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How do I tell you I love you?

My first h2ovanoss, be gentle with me please!

Relationships: main- h2ovanoss, side- ohmtoonz

Words: 7,220

It’s Luke’s fault, really, it is.

Jon prides himself on being a good friend, the best pal anyone can ask for (although some might argue he’s terrible at listening and his imagination gets people into trouble more times than it should be possible to experience in someone’s lifetime- and that’s only coming from Marcel), but his shoulder is always available for a good cry and he would gladly go pick you up at 4 in the morning if asked to.

So, it’s with a horrible and sickening feeling, truly, it is, to have to say no to Luke when his friend asks him for a really fucking important favor.

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a salty teens au (1/?)

Wherein Jon and Sansa misunderstand one another from the very beginning.

“You don’t like her.”

Jon didn’t bother denying it. Aegon was right, to a certain extent, and if storming out of the gardens hadn’t told the story of his feelings, then his face – set in a “rictus of displeasure,” as his brother had likened it – surely did. “It doesn’t matter if I do or don’t,” he replied. “Father’s will is that I am to be married. To her.”

His brother rolled his eyes. “And since when do you bend to Father’s will?”

“He is the king, you know.”

“And you’re his son. If you’ve found your betrothed so… unfit… I’m sure even his royal highness could be swayed to spare you the burden. ”

Jon curled his fingers into a fist, trying to verbalize the impossible. It wasn’t entirely true that he disliked Sansa Stark. In all respects and by every measure, she was everything he could have asked for in a bride. More than. He was a lucky man. He could recognize that.

But there, in perfection, lied Jon’s problem.

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damijon-supersons  asked:

What if the bat fam (dick, jay, tim, alfred and bruce) tried to give relationship advice to Damian about Jon? Cuz seriously it's obvious they like each other but Damian is too dense to realize it XD

“I gave him chocolates for Valentine’s and he still didn’t get it!” Jon sailed through Tim’s 5th floor window and flopped onto the dorm room’s bed. “You know you really should call ahead before just flying through my window” Tim said not looking up from his computer. “what if my roommate had been here” Jon wrinkled his nose “your roommate is my brother” 

“yeah and what if we’d been doing gay stuff?” 

Jon let out a groan “Don’t tease me Tim!” The 14 year old flopped back and covered his eyes with his arms. Tim turned his chair around to face Jon. “Damian still being thick?”

“yes! I mean come on! what else does chocolates on Valentine’s day mean? Do I have to go down on one knee and spill my guts?” 


“ugggh! are you sure he even likes me?” Tim flipped through the evidence in his head again “yeah very sure”

“how do you know!”

“world’s greatest detectives agree, Damian Wayne has it bad for one Jonathan Kent” 

“then why doesn’t he do anything!” question for the ages Tim thought

Gotham that night

Nightwing and Robin swung over the roof tops. “So hows Jon” Dick asked as they crouched on the top of a building. “Superboy, is fine. Why do you ask, Nightwing?” Dick rolled his eyes, his little brother had a real hang up about names in the field, worse than Bruce. “I just noticed he’s been around a lot lately, just you know wanted to know what’s up?” 

“tt, nothing, the Manor is an easier place to plan missions than the farm” Dick narrowed his eyes at the skinny 16 year old next to him, should have known it wouldn’t be easy. “I saw what he got you for Valentine’s Day”

“It’s traditional to exchange gifts on Valentine’s day”

“with people you like” Damian looked at him and Dick almost laughed at the look of total confusion on his face. “what? I am Robin, I don’t like anyone Grayson, people are one of 4 things, family, allies, in the way, and enemies” 

better than when they’d met Dick thought he’d have said people were in the way or enemies. “He makes you smile” Dick persisted. “He does not, and even if he did, many people manage to make me smile, like you for example”

“I’m touched”


back at the Manor, later

Damian sat at his desk in the cave working on his report, there wasn’t much to say but always better to get it out while it was fresh. He almost didn’t hear his father and Pennyworth come up. Pennyworth put down a tray with an overloaded sandwich and an energy drink. One of the many things Damian hated about being a teenager was the amount of food he seemed to need and how much more sleep he needed. He was grateful that Pennyworth never mentioned either. Damian tried not to wolf his sandwich. “so I heard Dick and you talked tonight” Damian was confused they’d been together for 6 hours of course they had talked. His confusion must have been on his face because his father clarified. “About you and Jon Kent” 

“I suppose, he didn’t say much, are you worried about the Kents father?” Jon and his father were allies but also A level metahumans. If someone was trying to control them it was a global level threat. If any one was trying to hurt Jon, a burning rage flashed through him at light speed and his fists clenched. “No, no, nothing like that” Damian relaxed, blaming his reaction on those teenage hormones, too much testosterone. “I was wondering if anything was um going on with you and Jon?” 

“we don’t have any missions planed, father, you know that it’s on the calendar”

“No I meant” Pennyworth cleared his throat. “Perhaps young Master Damian would like to invite his… friend over for a long weekend stay?” Damian wasn’t sure where that came from and suspected some form of trap, why was everyone acting so strangely about Jon? However he found he really did want Jon to come and stay, it’d never admit it but the idea did make him happy. “Yes, I think I would like that Pennyworth, I will text Kent in the morning” Damian missed the the look Alfred and Bruce gave each other over his head. 

Wayne Manor, that weekend

Jon and Damian were sitting on the couch watching a movie. Jon was sitting as close to Damian as he could, his left side tingled and nearly burned with how close Damian was. All he wanted was to… he didn’t even really know, just the thought of really holding Damian’s hand made him a little faint. The doors of the manor banged open. “HEY! Alfred! I’m Home!” Jon jumped at the noise. Damian didn’t react turning his head to Jon. “My brother, Todd- I mean Jason to you, Jason Todd, he’s rude” before turning back to the movie. 

Jon had met Jason a few times, mostly in the field, he wasn’t close to him the way he was to Tim or Dick. Jason stalked past the door way to the living room where the boys were sitting. Then he doubled back and stood in the door way hands on hips looking at the two black haired heads poking up over the top of the couch. 

“Jesus Christ, is this still going on?” 

“tt what are you talking about Todd” Damian barely looked at him, but Jon started to sweat he had a sinking feeling that he knew what Jason was talking about. “This!” Jason waved between them” Damian gave him a blank look. “Oh come on baby bird! even you’re not that thick!” Jason let out a sigh, “why is this shit always my job? He likes you!” Jon tried to will himself to sink through the couch or just die. “He’s crazy over the moon in love with you numb nuts!”

“Don’t be redic-”

“Shut it! because I know you like him too, you think the rest of us don’t notice you laugh at all his dumb jokes”

“Kent is very funny”

“bullshit! I know how you look at him when you think we’re not looking!” that shut Damian up

“oh and all your nude body sketches have his face” Jon and Damian both made a strangled sound “Those are private!” Jon’s eyes were the size of sliver dollars. “He didn’t deny it” Jason said conversationally to Jon who thought he was about to pass out. 

“tt! Todd! Kent! I….” Damian lapsed into silence. “I’m gonna leave you to figure this out, but I will shoot one of you if it doesn’t end in a kiss, got it boys?” 

Jason walked away before either of them could respond, and made his way into the kitchen. Alfred handed him an opened beer. “Thank you Master Jason, sometimes the direct approach is best” 

“and no one does direct better than me?”


How He Is (And We Love Him For It) - fic

Characters: Jon Kent, Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne
Summary: Jon never realized, he wasn’t the only one who thought about this.
A/N: I feel like Jon would angst of Damian getting hurt because of him, even if Damian’s being a loser. I also feel like this a great reason for Jon to bond with Damian’s family. Based on Superman 21 and Nightwing 19.


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Through Sickness...

@mollyxmarshmallow here’s your preference! i hope you get better real soon! I chose to call the reader “she” “her” because you asked for female pronouns, I hope that’s alright.

HOW THE GOT GUYS HANDLE/TAKE CARE OF THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER WHEN THEY’RE SICK…. (I chose the older generation of GOT guys this time since I usually do Robb/Jon/Joffrey/Ramsay/Theon/Tommen)

Roose Bolton – Roose probably wouldn’t get too hands on with a sick s/o. He would make sure his Maester checked in on her around the clock, doing everything possible to sooth his wife/betrothed and make sure she was healthy as soon as possible. And the old gods wouldn’t be able to save the skin of the person if his s/o caught her sickness from another.

Daario Naharis – Daario would treat her himself, using the knowledge he had learned in all his years of traveling to put together medicines, foods, and drinks to sooth whatever was bothering his s/o. He would sit beside her bed and whisper softly to her throughout the entire time she was afflicted.

Oberyn Martell – Much like Daario, Oberyn would most likely treat his s/o on his own. Having spent some time forging a train at the citadel, he would most likely have an extensive knowledge of medicines to help cure fevers and aches (and also poison but if his s/o was sick from poison, Oberyn would be out looking for whomever hurt his love instead of being beside her bed). He does allow the Maester of Sunspear into the room just to make sure all is being done that can be.

Eddard Stark – Ned would be the one pacing outside his s/o’s bedroom waiting for Maester Luwin to finish examining her. He would feel useless not having any clue on how to make her feel better and he would take it upon himself to get extra furs or a glass of water from the kitchens before the servants could even be called.

Tywin Lannister – Since his s/o would be a Lannister, Tywin would make sure she had all the possible attention to treat her. He would stand in the back of the room with his arms crossed, glaring at anyone who seemed to be just standing around and not helping his s/o. He wouldn’t say it with words that he was worried for her, but in the way he would control everything that was happening in the room and during the entirety of her recovery.

Live in Chicago Highlights

Okay lets do this

In order of appearance: 

We’re so Starving:
-I want Ryan to play me like his guitar

Nine in the Afternoon:
-“do you kNOW WHAT I MEAN”

But It’s Better If You Do:
-All of the guitar tbh
-“And I wouldn’t be caught DEAAAAAAD”

-All the back up vocals. All of them.
-“You’re a regular decorated emergencEEEEEEE”
-“Just sit bahck” when did Ryan become British
-“Sit baAAAACK”
-The chick yelling “Ryan”

She’s a Handsome Woman:
-A Rock and Roll Song™

The Only Difference:
-“Don’t you seEE”
-Spencer’s mic

Behind the Sea:
-“Lets get a lil atmosphere goin”
-“Or Lake Michigan” “that’s way prettier”
-That low ass note B starts on
-Brendon’s lil “yay!"s

Lying is the most fun:
-"Lets get these teen hearts beating faster fastahr” lmao thanks ry
-“Where was it we lAST LEFT OFF?”
-(“Oh pick up, pick up”)
-*sighs the word fuck"
-“Hold a lover clooooooooose”

I constantly thank god for Esteban:
-So slo
-(I just really wanna be able to play guitar as well as Ryan)
-“Douse the LIiIiIiIGHTS”
-“Just stay where I can see you douse the LiIIIIIIIIIIIGHTS”
-“Don’t you get it baby don’t you move”

That Green Gentleman:
-/Guitar fills/
-(“Things have changed for me!”) bless ry
-“Hey that’s okay, I’m on my way and I’ll SAYY”
-“Things have changed for meEEe”

There’s a good reason:
-“You guys like Jazz at all?” (all of this part tbh)
-VOICE so deep????
-“Woooah *gasp*”
-(“keep up!”)
-*less certain “JAZZ HANDS”*
-“You can’t stahnd it” return of Ryan The British Boy™
-”And I know and I know it just doesn’t feel LIKE A NIGHT UP WITH NO ONE –SIZING YOU UP"

Folkin Around:

I write sins:
-“Oh!” *giggles*
-tambourine so fast wow

Northern Downpour:
-Ry’s intro wtf
-“I see your lighters and cell phones”
-“There you go”
-“Northern Downpour sends its love // I Love You”
-“I know the worlds a broken bone, but melt your headaches call it home <3”(i want to die)
-Like everyone is doing backup vocals
-“Come on Chicago!”
-“There we go”
-*cheering* *cheeky tambourine* *louder cheering*

Time to Dance:
-The crowd doing the “dododo"s
-“Have some composure where is your postuUuUuUre”
-“You sure, you sure?”
-“We got Mr Spencer Smith playing the drums”
-“Your hometown boy Jon Walker on the bass”

Pas De Cheval:
-The other Rock and Roll Song™
-How the fuck do guitars work
-“Imagine knowing meEEEE OHH”
-“You’ll never know until you’re thEEERREEE”
-“This is one of the most fun playing live I’ve had with this band”

Mad as Rabbits:
-”I wanna see a lot of love in the crowd, I wanna see hugs and kisses andgreat things like that" RY YOURE SO GAY
-“yOU WERE A MAP!” [[harmony!!!]]
-(ry what the fuck are you playing)
-“I LOVE YOU (I can’t tell what the fuck brendon says but same)”
-The “WAHHHH” that endlessly scares the shit out of me
-*casual goodbye*


Jonsa Summer Challenge: Day 1 - Food and Drink or Travel
Submitted by: @lathwell55

(FYI - you prob already know this but just in case - a Stag is the same as a Bachelor Party and in Britain we call Jello Jelly)

Ros: My chaperone bailed.

Jon: Chaperone? lol have we been catapulted back to the Victorian era?

 Ros: No SMART ASS - if my girl doesn’t have a chaperone, I might need to cancel your booking for tonight.

Jon: What? Don’t do this to me Ros! It’s Pyp’s stag night! 

Ros: I know! I know! But my girls have to have someone there in case you lot get too ‘handsy’. I’m not putting any girls on my books in danger just so you and your mates get to see some tits. It’s our policy for private bookings Jon, I’m sorry.

Jon: They’re good guys - she won’t be in any danger - God Ros! What kind of animals do you take us for?

Ros: All men are animals. Especially when fuelled with drink and with a naked girl in front of them. I’m not comfortable sending her to you on her own Jon - she needs a guy there to make sure she’s safe.

Jon: Ok, ok point taken. I’m pretty certain I could keep them in check. Can I be that guy? I’ll keep any of them from getting handsy. They’ll listen to me. 

Ros: I’ll ask my girl if she’s happy with that and let you know. 

Jon: Ok, thanks Ros.

Ros: If this ends badly I’ll be wearing your balls as ugly earrings.

Jon sniggered at her last text message and hoped that Ros would come through for him. Trying to organise this stag party had been one pitfall after another what with their preferred bar being shut down and the paint-balling company claiming no evidence of his booking.

“Everything alright?” Grenn asked with a mouthful of curry. They’d decided on a local Indian restaurant for their pre-drinks meal.

“Yeah…yeah….it’s just-”

“Lemme try a bit of yours” Grenn  interrupts with a mumble as he’s trying to dip his naan bread into Jon’s lamb bhuna. Jon grunts disapprovingly and practically forms a shield with his arm to protect his plate.

“You know my policy - I don’t share my food.” 

Grenn shrugs and rolls his eyes “Your friend better come up trumps with the stripper mate, Pyp deserves a good eyeful” he grins around his mouthful. Jon nods with a forced smile before nervously raking a hand through his hair.

Jon had met Ros at an evening Business and Accounting course that he’d taken a few years ago to help with his web developement venture with Sam. He hadn’t known at the time that Ros was there to brush up on her accountancy skills in order to keep a firm hold on her escort and exotic dancer agency’s finances.

So, when Pyp had asked him to be best man at his wedding (and knowing that the lads would expect a stripper) he’d turned to her to help him out with the stag night. He was only just now beginning to regret that decision as his leg bounced up and down nervously awaiting a text from Ros. The day had been disappointing so far and he was already mentally trying to recall where the nearest strip club was as his back-up plan when his phone buzzed.

Ros: Alright - I found a girl on my books who is willing to do the job with you as her chaperone. I’m warning you Snow, if she comes back to me unhappy, it won’t be good for my business - OR FOR YOU!

Jon: Thank you Ros!! I’ll take care of her - I promise!

Ros: Damn straight you will. You’ll have to help her set up too. She’ll be in the function room at the Red Keep Hotel at 10pm. 

Jon smiled as he pocketed his phone and took another swig of his beer before feeling the vibrations in his pocket and hearing the little ‘ding’ noise go off.

Ros: You better be sober.

With a groan, Jon hands over his bottle to a confused looking Pyp and orders a coke.

“Is there a ‘Mr Snow’ here?” the hotel reception clerk asked whilst reading his name from a notepad and looking up at the group of men all in high spirits for Pyp’s night.

“That’s me.”

“The young lady is already in function room B Mr Snow, she asked me to send you along once you got here. Your friends can wait in the bar whilst you set up.”

Jon thanked the man behind the desk, shrugging off the drunken whooping, hollering and lewd remarks from the lads before wandering towards the function rooms, wondering exactly how much ‘set up’ is involved for a stripper.

Perhaps she has portable pole?

Figuring that she would probably like to meet her ‘chaperone’ before the rest of the party pile in for their fun, he knocked on the door that had a little brass plaque saying ‘Room B’.

“Come on in” he heard her call.

“Hey I’m -” Jon froze as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. Red - red was all he saw. A copper fall of tousled tresses decorating the back of the woman inside the room. Ygritte, he thought, as a flame of panic licked up and down his body from beneath his skin at memories of his ex. Memories of shouting matches and frustrating arguments stung his mind.

“Hi, I’m -” the woman said, turning around with a bright smile that faltered once she locked eyes with him.. 

Not Ygritte. Definitely not Ygritte. Worse…..or better, I can’t decide.

“Jon?….Oh my Gods! Jon Snow?” the girl exclaimed, an amused look crossing her face. Jon felt rooted to the spot as she started walking towards him, he’s pretty sure he’s gaping too. “It’s me, Sansa Stark…we went to school together, do you remember?” 

Oh you mean the girl I had a crush on in only the way a lovesick teenager can? The girl that used to star in my adolescent wet dreams? The girl who was out of my league, but yet I somehow still count as ‘the one that got away’ because I never had the balls to just suck it up and ask you out to see if you might perhaps, possibly, maybe give me the time of day?……… Oh yeah - I remember you. Fuck.

“Um…yeah…I think so.”

She was gorgeous - she always had been - with her opalescent skin, summer sky eyes and cherry blossom lips. Jon remembers how, back in school, she used to be terribly self-conscious of her braces - nearly always trying to hide her smile - Jon had only thought that this made her even more endearing. It was one of his favourite things about her.

But gone were the braces and the adolescent uncertainty, in its place was a woman.  A woman who was walking towards him like she’d just stepped out from one of his teenage fantasies, wearing nothing but a smile and a black silky robe that came to just above her knees. 

“I remember you” she says, somehow making Jon gulp. This close up, he can see she has a slight sweeping of golden eyeshadow and a barely-there pink sheen to her lips. 

This isn’t happening. THIS. ISN’T. FUCKING. HAPPENING.

“Um…Do you?”

“Mmm-hm” she nods, catching her bottom lip between her teeth as she’s swaying her hips slightly and loosely wrapping her arms about herself. Jon is suddenly taken by the fact that she has pink sparkly toenails and a silver ankle bracelet that looks like a daisy-chain. he tries to distract himself with the ugly swirly patterned carpet of the function room.

“Yeah - you helped me with my technology project that time when I nearly started crying in the library. I had had such a bad day and was so frustrated - do you remember that?”

You mean the one and only time I actually spoke to you?….And it was about circuit boards.

“Yeah…I…I remember that” Jon mumbles, looking at the floor and nervously scratching at his shoulder through the neck of his shirt.

“I managed to scrape a B for that project because of you - you were my hero!” she beams, making Jon feel a little light-headed. The large function room suddenly seems too small, like the air had been sucked right out of it. There’s an unmanned bar in the corner of the room and Jon would very much like to stick his head under the optics and douse himself in gin right now.

“So” she says brightly and abruptly, breaking the pause that had settled between them “you’re gonna be my chaperone tonight?” Jon nods as a suspiciously squeaky noise escapes his throat. “Great!” Sansa exclaims before pausing in thought “‘us knowing each other’ isn’t going to be a problem, is it?” She asks as she plays with her necklace, bringing the little daisy pendant up to her lips as she awaits his answer. Jon shakes his head before forcing a gulp past the bob of his Adam’s apple.

“No…err…” he knits his brow at nothing in particular “no, that’s not a problem.”

“Great!” Sansa repeats with a nod and turns to go back to the table she had been standing by. Jon tries and fails not to stare at her ass as the silky robe shifts over her curves with her movement.

Be a fucking gentleman Jon. You’re meant to be her chaperone.

“Ros told me you’d be good at keeping your friends in check” she calls over her shoulder.

Them? Yeah….Me?….Not so sure.

“Uh…yeah…they’re good guys - you won’t get any trouble, I promise.”

“Good to know” Sansa says as she hauls a backpack onto the trestle table “but I feel better knowing you’re here just in case.” Jon tries not to think too much on that and wanders over curiously as she starts pulling out various sized pieces of Tupperware. “Are you alright to help me set up?”

“Sure, yeah…What do you need me to do?” Jon asks, absentmindedly picking up one of her tubs and peering through the clear plastic at it’s contents.


“I need you to help arrange the fruit and vodka jelly” she says in a matter-of-fact manner as she pushes another large trestle table forward and wastes no time in whipping off her robe.

Fucking hell. Those are-….Wow…

As Jon stands there, frozen still, pulse thumping in his ears and blood rushing to other places, Sansa daintily hops onto the table wearing nothing but the teeniest, tiniest nude coloured thong and her daisy themed jewellery glinting under the room’s low lights. She artfully arranges her hair in a fan around her head as she lays down. Jon gulps at the amount of creamy skin on display and half entertains the idea of running out of the room but finds that he couldn’t even if he tried, as he seems to be rooted to the spot.

“Jon?” Sansa asks. “Jon? Can you arrange the fruit on me?” she nudges him out of his stupor after getting no response.

On you?” he croaks.

Sansa leans up on an elbow to look at him. “Well, yeah - that is the point of a human platter?”

“A human platter?”

“For your friend’s stag?….Jon?…Are you alright?”

Oh yeah…I’m just in a room….with a practically NAKED SANSA STARK….and she wants me to put fruit and jelly on her tits - I’m fine…THIS IS FINE!

Jon’s widened eyes flit from Sansa’s breasts back to the Tupperwear in his hand and back again. He licks his lips and clears his throat. “I…I thought you were a strip-…a dancer?”

“Well yes, but Ros said it was a platter booking?” She asked, looking concerned now as she sat up and stared at her backpack  “I didn’t bring my music….will your friends be disappointed with this option?”

“No!…No, no, no” he says in quick succession, shaking his head, wondering how anyone could possibly be disappointed with any form of Sansa Stark… let alone one in a state of undress.

“So that’s a ‘no’ then?” she says with a smirk and a hint of sarcasm as she lays back down. Jon finds himself doing little else but staring for a while (and perhaps wondering if he could manage to re-arrange himself discreetly) until the silence is broken by Sansa pointedly clearing her throat.

“Oh!…err…sorry!” he scrambles, walking forward, like he’s moving towards something to be feared - and if he was being truthful, he is shitting himself a bit.

Standing close to the table with so much Sansa Stark laid out before him was almost suffocating. Jon felt the colour rise in his cheeks as he’s rendered to feeling like a nervous schoolboy again, rather than the 28 year old adult human man he actually is. He fumbles with the lid of the food container, a strong sweet scent mixed with the sharpness of alcohol hits him instantly.

“Those are infused with vodka” Sansa supplies with a grin “I’ve got pineapple, peaches, strawberries, cherries and some little cubes of vodka jelly too.”

Jon picks out a halved strawberry and feels like he wants to swallow his own tongue. “That’s a lot of vodka.”

“Well it’s not good to mix drinks is it?” she smiles like she’s not currently clothed in nothing but a minuscule scrap of fabric. Jon wets his lips as he contemplates the fruit he’s holding aloft in his fingers before scanning her body laid out and wondering where to begin, or how to begin. “Start with my legs and work your way up” Sansa offers, prompting Jon’s muscles to actually move.

He works in silence for a while, placing pieces of the alcohol soaked fruit onto her soft skin, his fingers slowly coming down from their tremble, even when they graze the flesh of her thigh. He wonders if she notices how he seems to hold his breath or how his whole body is frozen, focusing intently on this one task, this one pineapple chunk, this one cherry half, or this one slice of peach. He concentrates on the aesthetics of the fruit, making sure there’s not too much pineapple clustered together or that the peach is at an equal distance apart. The little green jelly cubes prove difficult to balance, especially when he reaches the expanses of her smooth stomach, rising and falling gently with her breathing.

“You’re going to have to cover my underwear too Jon.” Sansa says, breaking the deafening silence. Jon makes a strange noise of acknowledgement that lands somewhere between a grunt and a squeak, the gesture makes her chuckle. “So what do you do now?” Sansa asks, sensing Jon might need something to distract from the task at hand.

“Um…well, I started a web development company with a friend of mine….it’s, uh…it’s going well, actually” he said, fingers brushing the soft silky fabric as he places a piece of peach at he apex of her thighs. 

“Always knew you were a clever cookie” Sansa says with fondness in her voice.

“How about you?..Erm…what have you done since leaving school?”

“Oh, well, I studied the terribly sensible subject of Business Management, managed to land a job as the PA of the CEO of a rather large Marketing Alalytics company - only to realise a few years later that, actually, I didn’t want any part of the corporate pie at all.”

“You didn’t?”

“Nope” she shakes her head “so I quit and went back to Uni to study Textile Design. I’m in my second year now.”

Jon looks up to her face for what must be the first time in a little while “that’s very brave…to undertake a whole new and uncertain career path.”

“Yeah…or stupid and impulsive” Sansa snorts to herself.

“Sometimes stupid and impulsive is a good thing” Jon says after a moment of quiet thought and arranging pieces of fruit on her ribs.

“Would it be stupid and impulsive of me to admit that I harboured a little crush on you at school?” Sansa says, rendering Jon temporarily immobile before he croaked out his next words.

“D-did you?”

“Yeah - I think it was the glasses…. I have a thing for hot guys in glasses.”

All thoughts and ability to form cohesive audible words left Jon in that moment, so he bit his lip as Sansa watched him concentrating on arranging the fruit upon her skin, somehow not really realising that he had reached her breasts until a brush of his fingertip stroked her nipple causing Sansa to shiver.

“Ihadacrushonyoutoo” he blurted all too quickly, making Sansa giggle and smile up at him thoughtfully.

“If only we had known” she sighs wistfully.

“….Yeah” Jon agrees as his eyes get caught on a small dribble of crimson cherry juice slowly rolling down the outside curve of her breast. Without thinking, he swipes the sweet sticky liquid and sucks it from the pad of his finger. His eyes flew to Sansa’s face when he heard her breath catch in her throat.

“Taste good?” she whispered. 


Sansa stares at his lips and the air between them seems charged with something unknown but no less delicious than the sweetness upon her skin. “Why don’t you try one of the peaches?”

Jon moves without hesitation, lowering his head to her chest and covering a piece of fruit with his mouth. The slip-slide of the sticky juice makes the lick of his tongue against her skin even more pleasurable and Jon hopes his groan can be attributed to his approval of the taste of the fruit itself.

As he rises, he notes how her pupils have dilated and her legs squirm a fraction, managing to dislodge some fruit and jelly, the food tumbling to the table and floor.

“Clients normally pick up the fruit with their hands” 


Jon tries to chew rapidly so that he can swallow the obstacle in his mouth that’s preventing his profuse and no doubt rushed and embarrassed apology.

“Try a cherry” Sansa interrupts his panic. Jon swallows the lump of peach and it’s almost painful. He reaches for a cherry half by her navel before she catches his wrist in her hand. “With your mouth again.”

15 minutes later…

“Come on mate!” Pyp shouts as he and his other stag party members thump on the locked door.

“We’ve been in that bar for ages, she’s gotta be ready by now” Grenn adds before turning to ask the group “it was room B, yeah?”

One of the double doors suddenly cracks open with a squeak and a shirtless Jon Snow peeks out from behind it. Pyp’s brows rise high upon his head as he takes in the state of his best man. His beard looks suspiciously sticky and there’s a pinkish dribble stain down his chin and chest. A piece of strawberry is caught in his messy hair and what looks like lime green jelly is smashed against his lower stomach.

“What the hell happened to you?” 

“Nothing” Jon smiles slyly.

“Riiiight…come on lads” Grenn chuckles before eagerly urging the party forward into the room. Jon places a sticky hand on his friend’s chest, halting him and the others.

“Sorry guys, no show tonight.”

“Whaddamean?” one of the drunken men slurs from behind Pyp. 

“You know my policy” Jon shrugs with a shit-eating grin “I don’t share my food.”

The door slams shut on the faces of the stag party as they glance at each other in confusion and listen to the lock slide into place.

Daddy Toews (Requested)

You looked down at the white stick in your hand, every emotion going through your body. You sat in the Target toilet stalls waiting for something to happen, wanting for some kind of answer. 

Two lines mean yes, one line means no. 

Jon was at practice, you hadn’t told him anything yet, you didn’t want to get his, and even yours, hopes up just yet. You had been trying for a baby for nearly a year now, this wasn’t the first time you thought that you could be pregnant.

You put the stick in your lap and checked Instagram, wishing time could go faster in just this moment. 

Five minutes pass, the stick is still empty, you’re trying to stay calm. 

You look at the time again, ten minutes have passed. You know it’s time, the answer is sitting in your lap, face down. 

You let out a sigh as you flip the stick. Two blue lines, your eyes immediately fill with tears. “Oh my god.” You whisper to yourself, covering your mouth with your hand in disbelief. 

“Are you okay, Miss?” A voice says from in front of your stall.

You laugh to yourself, “Oh yes, I’m good. Thank you!” You grab the test and your purse and walk out of the stall, a huge smile on your face. You looked down at the test once more, smiling as you placed it in your purse and washed your hands. 

Once you got in the car you called Jon even though you weren’t sure if he’d pick up. 

“Hey, babe.” You heard him say, he sounded out of breath. 

“Are you busy?” You were sitting in the car, the test back in your hand. 

“No, it’s fine.” You heard a few shouts in the background of Jon’s voice, “I’m just about to change then head home, do you need me to get something for dinner?” 

A small laugh escaped your lips, “Um, can you get some wine?” 

“Wine?” Jon laughed, “Sure, I can do that.” He made a kissing nose over the phone, “I gotta go, babe, but I’ll get the wine and be home in like an hour. I love you.”

“Love you too, Jonny.” You hung up the phone, your cheeks were starting to hurt from the smiling you were doing. 

You had one hour to think of a way to tell Jon that you were pregnant. You sat in the car, thinking of a way to surprise him until it finally came to you. You laughed as you started the car and drove to the store in search of a newborn Blackhawks jersey. You searched for the smallest one you could find, it was tiny, you couldn’t believe that you would soon have a baby that would be wearing that. 

You left the store and rushed home, hoping to beat Jon. You were so excited to tell him, you could barely hold in your excitement.  

“Hey, baby, I got the wine!” You heard Jon yell about ten minutes after you got home. You had wrapped the small jersey and now hid it behind a pillow on your bed.

“Thanks!” You yelled, running into the living room to greet him. His hair was still pretty sweaty, but he still looked gorgeous, he had a bottle of wine in one hand and his phone in the other, a huge smile on his face. You ran up and hugged him, kissing him passionately. 

“What’s got you all excited?” He laughed, throwing his phone to the couch and kissing you again.

“Am I not allowed to kiss my beautiful fiance?” You giggled, running your fingers through his damp hair, a soft moan escaped his lips, you giggled quietly, “I love you, Jonny.”

“I love you too.” He whispered, his lips still touching your body. “You didn’t answer my question though, what’s got you so happy?”

 “Oh nothing.” You lied, pulling away from his lips and grabbing the bottle of wine. You walked over to the kitchen and state the bottle down, “I ordered us some pizza, it should be here soon.”

“Sounds delicious.” He smiled, “Why’d I pick up wine if we’re eating pizza?” He laughed.

“It’s all about balance, Jonathan. A little bit of fancy, a little bit of casual. It’s how the world works.”

“Your world is weird.” He pulled a two glasses down from the cupboard and opened the wine bottle. 

“My world is gonna become your world very soon, boy.” 

“It already is.” The doorbell rang, the two of you exchanged smiles. “I’ll get it.” He smiled. 

As he made his way to the front door you bolted to the bedroom to get the wrapped jersey, you were so excited you could barely hold it in. You overheard him talking to the pizza delivery guy, you pulled the test out of your purse, placed it in a small gift bag and walked back to the living room. You were sitting on the couch, the box and bag sitting on the coffee table in front of you. You ran over and brought the two glasses of wine for each of you. 

“This smells so good.” Jon yelled as he made his way back, “What’s this?” He asked, pointing to the presents, his cheeks turned a light pink. 

“Open the pizza box.” You laughed, Jon looked nervous but did as you said. 

“Oh my god.” He placed the box down, leaving the lid open. In large bubble letters it wrote “I’M PREGNANT!!!” with pink and blue balloons drawn beside it. “Are you lying?” He laughed, you handed him the small bag. He took the tissue paper and exposed the pregnancy test, tears filled his eyes. “Holy shit, y/n.”

“One more thing, Tazer.” You laughed, tears in your eyes now. You handed him the box, he was sitting beside you now, you could see the excitement in his eyes, the realization that he was going to be a dad. 

He opened the box and revealed the small Toews jersey, the smile on his face got even bigger. He turned to you and kisses you passionately, “I love you, y/n. I can’t believe we’re having a baby!” He laughed, looking back at the baby jersey. 

“You’re going to be a dad!” You laughed, kissing him again. 

Flowers, Snow, and a Wolf (Part 2)

Robb X Reader X Jon

A/N: Loved that people were asking for a part 2 to this story! You’re all amazing little cinnamon rolls and I love you guys :) If you guys would like me to continue this story, I’d love your input on how you think it should end. Should the reader choose Jon? or Robb? or neither? You can help me decide! With love, Kat

Warnings: Brace yourselves, y’all. Angst to the high heavens in this part.

Words: 1438

It had been a week since the ridiculous Jon and Robb injuring themselves incident and you had been giving both of them the cold shoulder basically the entire week. Tensions were running extremely high and you felt like you were a string wound so tight that you would snap at any second. Every time you ran into Jon and Robb your heart hopped into your throat, rendering you unable to speak and you almost immediately turned and walked out of the room each time you came across one or both of them. Your brother, Theon, could sense your anxiety and tried to pull you into conversation if the boys were with him but you weren’t having it, always managing to find a way out of the situation. On a whim, you decided being holed up in your room for the entire day might help relieve the tension a bit. That didn’t last long, however, because Theon quickly realized what you were doing and came to speak to you. You heard a knock on your door and groaned and rolled your eyes, sliding off your bed to open the door and see who decided to disturb you while you were reading.

“What do you want, Theon?” you asked, just opening the door enough so he could see you and standing in the space so he couldn’t push himself into your room.

“Let me in, Y/N. We need to talk” he barked out, clearly not having any of your bullshit today.

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

“Yes there is! You’re ignoring me just because you don’t want to cause any more problems between Jon and Robb. I told you to stay away from them, not stay away from me!” he slammed his open hand against your wooden door, successfully pushing it open and storming into your room. You grumbled something incoherent about Theon being bossy and shut the door behind him as you went to sit next to your brother on your bed.

“That’s a little difficult when you’re constantly with at least one of them” you frowned, staring at your hands as you fiddled with the hem of your tunic. You heard your brother let out a heavy sigh and you looked up to meet his eyes.

“Shit, Y/N I’m sorry. You’re right” he crossed the room from where he was standing to pull you up and wrap you in a hug. It wasn’t often that Theon admitted he was wrong, he was quite stubborn, but when he really knew he was in the wrong he usually admitted it. He was your brother and your best friend and you absolutely hated when the two of you fought.

“It’s okay, T. I screwed up too. I definitely could’ve handled this better, I just like both of them so much I really hate that this ended up this way” you shrugged, not really sure how you were going to fix this. But you knew one thing, that you were sure as hell going to try your hardest to do so.

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out, sis” he let a small smile stretch over his features, clapping you on the shoulder and leaving you alone in your room once more.

Once you were left to your own devices, you laid back on your bed and thought about what in Seven Hells you were going to do. Eventually, you settled on simply treating Jon and Robb like friends and pushing down your feelings for them as much as possible. It wasn’t going to be the easiest situation, but you figured you’d rather hurt your own feelings than risk hurting either one of them. After your long, difficult session of thinking, you decided to head down to Theon’s room to tell him about the decision you’d made.

“T? You in there?” you questioned as you knocked on the door two times slow and then three times quick, it was the knock you always used with one another.

“Yeah, Y/N. Come in!” you heard the muffled voice through the door, swearing that you could hear more than one voice in the room.

“Hey T, hey Robb” you had a tight smile, not realizing that Robb would be with your brother, “I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“Not at all” Robb perked up with a bright smile on his face. The voice in your head was screaming at you to get your shit together because honestly your heart was fluttering at the mere sight of his gorgeous smile. He patted the spot next to him on the bed and you gladly walked over and sat down. You found it a little odd that his arm immediately and almost instinctively wrapped itself around your shoulders. Your eyes went wide for a second with shock but you quickly fixed your composure and looked up at Robb who was talking to Theon as if nothing had happened. As if on cue, because you swore by the Gods nothing in your life could ever be peaceful, Jon came walking into the room. When his eyes landed on you and Robb, his jaw clenched and his fists were balled at his sides, looking as if he was going to lunge at his older brother any second.

“Hey Jon!” you exclaimed, trying to prevent tension and quickly shrugged out of Robb’s grip to get up and walk over to the boy who looked like he was more than angry. To try and buffer some of his rage, you pulled him into a sweet hug, resting your chin on his shoulder and humming a little at the feeling of him pressed up against you. He responded after a short delay from surprise, wrapping his arms around your back and you could feel him lightly press his face into the crook of your neck, smiling into your skin.

“If you two are done groping one another, we were having a conversation” Robb barked out, his eyes were narrowed and if looks could kill Jon would most likely be dead on the floor this instant. Yes, your conversation was just interrupted but by you, not Jon. Robb was being quite rude and when you didn’t respond almost immediately he scoffed and mumbled a ‘whatever’ before going back to talking with Theon.

“You’ve got a problem with Y/N hugging me Robb?” Fuck. Jon just had to poke the wolf. Of course he had to. Your life couldn’t be easy.

“What the fuck are you trying to say, Snow?” Robb spat out Jon’s surname like it was poison, standing and walking over to the two of you. You stepped to the side, successfully wedging yourself between the two boys.

“I’m saying you’re jealous that you’re not getting all of her attention!” Jon raised his voice, talking directly over your head at Robb. Both of their chests were puffed out as if they were trying to show off and ready to fight one another at any second.

“Yeah well you looked pretty jealous yourself when you walked in and my arm was around her!” Their volume was increasing with every sentence, the tension in the room was thicker than molasses and it felt like you were suffocating.

“She’s not going to choose you, Robb! You can’t appreciate her the way I do! You can’t properly appreciate anything because you’re a damn spoiled brat.”

“The fuck if I can’t! I can give her the whole North. Seven Hells, I can give her all of Westeros if I damn well please! You can’t give her anything, Snow. You’re nothing but a bastard of the North” Robb yelled, his words stinging like venom and it was evident in Jon’s face. This had gone on far too long for your liking. You needed to end this, now.

“Enough!” you yelled loud enough to silence both boys, placing a hand on each of their chests.

“You cannot expect me to choose either one of you when you’re fighting like this. Especially with the hurtful words that just came out of both of your mouths! So if you’re going to continue with this ridiculousness, I’m going to go home to Pyke. You boys get back to me tomorrow on your choice. You make up or I go home.” your eyes were nearly welling with tears by the time you left the room. Silently hoping they’d make up and not allow you to leave, you cursed yourself for still having feelings for the both of them. You knew that not only was this far from over, but that if you stuck around eventually you were going to fall for one or both of them…

Trope of the Week: Waiting to Give Important Info

There could be a lot of reasons why your side character can’t give this highly important information to the protagonist right now. Maybe she has to go visit her dying aunt for a moment. Maybe she wants to go drink at the bar, thinking the info can wait. But we can guarantee that “I have something to tell you when I get back” is by and large a death sentence for that character.

Why this can be bad: Sometimes this makes sense. Sometimes. But a lot of times, as an audience member, you’re sitting there frustrated not just because this info would help the protag so much, but because it makes absolutely zero sense why the character couldn’t tell the protag right now, especially if it’s of dire importance. Why does the protagonist never ask, “What is it about?” or “Why can’t you tell me now?” And if he does ask, why is there always some bullshit excuse like, “In due time.” In due time? We’re probably talking about the fate of the world right now! Don’t give me your “in due time” crap! Tell me what I need to know! But writers like to do this for the dramatic irony and the tension, knowing readers will be frustrated. But that’s not a good enough reason to do it, not if it doesn’t make sense.

Ned: Son, when I return, I will tell you about your mother.

Jon: Why not right now, Dad? Or, like, last night? Or I could just ride with you a bit and then come back after you’ve talked about it?

Ned: I’m sorry, son, but that would be impossible.

Jon: Why?

Ned: Because I’m never coming back, and I want to leave it a mystery for six more books.

How you can fix it: If you do want to use this, you sure as hell better make sure it makes sense. Does the side character know the protag is looking for important information regarding what she’s learned? If so, why does she not tell him as soon as she learns the information? Why does she need to wait until she’s done another task? Or, in some cases, why does she insist she needs to be there in person rather than telling the information over the phone, especially if it’s a matter of life and death? Your characters’ decisions need to make sense in the context of actual human beings; you can’t just make them do stupid things because it makes for more drama. If you absolutely don’t want your character to tell this information, then there needs to be something urgent to draw them away immediately.

Bottom Line: Your characters need to make sense; stop abusing their sensibilities for drama.

Jon Snow Request

Will you write a super fluffy adorable fic for Jon snow? Jon sends Ghost to look after you when you go to the market and uses ghost as an excuse to talk to you and just freaking adorable stuff!!!

Jon watched you again from the yard as you played with the children of some of the workers. You worked within Winterfell watching the younger children of the workers who couldn’t yet stay home alone. On top of you watching the kids you also worked as a hand in the kitchen, going shopping for whatever food the cooks needed.

“Why don’t you talk to her, Jon? You’ve been looking at her like a puppy since she started here,” Robb laughed.

“I…I don’t even know what I’d say to her.”

“Y/N,” Robb suddenly called to you and you smiled. You left the kids with another woman who looked after them and walked over.

“You know Y/N,” Jon whispered quickly.

“Hello Lord Stark,” you grinned as you walked closer.

“Y/N, please I told you, call me Robb. This is my brother, Jon. Have you two met before?”

“Sadly no but I know who you are Jon. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Ugh, likewise,” Jon shyly replied.

Robb swept in and saved Jon from embarrassment, “So, Y/N, where are you off to,” he gestured to your basket.

“I’m to run into town and grab food from the market for tonight and tomorrow’s meals. Any special request?”

“No,” Robb chuckled, “thank you though.”

“You are welcome. I’ll see you both later,” you left the brothers for the market.

“Man up Jon. Act like a Northern and be brave. Go ask the girl out” Robb encouraged.

“You’re right, Robb. I can do this. Ghost,” he called for the direwolf hidden in the barn. The large white wolf emerged to Jon. “Go to the market with Y/N. Be sure to stay by her side and make sure she is ok,” he sent the wolf off.

“What’s your plan?”

“Not 100% sure yet,” he admitted.


He crept from stall to stall at the market making sure that he went unseen by you. Ghost was doing his job and walked by your side everywhere that you went. While everyone else seemed to stand on edge as the great wolf approached them you treated him as if he were any other dog and frequently reached down to pet him.

He watched as you left the bread stall and took a deep breath. “You can do this, Jon,” he spoke to himself and walked towards you.

“Thank you,” you smiled as you put the load of corn in your basket. You turned when you heard a familiar voice call from behind you, “Ghost, there you are!”

“Oh, Y/N, I didn’t expect to see you here,” he grinned.

You smirked, “Jon, I told you I was coming here before I left,” you laughed.

“Oh,” he hesitated for a second, “I guess you did. Must have slipped my mind. Um, I hope Ghost wasn’t bothering you.”

“No, not at all. He’s been a true gentlemen. If you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing here?”

“I came looking for him. Had to make sure he didn’t get into any trouble,” Jon rustled Ghost’s head, “But he’s pretty well behaved. Are you getting ready to leave?”

“Yes, I’ve gotten everything I needed for the cooks.”

“Would you mind if I walked back with you?”

You smiled, “That’d be nice. Thank you.” You two, plus Ghost, left the market and started your trek back home.

“Here, allow me,” he grabbed your large basket and carried it for you. You smiled at his awkward demeanor. “So…,” he finally said, “did you hear about the dance this weekend…?”

Jon was in bed, with Sansa’s head on his chest.  He absent mindedly played with her hair, feeling the silk slip through his fingers. Sansa was planting small kisses on his chest.  He couldn’t have been happier.

 The drowsiness was starting to settle in when Sansa spoke.  “Jon?” she whispered.

 “Yes?” he mumbled through his fatigue.

 “Something has been bothering me.” Sansa said.

 “What is it, my darling?” He switched to dragging his hand up and down her back.

 “I’m afraid it will anger you,” her words were cautious.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Could you write a Jonsa fic where Sansa gives Jon a massage and it is basically torture for Jon? Loads of love <3

Loads of love to you too, Nonny! Hope this was worth the wait.

After the Battle, after the coronation, after everything that has come between them, Jon cannot bear to begin the politicking that comes with wearing a crown. He soaks into the bath Sansa ordered drawn for him and hangs his face in his hands.

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Supporting Him While He's Away

Harry: It was late. God, it was late. However, the boys would be on the livestream in a few minutes and you had promised to watch, even though the time difference between here and LA was ridiculous. They were up for four awards tonight and the competition was stiff so not staying up to watch wasn’t an option. “You’re watching, right?” Harry had asked, for the third time, over the phone as they pulled up to the red carpet. “Yes, babe, I’m watching right now,” you had replied sleepily, you regretted not staying in bed longer this morning. He had hung up and you had chuckled lightly as the camera pans over to him struggling to get out of the car while simultaneously trying to get his phone back in his pocket. As they all get in their line for pictures, you take in your boyfriend’s outfit. They were apparently going for a new look with him, because even though he was wearing his signature hat and unbuttoned button down, he looked different. You attributed it to all of the different patterns they had thrown on him, even his hat wasn’t solid. His blazer was what had caught your eye first. It looked a solid black from afar, but up close you could see the dark maroon, velvet (yes, velvet) pattern swirling over the sleeves. Impressive. He had picked that one out himself, you just knew it. You reach over to the bedside table and grab your phone. ‘(Y/T/N): hey @Harry_Styles, nice blazer ;) xx’, you tweet, letting everyone know you were watching along with them. The night continued with you commenting on Twitter about what was happening on the livestream. The fans even made a trend for you so you joined in on their conversations about who should win what award and celebrated along with them when the boys shot out of their seats as their name was called for the biggest award of the night. ‘(Y/T/N): SO PROUD RIGHT NOW! Congrats guys!! XXXX’. “Congratulations,” you say as soon as the phone call comes. It was ridiculously late, and he would never even attempt to call you at this time on a normal day. However, with all of your activity on Twitter tonight, Harry knew you were still up. “Did you have fun tonight?” He asks with a chuckle. “What do you mean?” “All of these tweets,” he says as he scrolls through your feed. “Did you even watch or were you on Twitter the whole time?” “I split-screened it,” you say proudly. “Oh of course. Seems like you and the fans had a lot of good things to talk about. I especially like this one where you are making fun of my hat, thanks for that.” You laugh in response, remembering the girl that had asked you about what you thought of his choice of accessories. “I only do it because I love you,” you tell him. The smile on your face didn’t go away even though you didn’t end up going to bed until the sun was on its way back up.

Liam: “Hi Scott!” You say back into the phone to the Radio 1 DJ on the other line. “How are you?” He asks cheerfully. You had caught him and everyone else off guard by calling the studio, but they had quickly moved back a few segments so that they could take your call on air. “I’m great, how are you?” “Great, thanks,” he responds and you wait for him to continue the conversation, knowing what was coming next. “So to what do we owe the pleasure of this phone call?” “There has to be a reason? I can’t just call my favorite DJ just to talk?” He laughs in response to your honest tone. Liam had introduced you to Scott a while back and you were constantly listening to his show and talking to him and Chris Stark via Twitter; so clearly you were best friends. You knew Scott loved to mingle with the boys any chance he got and that included regular conversations with you as well. “Well of course, what would you like to talk about?” He questions, humoring you. “Let’s talk about the new One Direction single Steal My Girl,” you plug. Scott laughs. “Oh I see what you’re doing. Has their management gotten to you too?” “Nah, I just like hearing it on the radio,” you answer honestly. Liam was gone, promoting whatever it was he was promoting these days (you had honestly lost track). “Okay, so if I play it for you, what do I get in return?” Scott inquires deviously. “You mean you won’t just let me listen to my favorite band without having to have something in return?” You question trying to maintain a sad tone. “Well seeing as we played that song at the beginning of the hour, it would take a lot for them to allow me to play it again.” “Oh come on, you play that Taylor Swift crap at least three times an hour.” You should have worded that differently, but an opinion is an opinion. Scott laughs yet again. “We do not.” “It sure feels like it. I have to turn down the volume at least three times during your show because of it.” Shouldn’t have said that either, you needed to move on. “Anyways, what do you want in exchange for playing Steal My Girl, the new single by One Direction?” God, they should really hire you for promotional affairs, your plugging abilities were on point today. “Come on Innuendo Bingo next week?” Chris suggest when Scott can’t come up with anything. “Yes!” He agrees excitedly. You sigh into the phone. The things you do for Liam.

Niall: You were back in his hometown spending time with his family while he was away. You had just gotten off the phone with the owner of the local pub, Niall’s favorite spot. He had called to tell you that someone in town was going to try and attempt to break Niall’s shot record, the infamous “Harry made me do it” one. Well that wasn’t going to happen, not if you could help it. “I’ll be in tonight then,” you had told him. “I wouldn’t expect anything less, see you tonight,” he said before hanging up the phone. “Bobby!!” You call out through the house. “Yeah?” He shouts back from the living room. You walk back down the hall you had just come through to take the call, stopping at the entrance of the living room, a smile on your face. “We’re going to the pub tonight.” A wide smile stretches across his face, shaking his fist victoriously. “Not sure what Niall will think about me going to the pub with his girlfriend but..” “Well his record is at stake, so I’m not sure he will mind.” “Really? Someone is actually attempting that?” “Yeah, Jon just called to give me the heads up.” Later on that night you and Bobby head out to the pub, a text from Jon letting you know the so called record breaker had officially arrived. “So what do you plan on doing?” Bobby asks as the two of you walk up to the bar. “What do you think I plan on doing?” You counter with a cheeky smile. “Your father must be so proud of you,” he comments honestly, knowing how proud he was of his son when he found out about the record you were going to break, not attempt. “Mom too,” you add with an assured smile. You find Jon at the bar and he motions nonchalantly over at your supposed competition. You nod with a smile and make your way over to him, pushing yourself in between the guy and his friends. You raise your hand, not saying a word and Jon comes over, spreading out the same amount of shot glasses Niall had had in front of him when it was Harry standing over his shoulder egging him on. Once they’re full you turn back to Bobby for the go ahead. He nods with a smile and you turn around to Jon who had his phone out, ready for the count. You turn to the guys surrounding you, confused looks on their faces. “Count me down,” you call out, taking your eyes from them to stare at the alcohol in front of you. “Three, two, one, go!” Jon shouts, pressing the stopwatch as you one by one down the shots, the burn in your throat was smooth. You slam the last one down shortly after you’d picked the first ones up. With the time stopped, Jon looks down at his phone before his arms shoot up in the air as he cheers. “Yes baby!” He shouts, showing you the time on the screen. “YEAH!!” You shout along with him and Bobby joins in behind you, grabbing your shoulders and hugging you. You take Jon’s wrist and move it over to the still confused guy beside you. “New record, try and break that one.” He holds his hands up with innocence. The record was still somewhat in Niall’s control, until he came back in town to break it all over again.

Louis: You had been to enough of these matches to know what was happening. The only trouble was you were in Louis’s usual spot, without Louis. Your surrounding area was pretty empty, not many people tried to sneak around to sit near you like they did with him. You enjoyed that though, you still got all of the perks of him being around, without him actually being around. Free entrance, free concessions, and great seats. He had wanted to be at the match all season, but an impromptu photo shoot took him to Brighton. Instead of staying home though like you usually did when he was gone for just a day, you decided to take the drive to Doncaster yourself to watch his team play their crosstown rivals. You had donned your ‘Tomlinson’ jersey as well, making sure to at least come across as a massive fan of football. You had grown an interest in the game ever since Louis had joined the team, so to at least keep your attention for the nearly two hours they were running around. People around here knew who you were, you had been very present at any and all of the press conferences Louis had been asked to be a part of in regards to this team. It was nothing unusual to get waves and shout outs from the staff while you walked to your seat, or well, Louis’s seat. One of you had to be present; this was the biggest match of the season. You knew Louis was not happy at his photoshoot at the moment, but he would be even more unhappy with the knowledge of you being here without him even though it meant you were supporting his team. It made the two of you look good, you being at a game even though he wasn’t playing or even there. It showed your love for the team. Though you weren’t exactly to that level quite yet with these people. You watch on as the stadium below you fills up, Louis had always sat close to the top and out of the way, he could get rowdy without drawing too much attention. You wouldn’t be getting rowdy up here though, you could barely make out the people walking on the pitch, which would only make the game more confusing. Cheering for a Rover’s goal, that’s the most important information you needed to keep ahold of honesty. Don’t text during the game, people have cameras and they will eventually realize you’re up here. Just basically act like Louis does, except quieter, and this game will be a success for everyone involved.

Zayn: You had basically taken control of this entire campaign this last month. You didn’t want a repeat of last year; no snubbing allowed. You had been a constant presence on social media, bringing attention to the boys need for fan votes. You tweeted, retweeted, replied, trended, every possible thing you could do before voting closed you did it. So much so you had impressed the fans. Before this you had been a random tweeter, sending out short messages, lyrics, or links to stupid videos twice a week at the most. The fans were so happy you were joining them though. They had impressed you as well. These people meant business, it was a wonder the boys had ever lost anything. But they had and that is why you were joining forces with them to make sure that was not going to happen this time around. You promised Skype sessions with a specific number of people who tweeted the voting links, causing Twitter and the voting website to go mental. Anything to make sure your boyfriend and his band stayed on top. Zayn only laughed at your determination. Going through your tweets and shaking his head during your once a week Facetime dates. “What? It’s all for you and the lads,” you had said with a smile. “I know, I just didn’t picture you as one to be this involved, especially promising Skype calls and merchandise, I don’t know why you did that one, or how you’re going to get the merchandise.” “I’ve got my connections,” you tell him, and he shakes his head. “I’m not getting you anything.” “Oh come on! It’s for the fans, they’re doing this for you anyways.” “We’ll see.” It would happen, you knew it would. There’s no way he would be able to say no to you and the fans. “How’s the voting coming along?” He asks over the phone, movie promotion was keeping him away this time. “Hush,” you spit back, knowing he was only making fun. “Awe, come on now, don’t get bitter on me now. You’ve been doing such a great job. I just wanted an update.” He was still picking at you but you decided to humor him, and yourself. “It closed yesterday, so everything that can be done has been done.” “I’m proud of you,” he says happily, “It’s like you were an actual fan for a few weeks.” “Shut it boy,” you snap back. You would keep all of his teasing in mind the next time he needed you to do something to help his band out.


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yea it was super boss ass bitch of sansa to lie to her brother. and to argue with him about what to do in battle when she has no idea what shes talking about. and it was even more boss ass bitch to have no reaction when her little brother's dead body was in front of her. all she cared about was getting winterfell back for herself and getting to kill ramsay. she's just a dumb bitch. not a boss ass bitch.

Ok, I wasn’t going to answer this. However, I have seen far too much of this bullshit on my dash today, and frankly I am getting a little tired of it… So you know what? Lets go through this point by point shall we?

yea it was super boss ass bitch of sansa to lie to her brother. 

I have no idea why Sansa lied to Jon about the Vale army. I can speculate, we can all speculate, but none of us know for sure. I would say you’d have to ask Sansa why she lied, but Sansa is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER, so I don’t think you are going to get much insight there.

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