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Fixing Up - Prince Adam/Belle

Title: Fixing Up

Pairing: Prince Adam/Belle

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 995

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Prompt: Before their lives can start in the palace, Belle sets out to fix up a few things.

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The snowstorms are coming, something that’s felt through the entire palace. Even with the hearths in every room, the large hallways are starting to get cold. Belle gathers the blankets in her arms and continues her walk to the main living room. A soft glow of the fire spills out into the hallway through the open door.

Stepping inside, she smiles at the sight of her husband reclining in a chaise pulled near the fire; book in hand, long hair pulled into a messy bun with stray strands falling down on to his face.

She drapes a quilted blanket over his shoulders. “It’s getting chilly,” she notes, casting a quick glance to the large bay window that opens out on to the large garden. Specks of snow gently sway down to the ground, touching the balcony’s bannister and melting away. It won’t take long. Winter is finally settling in.

He hums, noting the page number and closing the book. The book is placed on a nearby table and Belle sits down on the chaise beside her husband. “Cogsworth says that the snow will come soon,” he notes and she settles beside him, pulling the blanket over her own shoulders. The large hearth is still roaring. The only light source in the room, they snuffed out the other candles and lanterns in the living room.

She rests her head against his shoulder. “I’ve been thinking,” she says simply, looking up at Adam. He raises an eyebrow at her. “I’ve been thinking about the villagers,” she clarifies.

“What about them?”

“Cogsworth says that this winter will be tough,” she says, remembering having an extensive conversation with the head of the house-staff in the kitchen earlier in the day, “and the villagers don’t have a means of getting through the winter without help.”

She remembers spending every winter beating back blustering winds from entering the cracks in the walls. She remembers making every scrap of food count. The bakers and the merchants had to spend their money gathered that year importing goods from other towns and cities just so the village could live through another winter.

And she looks around at the life she has now. Roaring hearths in every room, enough quilted blankets to cover the floor space of the castle twice-over, and enough food to feed the country’s armies, and probably their enemies too.

It’s too much for her, her husband and their small family.

Adam holds her close to him as he considers what she’s implying. “I’m sure we could have a cart of supplies sent over,” he says.

He’s never considered her to be what she fears the most – being his Queen, a pretty trinket to have draped over his arm at dances, to show off in front of other people of importance. She’s told him that it’s not who she is. He’s never considered her to be that. She’s still what she has always been to him.

When LeFou visited days after the curse was lifted, when they had all danced in the grand ballroom, she pulls Adam closer to her. “Do you see them?”

He looks over his shoulder to see. “He seems happy,” he notes, watching LeFou and Stanley continue to stand close to each other, broad smiles on both of their faces.

Adam interlinks his fingers with his wife’s. “What do you propose?” he asks, watching the pair from across the ballroom.

Belle wraps her other arm around Adam’s, hugging it to her. “There is that estate a few fields away. I believe there’s no one living there now…” a small smile lingers at the corner of her mouth.

Adam nods and gestures to the two men. “Consider it theirs, then.”

It takes a number of weeks to get the estate up and running again, but when it is, she doesn’t hear the end of apologies sent to her by LeFou. She takes his hands in hers. “It’s alright,” she smiles, turning around to help load the final crate of supplies from the cart, “it’s behind us now.”

“You were too good for him,” LeFou says plainly as he lifts the crate from her.

She folds her arms over her chest. “So were you.”

Belle tugs her coat tighter around herself when a stray gust of cold wind sweeps through the garden. It rustles the shrubs and bushes, shaking the settled snow from the branches and dumping it on the ground.

She oversaw the last of the carts off that morning Laden with food, hay, blankets and fuel, she and Cogsworth sent the drivers on their way to the village. The worst of the snow hasn’t arrived yet, but with heavy grey clouds looming over the nearby mountains made her worry. The snow would be heavy this year. But at least her home had supplies now that would alleviate the pressure winter brought with it.


She spins around and sees Lumiere walking towards her. “Good morning

Bonjour mon cher,” he smiles brightly at her.

“Where’s Plumette?”

“Training in the new maids, I presume,” he smiles faintly at the mention of his lover, “but you’re the reason why I’m here.”

She takes Lumiere’s arm in hers. “Alright then,” she walks them through the snow-laden garden, “what is it mon amie?”

“We’ve been talking, the staff I mean, and well,” Lumiere waves his hand, trying to put his words together, “and we love the affect you have on the Master. It’s…It has been a while since goodness has been in the palace, and with you and the Master being married now-”

“-I understand Lumiere,” Belle nods. They loop back through the arches, bare now that the flowers and vines have wilted for the winter.

“We look forward to having you live here, mon amie,” Lumiere says when they leave the gardens behind and walk towards the back of the palace. He brings her hand up and kisses her gloved knuckles. “You’ll do marvellous things here: we’re sure of that.”

A/N: I fell head-first right back into my childhood at the ripe age of 21. Curse you Dan Stevens + Emma Watson. Never have I bisexual-ed so damn much during a film. 


Elope | DirkJake | M

“Do you want to have sex?” Jake breathes out with a childish giggle in his voice. He’s just flopped himself on the bed. The proposition flies out of his mouth before the comforter settles back down from the impact.

The two of you just skipped town together. “Star-crossed runaways in arms,” as he so graciously described it.

His grandmother will be furious.

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anonymous asked:

No matter what though Sam was/is spending time with these 'girls' that he's been affiliated with. Abbie was around a lot and they did stuff together and I think they actually were dating. Cody I believe was just a random hook up that became stalkerish, then you have amy with the pool video and sitting in Sam's lap and basically getting into a cat fight with Cody over him. And now there's MM he is still spending time with her either way, winery, bb game and Montreal.

Ok anons, one last time for those in the back- and only because this is so much fun for me to do- I will humor this ask with an answer. But seriously, guys, could you send some hard questions once in a while, ‘cause this is one is starting to feel a bit like shooting fish in a barrel….

Abbie, now that one was a good find for Purv, I think she stuck with the game the longest, and played with the most subtlety, managing most of her innuendo through cleverly laid out and accessorized pictures of food. Quite an undertaking, to be sure. But what actually was between them? The little sister of Sam’s Christmas movie costar, and an aspiring actress who got a very small part in a very small movie before abandoning acting for a teaching job, he and Abbie met when she was fourteen or so. She and her sister worked together on Henrile la Worm, a healthy eating project for kids that Sam promoted quite a bit before he started the MPC. So it appears that there is at least an acquaintanceship there. They even had a brief Twitter conversation about food back when Sam was stranded in NYC during hurricane Sandy. Sam appears to have helped her when she decided to get fit and start a healthy lifestyle blog. She spent some time in Glasgow, most likely at one of the fight camp training sessions held at Valbo’s gym and then did an MPC challenge by going up a Munro with Sam, and presumably the other members of his climbing party, as guide(s). The pictures that she posted of her “weekends” in Glasgow can all be attributed to this time. A bunch of pics taken close together but easily posted out to appear to be over many visits, and the dinner at the Glasgow restaurant that she implied came after the implied “shooting afternoon”
is most likely the “cozy dinner” that the climbers enjoyed after the Munro climb that she posted about but never got round to showing the picture of. She apparently had some access to his flat, which appeared to be unlived in from the lack of anything at all on the countertops except two recognizable coffee mugs strategically placed in the background in the one wide shot she got of the place, and in another shot in a local juice bar she featured the edge of a scarf in a pattern that Sam had been seen wearing. Perhaps since she was a friend he let her stay there in lieu of a hotel? He surely was living in with Cait by that time. She also had some access to Sam, as a friend surely would, and she is seen in a leaked picture sitting between Sam and his mum along with many other people on a sofa at a family party. There is no hint of any intimate connection in their pose. She had also turned up in LA during the time that Sam was there on hiatus shooting When the Starlight Ends. But she was there with a girlfriend who was engaged to be married and wanted a last hurrah in a warm place. Abbie managed no pictures with Sam, or even with any of his belongings during this time, which suggests that if they met at all it was quite brief.
For Sam’s part he was busy. Working. And in LA, filming videos for fan get togethers from what seems to be Cait’s flat saying how much he missed Cait while she was away filming in NYC. And before she left Cait posted a pic prominently featuring his favourite almond butter sitting on the table along with her cat.
Abbie also turned up to NYC for the premiere of season 1b, but no posts suggesting she had any access to Sam at all during this time. She wasn’t at the screening or the after party either, odd for a girlfriend to be so overlooked…then Abbie went to a resort in Barbados.
For Sam’s part he was busy going to Cait’s BFF’s play and live tweeting from a hotel bed with Cait. Sam turned up in Miami airport in a very delayed fan pic post dressed in the same clothes he had worn on an appearance on Good Friday. If he and Cait slipped away to Miami for a long weekend over Easter since her production wasn’t shooting that weekend it would explain the obviously hotel bed that the live tweeting happened from that next day on Saturday evening. And other than ignoring her in Monte Carlo and leaving her to find her way back home alone from there in his haste to get back home, even though he wasn’t due back in the studio for several days, that is the sum of their “relationship”. Only one picture even in the same room together from the whole time- and no invites to premiers or other functions despite her obvious availability to attend. Hmmmmm……

And Cody. Sam’s one and only! That is, she is the only one who was “official”. That is she was pretty obviously an “official” publicity stunt set up by their shared publicist to get Sam’s reputation as a “Single Guy” some help. They both visited the props museum, (together, or separately, who knows?) and took pics standing alone in front of the Delorean from Back to the Future. Sam even made a comment on Cody’s pic. Then came the Halloween party where she and Sam were supposed to get papped walking out together- oooh, so romantic! But what we got was a video of an exasperated Sam standing on the sidewalk signing autographs whilst waiting for the doormen to locate his “date”. Apparently she was having such fun away from his side all evening (several pics show some serious fun, and none of it involving Sam) that she couldn’t even be located when Sam decided it was time for the Walk To The Car. When the call came that she had been found and presumably been made ready to leave Sam went back inside and the two of them then made their Grand Exit. Sam in the lead walking with great purpose towards the car and never a look back, and Cody following behind teetering a bit on her heels. When he reaches the car he turns and waits for her and then bundles her into the car with no courtesies at all- most unloverlike! Just outside the establishment door Cody does attempt, briefly, to touch his shoulder but with no success- any claims that they were holding hands and the pap pic that is used to suggest that they had been, but dropped them as the shot was taken, are false and the look is simply due to the angle the shots were taken from directly in front of the subjects. The side view video shows she was always several steps behind him. And ditto for the claims that they were “making out” whilst waiting for the car. Sam waited alone on the sidewalk for the car as the search for Cody went on inside the party. Sure they left together but it looked like two strangers sharing a cab ride, not a guy and a girl on a date…..
Cody also got a ticket for the same Timberland concert session that Sam attended. He is posing for a fan pic which seems to get photobombed by Cody who seats herself next to him and tries to snuggle under his right arm that is held stiffly down and behind her. From his expression and the tension in his posture he would gladly have chewed that arm off rather than put it round her as fan pic posing usually demands.
For Sam’s part-Sam left town. For Big Sur. Big Sur where Cait claims to have spent several weeks relaxing over that hiatus…..
After that is was all just pictures of Cody in places she thought Sam might logically be found like a restaurant and a Mexican resort- and people thinking he must surely be there with her if she was implying that he was…..

Amy. A friend. From before he was famous. They both had parts in Young Alexander and had remained friends after the movie wrapped, even after her move to LA. When Sam was in LA looking for work he would meet up with her and her crowd for Sunday brunch- it was a tradition with them. Also there were dinners with the crowd too. Amy posted a vine of her and her friend Sam playing at a pool party with others right after he got to town for the first hiatus. I don’t think either of them thought much about any implications- and I am sure she was happy to get a bit of publicity being seen as Sam’s friend. She also went to a video game launch with Sam and his friend Luke and there is a picture of her on his lap with Luke sitting beside them- three friends holding a very large weapon and all looking a little the worse for wear….after Sam got back from Big Sur the brunches, and all the other pictures of dinners etc. stopped.
For Sam’s part it didn’t seem to take long into the hiatus before Sam got a new crowd to hang with in his Outlander buddies- and best friend Luke.
Amy also got an invite for the first outlander premiere in NYC where she apparently was already in town for another premiere. She didn’t hang around with Sam in any pics or videos, he was quite busy with his costar and no time for friends. But she went to the parties and turns up in some pics. Nothing to suggest anything more than Sam letting a friend have his plus one invite since he didn’t need it- his plus one having got an invite of her own, being the star of the show and all. As a friend I am sure Amy was not best pleased to have to watch Cody and all her implications about sam. The friction between them surrounding Cody’s choice of Halloween costume seems to reflect that concern, after all she was, and is, a longtime friend of Sam.

And the latest- Mackenzie. Met at a work party and on Sam’s follows list. She took a holiday in Scotland and came home to find that somehow she had managed to visit the same tourist stop as Sam would visit a few days after. Who knew? But when the troll says “you’re the One” why not go for it?
A few calls to a friend and a plan to “run into” Sam for a quick and, likely unbeknownst to Sam until the shutter clicked, highly public chat at a wine tasting, and then a lucky strike at a baseball game when your friend and you learn from IG that Sam is there too, and that her phone can take videos….and some time later the gods were really smiling when another fan pic turned up showing that Sam had made a quick stop in the town where you are shooting a movie- lucky thing that you had thought to pack that hat along….
For his part Sam seemed like he was just trying to have a bit of time off the clock in LA (likely with that costar of his- a picture suggests she was at the baseball game, and it is likely she was at the winery too). He left town for the UK, where Cait was, shortly after….and didn’t seem to stay in Montreal long either…..

So there you have it anon, the sum of all of Sam’s times spent with these lovely ladies. Doesn’t add up to much when you really think about it. Not compared to all the times he has gone missing when Cait is on holiday, or vice versa. Not compared to all the tweets, and IG pics, and BTS pics, and random reporters comments about how lovely he and Cait are together. Not compared to all the off the cuff comments that both he and Cait have made that hint that they know each other far better than friends should do. Not compared to the way he and Cait look at each other- every single time they are in an interview, or photo, together. And even when they aren’t- just the mention of the others name and the face lights up. I’m not seeing any of it with these other girls. Not even a glimmer. It’s all about actions, and what people do that gives away their motives. He treats Cait like a lover. He doesn’t treat these others in any way at all beyond friendship at the best of times and quite a bit less than that the rest of the time. That doesn’t say “love” to me anon.