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Okay so this is me formally requesting more Hannibal as the monster under Will's bed because this concept is just too amazing. Does Will grow to care for the monster under his bed? Does he confide in him? Does he think of him as a protector and feel safe knowing he is there? Does Hannibal eventually take Will to the dark place beneath his bed where he resides? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

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Will curled under his blankets, head tucked tightly and securely beneath his pillows to keep any noise from sneaking into his head. The day had been long with too many people with too many thoughts and urges causing Will to hide in the bathroom stall until his teacher had found him.

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Summary: If Plutarch wants a spy, I will give him a spy. He’s promising that I can be free from the slavery I sold myself into. And as my rational mind debates Plutarch’s proposal, hope gnaws a gaping hole through my loyalty. All I have to do is betray Peeta. Just betray my master, and then my sister and I will be freed from their grasps. It’s an easy choice honestly.

Based on the legendary tale of Samson and Delilah

Prompt 2: Masterpieces: Massacre of the Innocents

Rating: Explicit

Author: MichelleLeahhh

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A Touch of Magic……

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