sure thing starbucks

seen here: a badgopher in its natural habitat

Another fancy bird boy


that one time @sunshinecaptain and i dressed up as enoch o'connor and horace somnusson for halloween and then just spent most of our day at the mall because we had nowhere else to go, and no one knew who we were but everyone kept calling us cute, and someone asked us what anime we were from.

@smolenoch wanted to see, so! ;/////;

please excuse how much work i still need to do on this cosplay!

Uncharted: Moments

Little random phrases + using them after the adventures

The second one is here!

“Right behind you” + Elena, moving through the house collecting clothes and sheets, laundry basket propped on one hip, extends a hand out to touch Nate’s back as he comes down from the attic stairs.

“Nate, get back” + Sam at the grill, opening the lid to turn over sizzling steaks, Nate holding Cassie watching the smoke rise into the blue sky. Elena takes Cassie in her arms to apply more sunscreen. Vicky, panting loudly, is sitting obnoxiously close to Sully, who ignores her and pulls on his cigar. The day is almost too bright, but too beautiful to waste being indoors. Dark brown beer bottles sitting on the table start to sweat and Elena’s music trickles from the open door nearby. 

“Go Team!” + Nate and Elena, after successfully wrangling a squirming Cassie into her car seat, an energetic Vicky strapped into the seat next to her, gear loaded in the back of the jeep with time to spare for Starbucks run, exchange a high five.

“C’mon, stay with me” + Nate ventures out on a rainy day with Cassie to pick up some things for Elena who is sick at home. Cassie’s rain boots squeak as she follows Nate weaving through the aisles. The tail of her stuffed lemur drags on the tiled floor. He carefully plucks the glasses from her nose and wipes them clean on his shirt. She smiles up at him and he can’t help but laugh at her smile that’s missing a front tooth. 


“Oh, tell me you wouldn’t go for some hot cocoa right now” + Orange light extends over the plump leather couches squared off in front of the fireplace. Cassie is sleeping, her feet just reaching over the edge of the couch, propped in between a snoozing Sam and Sully who just started to nod off. Nate is on the other couch, facing the fireplace, with Elena facing him, one leg tucked beneath her. She’s nursing her hot chocolate with one hand, and playing with the hair on the back of Nate’s head with the other. It’s quiet except for the crackle of burning wood. The snow outside is illuminated by white string lights. Elena sets down her mug and settles back into Nate’s side. He wraps an arm around her.