sure these words are interchangable why not

Sometimes, words fail him. They dance on the tip of his tongue, but they’re not always voiced. But when that happens, he remembers; actions speak louder than words.

That’s why he always makes sure to walk on the side of the pavement closest to the car and puddles.

That’s why he always holds the umbrella slightly over to the other side, making sure the other man isn’t hit by the rain, even if that means he arrives home drenched.

That’s why he always makes enough coffee for two in the morning, even if he’s in a rush to leave.

That’s why he leaves small notes around their house, reminding his partner that he cherishes him more than anything else, and that they’re also out of milk.

That’s why he makes sure to take the longer route home every once in a while, just stop by his partners favourite bakery and buy them a cake big enough for two. 

That’s why he makes sure to make sure there’s always a blanket over his partner when he falls asleep at their desk after a long day.

That’s why he makes sure there’s always a fresh bouquet of flowers by the window every Sunday morning.

But, there are instances where his words come out. Those three little words are spoken aloud, and he swears he wouldn’t trade the other man’s smile for anything else in the world.

anonymous asked:

For the これこれ post, why is これ+noun ok? Normally don't you need この+noun?

これ and この are different words, so I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. この is more or less the same as これ、so I guess you could use them interchangeably, if that’s what you’re asking. 

If what you’re asking is why don’t we use a particle for これこれ、that’s because it’s a special expression. Technically, you could use は、as in これは映画 from my example in the post, but for the sake of the expression just これ sounds more natural. I’m sure you could use この or これ, but I think it’s just more work to say “konokono” than it is to say “korekore”, to both English and Japanese speakers. LOL. 

Thanks for your question though! I hadn’t considered that before. がんばって!


“Steven…what is cool?”

“Hmmm, oh um well-”

“-I know it is often used as a word interchangeable with cold but Amethyst seems to apply different meaning to it.”

“Well thats because-”

“Is she trying to imply that I am a cold person or that my temperament is cool?” “Uh I don’t think-”

“Or perhaps shes saying that my temperature is to cold? What temperature should a gem on earth be anyway?”

“I’m not sure exactly but-”

“I mean if she wishes to tell me my temperature is unfit for this plant why not simply tell me instead of repaying the word ‘cool’ to me over and over using it in a context that makes no sense!”


Peridot stopped, her mouth still open from when she was about continue her rants only moments ago. “What?!”

Steven, glad to finally have a chance to talk, elaborated. “Amethyst saying you’re cool means she likes you, she thinks your um well fun to hang out with.”

“Hang out?”

“Yeah, to spend time with you.”

“So she does not find my temperature unsatisfactory?”


“Hmmm…” They lapsed into silence as Peridot continued to tinker. “Steven…?”

“Yes?” Steven answered cautiously, prepared for another outburst.

“Do you think….do you think amethyst considers me a…friend as you do.” Steven laughed, “Sure she does. I mean now that you’ve joined us and you’re learning how to be a better person and stuff.”

“A better person. But I am a gem.”

“Well then I guess you’re learning how to be a better gem.”

Peridot shook her head ferociously. “But I am already the best Peridot I can be. I’m good at technology, I understand mechanics, I-”

“No Peridot, a better crystal gem!” He smiled at her then, the shocked look on her face mixed with that of horror. She stayed like that for so long Steven though she might be upset and his smile dropped until she started laughing.

“Me?! A crystal gem?! HA!! Haha!! HAAAaaaaa….” She trailed off. Looking out over the other gems gathered around the chalk bored. “That’s pretty ridiculous right Steven. Me, a crystal gem. That’s…that’s just…ridiculous…right. HA ah right…?”

Steven watched her quietly as she herself went quiet, still stating at the other gems.

“Might be nice though…” The whispered words were quickly snatched up by the wind and Steven almost didn’t hear them. He did though and have a tiny smile.

Peridot was defiantly learning.