts in China and ties in Bangladesh, but who cares as long as you can fit that slogan of yours on a hat?

You bulldozed your way into this nomination by sowing anger, hate, and fear. Now you’re counting on Americans to be cruel and narrow-minded, because that’s what you are. But it’s not who we are.

That’s why you’ll always underestimate us, and it’s why you’ll never beat us. You fundamentally don’t understand what makes America great: We’re at our best when we stand up for each other.

Our country faces deep problems, from systemic racism and economic inequality to the overwhelming threat of climate change — and we won’t solve them by turning against each other. We’re going to work toward solutions that help all Americans, because we know that when people of all genders, races, and religions can succeed, we’re all better off.

Put another way, we’re stronger together. And when a bully comes after the people we love, we fight back.

So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re going to enfranchise and empower as many Americans as possible, and on November 8th, you’ll hear our message loud and clear:

We’re better than this.

In this country, we stand for what’s right. We stand for tolerance and understanding, for love and kindness, for empathy and equality.

That means we stand against you.

Our names are listed below. Read and remember them – we’re the people who are going to beat you this November.

Now you know exactly why.