sure lets call the ship that

Can we stop lying and saying what Naruto did was out of simple rivalry and selfishness and avoid the fact that he was the only one who never gave up on Sasuke? Sakura freaking says this, it’s canon. Ship whatever the fuck you want, but don’t leave out the good qualities in team 7//Naruto for ur dang ship.

Like sure, call them out on shit, none of them are perfect but don’t say Naruto was never soft with Sasuke, that he did not love him, platonically or not, you don’t just declare to bear the hatred of someone and die with them and look forward to understanding them in the afterlife if you don’t love them in some aspect or another, or in all ways. It’s not important to me whether it’s brotp or otp to you, just acknowledge eeeet.

Naruto could not kill him but also could not let him destroy Konoha.

Partly because, and I quote “I won’t let you be alone again, we both know what that’s like …”

So tbh Naruto is objectively, a loyal and dedicated friend and it doesn’t have to be romantic, it’s just truth.

Sasuke and Naruto also both agree that they communicate best through fists, they are ninjas, and competitive at that - so your rampaging that they fight means they just hate each other makes zero sense when they literally spell out why they have to fight.

Sasuke: Naruto became his closest friend and also wants power, refuses it because he could not kill Naruto. Later on says he must kill Naruto because its the only way to achieve total darkness and be completely alone.

Naruto: I won’t let you hurt the tailed beasts or konoha, I can’t let you go because I feel the same and you are my closest friend and I can’t let you be alone again so we will just die together because I wont be the hero that just kills you.

This includes Sakura who had her own reasons for attempting to kill Sasuke, just like Kakashi did.

You may agree or disagree for their reasons why but all of them came from good intentions, albiet with their own human fallacies and imperfections but it was still out of a place of caring.

All of team 7 love each other, that is all

I bet Sangwoo actually really wants Bum to model that bra for him (◔◡◔✿)

(p.s pretend Sangwoo isnt crazy here obvi i don’t support them being together (✿´ ꒳ ` )) 

Unlucky Nine: A list of antis you may or may not have encountered in the vld fandom

Start Note: When I mention [Ship Name] Anti, it means a shipper of that ship who is also anti of another ship mentioned depending on the context as opposed to Anti-[Ship Name] which is someone who is an anti of the ship mentioned.

I. “Ship K/ance or Sha//ura or my ship instead” anti

These antis are just assholes. They insult other ships that contend to their own. These antis are prevalent in Sheith, Kallura and sometimes Shidge tags.

You get K/ance antis calling Sheith yaoi culture but then they totally change Keith and Lance’s character to fit the same trope. I was so pissed the other day because someone took Lance and just shoved Uke™ on him to fit an AU where he crushes on Keith.

You got K/ance & Sha//ura antis calling Kallura heteronormative but we aren’t the ones who’re forcing a mom troupe on her despite her not being really motherly. (Hunk is the mom friend but let us forget the fat character for aesthetics) You get them saying they love Allura but her story line, which focuses on her duty and willingness to sacrifice anything for it, is shoved for some romance. (Allura, although possibly having some romantic take to it, did not save Shiro because she had a fucking crush on him. She saved him because he needed saving and she viewed his role to Voltron as more important than hers.Stop acting like it is a canon romantic scene. No real scene in Voltron is really inherently romantic.)

You got K/ance shouting if Kallura happens, there won’t be any representation (m/m) but we still got Shiro, Lance and Hunk. Yes, we still got Shunk, Shance and Hance. if we go poly, there is Shunce. And if we dig deeper and you are willing, add Coran into the mix(I’m shoran trash undeniably).

You got them saying Shidge is wrong but the most official thing we got is actually the OFFICIAL Voltron site (whose content probably was made known to the entire crew and was advertised to the general public) saying ‘5 teens.’ But let us dwell on a half-baked video where a person throws numbers into some of the crew’s mouths. Let us not dwell on how Allura has no one bit of an age meter. For all we know, she could be a centuries old Alien. But sure why not, dwell on Shidge.

They put their ships on high pedestals to trample on other ships but you are probably a hateful bitch when you call them out on their shit.

II. “Shiro is spacedad” anti (bonus points for Allura as space mom)

These antis believe Shiro is a grandpa. They seem him as a father figure which would have been okay because let us admit that at some point the space dad joke were funny UNTIL PEOPLE TOOK THEM SERIOUSLY. Unlike the typical fan who laugh at the jab, these people take things to far and actually think it is canon. Shiro is actually a dad. “How dare you hc Shiro as a young and vulnerable character instead of my perfect space dad™?” All that crap.

But if you remember Prisoner Shiro, Kerberos Shiro, he looks pretty young. If you change back his hair before the frosty tips, remove the scar and the buff bara bod (he probably got from fighting in the ring), you wouldn’t find him looking wise beyond his years.

Coupled with Canon™ Space Mom Allura, it just pisses me off. Allura is enigmatic, a bit impulsive but her impulses are mostly practical, not afraid to jump into action, a bit bossy and domineering at times, yes, but deep down inside Allura is just a princess who wants her life back, who wants to live in peace with pretty things like her Altean flowers, who wants to go shopping for sparkly things, and maybe experiment with cute hairstyles.

This is why it kinda pisses me off. The idea was cute. Heck, I made an entire Sha//ura au once with my friend with the whole vld family thing but when they just pushed for it on discourse and acted like it was some holy canon grail, I was just really seven levels of salt.

III. “Pidge is like 4 months old” anti

These antis just infatalize Pidge. “Pidge is a kid. She can’t make romance decision. Pidge is practically a baby. How dare u” and all that shit. But it is totally fine for someone you see as a ‘kid’ to be flying an alien warship and engaging in an intergalactic war? Same goes for those who infantalize other Paladins. The logic is flawed enough but something else really pissed me off in this one.

My main concern with this is that the blatant forcefulness that Pidge is young because she has all the stereotypical looks of younger people. It undermines short girls who never grow up to be tall and developed upfront. Some people never get hit with puberty right. I was thirteen and 5′1 and now I’m  nineteen and guess what? 5′1.5. Where is the justice puberty? You didn’t hit me up. You just poked me with a stick once and left.

And just the other day, guess what? I was again assumed to be like fourteen, especially since I was standing right next to my tree of a younger brother who is like sixteen. I probably would be rich right now if i had a dollar for every single person who thought I was fourteen. Pidge may look young by stereotypical standards, sure. But that doesn’t mean she is. She could just be a short 19 year old.

The concept of child-coded is bullshit. I mean look, I look, by stereotypical anti standard, like a fourteen year old therefore when tall people my age or older (who coincidentally also fit the stereotypical adult look standard) theoretically like me, we are perpetuating pedophilia. If we start dating, since they are adult-coded and I’m child-coded, it’s almost as if it is already pedophilia.

If anything, the infantalization of Pidge showed me that people, yes I repeat, people will continue to be misogynistic to women who do not fit the stereotype of what a woman should be. I mean, when did height and cupsize amount to a woman’s age and maturity as a person? It just says you have to fit this shitty standard to be something and to be recognized and that is fucking bullshit.

Oh well, to the antis, I guess I’ll be a minor forever. And to end this segment with another one of your fave defenses, “I”M MINOR-CODED AND CHILD-CODED SO YOU CAN’T ATTACK ME UWU”

IV. “Shiro’s trauma is an issue” anti

This is by far the one of the things I’ve seen. These people say that because Shiro experienced some traumatizing shit, he is not eligible for a relationship with any of the Paladins. It basically says that because Shiro has ptsd, he can’t date anyone who is potentially(meaning they see this character as young or immature and they aren’t actually as such) less mature™ or younger than he is. It basically says that since Shiro has ptsd, he must be toxic by default. It thrives upon the logic that anyone with mental health issues is gonna be toxic in relationships. (except Sha//ura cuz apparently Shiro who they call toxic in all other relationships isn’t toxic there)

V. “go fucking kill yourself” anti

No explanations needed. Assholes with no regard for human life. Suicide baiting, Gas lighting, you name it. Best thing to do is just block these. No arguing with them.

VI. “I’m a minor/survivor/minority group so I am allowed to be an asshole to anyone” anti

These are the people who go and attack others but when you call them out on their shit, they go like “but we are a minor/survivor/part of a minority.”

I’m only gonna say this once so listen well. (Who am I kidding? I’ve stressed this so much.) Being a minor/survivor/minority does not excuse you from being an asshole. You can experience terrible things and be like fourteen but you can still be an asshole. It does not give you a free pass to ruin other people’s lives. Get that inside your head. Someone can be depressed and still be an asshole. Someone can be autistic and still be an asshole. Someone can be gay and still be an asshole. Someone can be part of a general minority group and still be an asshole. Their status as a minor/minority/survivor DOES NOT make them an asshole but this specific person, who coincidentally fits in a certain group, is just an asshole. Their status is merely circumstantial and not the root of their being an asshole therefor it must not be used as an excuse for them to be one.

VII. “Shaladin is okay except for Shidge ft. Ship Sh/att instead” anti

I’m like WHY? These antis act like they are allies and they are good™ but they throw Shidge under the bus and vilify it to somehow make other shaladin ships appeal to the anti standards. You draw the line in Shidge? Well, I draw the line in vilifying ships to put yours on a pedestal. I would’ve understood if it was just basic ‘I don’t like Shidge’ but no, it has to rhyme with the anti logic of infantalizing her and all those things.

And don’t let me get started on Sh/att. Cuz it just shattered all the hope of me getting into this ship. This was good, old friends trope, I couldn’t save you trope. You name it. It has all the layers of angst that normally i would dive into. But the shippers use the same rhetoric shaladin antis use on Shidge. “It’s shidge but gay” Do you know how misogynistic you sound? And how dare you think I ship my ship because ‘aesthetics uwu’.

The idea of throwing Shidge out to appeal to the antis like some sacrificial lamb is just anti rhetoric itself. “It’s okay if one ships takes the fall for us.” It’s just pointing fingers at someone, in this case some ship. And honestly, that sucks.

VIII. “I’m gonna misuse social justice to call you all these names and not appreciate social justice when it is working against me” anti

These antis are those who try to shit on ships by appealing to twisted social justice but the moment actual social justice works against them, they try to ignore it and you just know, it was never a social issue to begin with.

A perfect example of this are the “Bi Lance for K/ance” antis. They shout and tell the world,”we got Bi Lance, we got a bi character in our ship. Whoop Whoop representation” but moment someone goes “oh nice, I ship Lance with Allura/Pidge/Nyma/Plaxum/any girl in existence.” They jump at you and call you cis het scum or whatever. But Lance is Bi right? Don’t Bi people like umm girls too???? Yes??? Do you know what a bi is?????

You see, they actually don’t care about bi representational at all unless it is used to put their ships up. And don’t get me started on the hate for ‘Bi Keith.’ I know the idea of Gay Keith is a fan fave but Bi Keith is a possibility. Like Bi Lance is everything to the universe but you are suddenly Zarkon if you as much think about Bi Keith. You love bi representation so much don’t you?

Oh and the antis who go like “we are protecting survivors and minors” just as they attack survivors and minors. Good job on the protecting.

Everything these antis do is just plain crap. When you untangle their twisted social justice and see the ulterior motives, you see their actions for what they are, personal vendettas against shippers, attacks so that whatever shitty ship they have gets to trample on other ships.

IX. “fiction is reality” anti

These are just antis who thrive on the idea that fictitious content is actually reality and therefore every dark-themed content is evil.

Tell me why I’m not marking Priests with hot iron stamps fresh from flames and killing them? I read Angels and Demons. Tell me why I’m not suddenly killing humans and eating them? I watched Hannibal. Tell me how I haven’t butchered the person I like? I watched School Days + Higurashi and I was like thirteen, a minor yes, at the time. Tell me how I’m not suddenly taking people in strange boats and making them go through hell, I was eight, a fucking kid, I watched Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl). They are unanswerable because fiction is in fact not reality.

The idea that fiction is reality is just the same as how way back four or so years ago, there was a backlash in gaming like with fighting and guns because it supposedly perpetuates violence and supposedly hypnotizes people. And you know how stupid that idea is? That is how stupid the idea that ‘fiction’ is reality’ in fandom is.

And if you actually do think fiction is reality, I suggest you seek medical help.

End Note: Antis may appeal to other forms of attacks or a mix of these but you guys stay strong and safe.

A few years ago I was at an anime con with my then 9 year old daughter. Attack on Titan had just finished it’s US broadcast and was at the height of it’s popularity. We were sitting in a panel room with Josh Grelle, the voice actor of Armin Arlert and Lauren Landa (Annie). They were entertaining questions from the audience.

I don’t know how many of you go to cons, but the questions at these events tend to be repetitive. People ask far too many about shipping. They ask about life as a voice actor, they ask the actors their favorite, hardest, easiest moments and so on. Trust me when I say voice actors are patient people.

About 30 minutes in, my daughter’s hand shot up and Josh called on her. She walked to the microphone and asked, “Do you think Armin will ever see the ocean?”

Josh, Lauren and the entire room let out a collective awwwwww and a few people actually got emotional–Josh included. He finally said, “I sure hope so. If I have one wish for this story it’s that Armin gets to see the ocean.”

I don’t share a lot of personal pictures, but I’ll make an exception here since meeting Josh was the greatest day of her life.

My daughter’s anime tastes have long since moved on to swimmers and setters, spikers and bikers, and those adorable ice skating boys, but Armin Arlert is still Her Guy. And while she doesn’t read the manga, she follows Armin-centric instagram accounts and each month asks me for details of his life. So yesterday when she came home from school, I was excited and happy to show her the panels of Armin happily splashing in the ocean. She’s waited basically a quarter of her life for this moment. 

So please believe me when I say I get it. I am  happy for everyone who loves Armin and the rest of the 104th. It was a great moment for you and I felt joy seeing your joy (especially yours @daydream24-7 and @guyinlovewitheremika ).

That said, I also completely understand the rage and disappointment in this chapter. I personally am struggling myself. This was a terrible chapter for anyone who loved Erwin, Ymir, or the Warriors. The time skip essentially rendered all of our pain as unimportant and inconsequential. We’re having to accept that everything we wanted and needed regarding our favorite characters isn’t going to happen.

We’re never going to see Nile, Pixis or, ya know, Levi’s reaction to Erwin’s death. Any conflicted feelings over eating Bert are probably long since resolved. We won’t get Reiner’s reaction. Ymir is probably dead. We’re expected to accept that Historia read her letter and got on with her life. And Annie–who dat?

It’s not just the characters I’m mourning, I have concerns about the story. In two pages the titan threat that hung over us is just gone. And not by some cool  awesome use of the coordinate, but by a titan guillotine that slowly picked them off one by one. It feels cold and anti-climactic.

I have so many questions. What about the structure of the military? Is there still a Survey Corps? What have they been doing for a year? Aren’t they worried about Zeke and Reiner? I’m sorry but you do not put a time skip in the middle of a battle. You do not leave that many threads hanging. I wanted and expected so much more.

And now people are resettling Wall Maria. What about all those bodies? Not just Erwin’s, but there are a hundred dead SC members rotting in the sun. I used to accept that there was no time to mourn the dead, but they’ve obviously had nine months of relative peace. I hope a little of that went into consideration for the fallen but we’ll never know.

While the day at the beach was nice, I’m struggling with the point of it. Was it simply to prove that Grisha’s journals were trustworthy? If so, wouldn’t being surrounded by 50 meter walls that are stuffed with a colossal titan filling be enough to prove that? 

Clearly I’m still processing all of this. I keep telling myself to be patient and give it more time, but how much more time do I allow? My biggest concern is if Isayama can still pull off a satisfying story, or is this an indication that he’s lost interest and is trying to wrap things up as quickly as possible. I’m looking forward to reading the meta of the people who I know are more objective than I am. I’m interested in hearing their thoughts. Maybe they’ll help soothe mine.

Anyway, thank you for listening. I just needed to get this out. 


I found this wonderful invention on ebay: a cute little backpack with a fabric pocket behind clear, heart-shaped vinyl, so you can display your pins without worrying about them falling off! The best part? It’s sparkly vinyl!

I could only fit a fraction of my collection behind the window (I have a pin addiction), but I made sure to include my OTPs to make the most of the heart shape.

Edit: I wasn’t expecting this post to get more than like 5 notes so I didn’t think to include a link. This is the listing I bought mine from, but as you can see, there are tons of other sellers so mine might not be the cheapest, especially if you’re interested in a different color.

How about some platonic Heith?

After listening to Lance moan and whine about trying to find a date in space for months, Keith’s starting to feel a little bit uncomfortable with the fact that he’s never actually dated anyone before. Especially when Lance keeps making snide comments about how he’s sure Keith had girls falling all over him back at the Garrison. He knows it’s okay that he doesn’t have dating experience, he knows it, but Lance’s jabs are really starting to stick with him and he can’t shake it. It gets to the point that Keith kind of has to talk to someone about it or he’s pretty sure he’s going to go crazy.

But who the heck is he going to talk to? Shiro is his usual go-to when he wants life-type advice, but ironically he assumes the same thing about Shiro that Lance assumes about him (this is why we don’t make assumptions about peoples’ love-lives children) so he doesn’t want to admit to Shiro that he’s got no experience. Coran is the other older-sibling/parental/uncle-esque figure on board who might have advice, but while he’s sure Coran would be more than willing to talk to him about it, the idea of talking to the boisterous and very overt Coran about his insecurities gives him the heebie-jeebies. (Sorry, Coran, we still love you.)

But who else? Pidge? Not if he doesn’t want to hand them blackmail for life. Allura? Almost as awkward as Coran. Lance? Obviously Hell. Fucking. No.

But Hunk? Hunk isn’t overwhelming, Hunk doesn’t seem the kind to blab about what he’s heard. Maybe Hunk will hear him out.

So off Keith goes to find Hunk. And hey! Hunk doesn’t happen to have a lot of dating experience either! So, because they’re both kind of in the same boat and maybe a little bit crazy after fighting a space war against an alien empire, they decide, hey, why don’t we date each other and get some practice! Nice!

Cue the sweetest, most tentative dating you’ve ever seen. Hunk notices pretty early on that Keith likes physical affection like hugs and hand holding, but doesn’t know how to ask for them, so he keeps initiating it himself so that Keith will never have to ask. Keith can see that Hunk can sometimes be a little nervous, especially in new situations or when meeting new people, so he often takes the lead and makes sure to heap praise on Hunk whenever he can to keep him calm and let him know that he’s appreciated. Neither of them really feel comfortable with kissing or anything more serious, so they agree to keep it light, but they still call each other their boyfriends and they really enjoy being together. It’s pretty much just cuddling and comforting words and supporting each other when they need it, but that’s exactly what both of them need and want.

They could be so good for each other guys. Just picture it.

Young Love 

Hey guys! So @crewefox requested a drawing of Robyn and Hannah sharing their first kiss. They are just a few his new O.C.s, for his famous fan fiction sequel of Take A Stand called Stars of Ceartas. Be sure to be on the lookout SUNDAY, because that’s when first chapter is posted! Also a description of these two cutie love birds can be read on @ziegelzeig‘s post here.

I’m extremely excited to see how the story goes! I hear there are a lot of new ships in this sequel hehehe

If you haven’t read or heard of crewefox’s fanfic Take a Stand, let me just ask WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? It’s pretty amazing. I’ll link that bad boy here. Hope you all have a great day!

anonymous asked:

Hello! For a prompt: CS kids keeps wanting to walk around the house naked, or take their clothes off. I know it sounds weird, but some kids do this and I remember my mom used to zip up my sister's onesie backwards because she always wanted to take it off, lol! Thank you so much for writing these, you're awesome! :)

OMG this is adorable! And yes, some kids definitely do this. My mom still tells the story on occasion of how she used to let toddler!me do a lap of the house after taking me out of the bath because I LOVED it.

“They’re little exhibionists!” Killian lamented as the twins took off in a run.

Emma had just gotten them out of the bath, which meant that it was what the three-year-olds called “Nakie Time.” Emma had long since topped fighting with them and had taken to letting them make one round of the upstairs before getting them into their pajamas.

“They’re not,” Emma assured him as she fished around in the leftover suds for the kids’ tub toys. One by one she removed the rubber ducks and floating pirate ships. “It’s just a phase; they’ll grow out of it.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I did.”

Killian gaped at her. Then a grin slowly spread across his face as he waggled his eyebrows at her. “You used to have Nakie Time?”

“I don’t remember it or anything but it was written up in my social services file as an observation from my first family,” she shrugged. “Even then, no one thought anything of it. It was just a childhood quirk.”

Grin still on his lips, Killian eyed his wife up and down. “Shame you grew out of it.”

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63 and 71 for Yondu?

Characters: Reader x Yondu Udonta + Gamora

Warnings: none

Prompts: 63: “Can you just man up and change his diaper?” 71: “Me and the boys will handle it.”

Word Count: 377

A/N: hope it’s okay !


“Are you sure you can handle him, Yondu?” you raised your eyebrows, balancing you and Yondu’s son on your hip while bobbing him up and down. Yondu nodded exaggeratedly, swaying back and forth. 

“Me and the boys will handle it.” he tried to reassure you, and you gave him a look before handing your son over. Yondu awkwardly held his son in his arms, and you laughed.

“Alright, I’ll be back before tonight.” you straightened your jacket, and you could hear Gamora calling out your name behind you.

“Let’s go, y/n!” she yelled from her ship, and Yondu frowned.

“Why are you going out with her again?” he asked, and you opened your mouth to respond but Gamora cut you off.

“Because she needs a girls night out.” Gamora retorted, and you grinned and nodded. Turning around, you jogged over to the ship with Gamora, waving goodbye as the ship took off. Yondu uncertainly turned back to his crew, balancing his son in his arms. He glared at them as they snickered at the sight of Yondu holding a child, and Yondu wandered back into his ship. He sat down on one of the seats and balanced his son on his lap, when the young boy suddenly burst out crying. 

Almost falling out of his chair, Yondu yelled for someone to call you. One of his crew members handed him a radio, where he could already hear you sighing.

“It’s literally been two minutes, Yondu.” you pressed your lips together, trying not to laugh.

“He’s crying!” Yondu yelped, and you leaned back in your chair and gave Gamora a look, and she smirked.

“Did you feed him? Maybe he’s sleepy-” you suggested, but Yondu wrinkled his nose.

“What’s that smell?” he wondered aloud, and you laughed.

“You’ll need to change his diaper, Yondu.” there was a pause on the other end the moment you finished speaking, and you rolled your eyes. “You need to do it.”

“It can wait, right?” Yondu said slowly, and you scoffed.

“Can you just man up and change his diaper?” you replied, frustrated, and Yondu sighed loudly. He hung up the phone and gingerly picked up his son, and looked around. 

“Are y’all going to help me, or what?” he roared.

{Reaction} Messing up your Korean in front of Monsta x

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

Lee Minhyuk

Originally posted by tochangkyun

Minhyuk was cooking when you got in after spending the day with Wonho, who had brought you home. You grinned, giving your boyfriend Minhyuk his usual kiss on the cheek, taking off your coat in the process. Minhyuk grinned, explained to you what he was cooking, before asking you if you wanted any.

{y/n}: “No thanks, I already ate Wonho’s penis earlier.”

Minhyuk: *almost choked on thin air, turning to look back at you.* “Excuse me?”

{y/n}: “Yeah, it tasted pretty good too actually.” *Leaves the room, completely unaware your attempt to say potatoes was a complete fail.*

Yoo Kihyun

Originally posted by chiqkihyun

Kihyun is used to your Korean mess ups. Since you’re still not perfect you often tend to mess things up or use the wrong word in the wrong context. And of course, he will always do his best to support your learning, but sometimes he can’t help but find your mess ups hilarious.

{y/n}: “I’m having a hard time expressing my potato.”

Kihyun: “What? Do you mean emotion? Not potato.”

Shin Ho Seok/ Wonho

Originally posted by minpoong

You have always be confused by the terms people use when addressing someone older or younger. You just don’t get it, but Wonho likes being your Oppa. this is all in good fun, until you start slipping up and getting it wrong.

Wonho: *Stands up, in a room with you and the other members of Monsta X* “Does anyone want anything? I’m going into the kitchen.

{y/n}: “Will you get me a drink, Appa?”

Kihyun: *snorts*

Wonho: *Won’t let his embarrassment show* “Sure thing, babygirl.” *Thinking messy thoughts on how he’s going to have to teach you why you shouldn’t mess up Appa and Oppa in the future later*

Son Hyun woo/ Shownu

Originally posted by monxbebe

You and Shownu were discussing different KPop groups. But since your Korean isn’t always that great, he wasn’t really understanding you as you tried to explain shipping to him.

{y/n}: “Byunshina!” (Trying to say BaekXing)

Shownu: “What are you calling me a stupid asshole for?!”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M.

Originally posted by hephap1001

You were texting an English friend on your phone, muttering in focus as you typed out the words. “Just a few secs…” you muttered before pressing the send button. Next thing you knew, your boyfriend Changkyun had pressed his lips against yours, initiating what you thought was something spontaneous.

Little did you know he misheard you and thought you’d muttered 섹스 - ‘Segseu’ (The korean word for sex.)

Chae Hyungwon

Originally posted by wonho-shin

After being in a long relationship with Hyungwon, you were finally moving to South Korea to be closer to him. You bought yourself a small yet cosy apartment in the city where you’d easily see Hyungwon and get to work. But since your Korean isn’t perfect yet, you still confuse him with simple sentences on a day to day basis.

Hyungwon: “{y/n}, where’s the bathroom?”

{y/n}: “Go back to your behind.”

Hyungwon: “What are you on about?” *Grinning at how cute you look when you’re confused.*

Lee Jooheon

Originally posted by kihqun

Like in the earlier reaction, you just don’t understand the concept of calling different people and labeling them in different ways judging by their age/status compared to yours. You avoid using the words at all cost, until Minhyuk explains to you how important it is to use them (and messes with you a little, just for fun ;))

{y/n}: “Hey, Unnie. How was work?”

Jooheon: “Excuse me, do I look like an unnie to you?”

{y/n}: “Yes. Minhyuk said it means boyfriend.”

Jooheon: “Fucking Minhyuk…” 

For every YOI shipper

This blog is still on hiatus because I have no internet and still have been unable to set the new admins but let me tell you.

If you happen to appear in the so called “shit list” don’t worry! Come to this blog! It doesn’t matter what ship you write (even if it is popular!) And we’ll make sure that your fic and you receive the love it deserves! Or even if the “problem” is not a ship.

Every ship and every author deserve love and there will always be people interested in what you have created. Don’t let immature people dictate what is Ok and what is not. It is good that people have different tastes and also to know when to avoid stuff that you don’t like, but that is in no way a reason to call people and their work “shit” or “gross”.

Please let this fandom be an awesome and positive place to share our creativity! Don’t let others put you down! ❤

Forming An Alliance Part 2- Bellamy Blake x Reader

Summary: After (Y/N)’s encounter with Isaac, Lewis and Brekk, she is still a little on edge. But what could have been a normal night ends up being a traumatic experience.

Characters: Bellamy Blake x Reader, Clarke Griffin x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Violence, almost rape, swearing, innapropriate touching, swearing, guns (not really a nice chapter)

Just as dinner was being served, I felt the coldness of the evening. Running back to my tent I went to grab my jacket. However upon entering the tent, I saw two bodies moving underneath the thin piece of material I used to keep myself warm at night.

“Oh my god!” I squealed backing out of the tent. Had I really just caught my friend having sex with some stranger?

“(Y/N), what the hell are doing here?!” Chris exclaimed, covering themselves up further.

Keeping my eyes averted, I said,“Well this is my tent too you know.”

       The girl scoffed, now with a decent amount of clothes on and stormed out of the tent, bumping shoulders with me as she passed by.

“No, Selena, it’s not like that!” Chris called after her.“You just totally cockblocked me.”

“What!? You think I did that on purpose? I just came to get my jacket.”

“It was all going so well too.”

“Oh stop whining. Once you explain I’m sure she’ll jump into bed with you again. Now if you’ll excuse me, I see some food with my name on it.”

Heading back towards the circle of people waiting for their food, I could already smell it. My stomach rumbled loudly at this begging for me to fill it. But the portions handed to us were only small as the food given to us had to serve the whole camp. Finally I was at the front and received the meat on the skewer. Meeting up with some of the girls, we all ate and appreciated the taste.

         As it got later, everyone started to disperse. I too began to feel tired and excused myself from the group. All they had been talking about was the incident that happened on earlier today and how lucky I was to be rescued by Bellamy. They all swooned over him as if he had saved me from death. Although I had to admit that he was attractive and most of the time caring towards me, I had accepted that it would never happen.

        Stumbling in the darkness,
I tried to find my way back to my tent, hoping that Chris hadn’t brought his ‘friend’ back. Suddenly two arms wrapped around me dragging me away from the camp. I tried screaming but it was muffled as soon as the person put their hand over my mouth. I panicked, what if it was a Grounder who somehow got into camp!? But when I heard the laughter, I knew who it was.

        We were on the outskirts of the camp making us vulnerable to whatever was out there in the night. The strong man pushed me up against the new fence, a rattling noise following. I could just make out the silhouettes of their faces but it wasn’t hard to guess who was doing this.

“You know (Y/N), I always thought you were a pretty one. Yeah, a little shy but I’d soon change that.” Isaac said stepping forward.

Lewis and Brekk held me against the wall.“Please, I’ll do anything, just don’t hurt me!”

“Anything? You hear that lads, she said anything.”

         I now regretted my choice of words as a hand covered my mouth once again and they pinned me to the floor. Thrashing about I tried to at least hand them in some way that would give me a chance of escape but it was no use. As they ripped off my jacket a tearing sound followed, echoing through my ears and the coldness of the night hit my torso. Isaac sat on my legs as Lewis and Brekk took a tight hold of my arms. I could barely move. Isaac was moving onto the buttons on my trousers, tugging at them slightly before they were stopped by yelling.

        All three were pushed off of me. The clicking of guns brought my attentions upwards seeing Chris, Bellamy, Jasper and Monty pointing them at the boys. My shaky sobs filled the silence.

“Grab them.” Bellamy said.

      They did as they were ordered restraining the struggling boys. I was still on the floor unable to move no matter how hard I tried. As they took Isaac and his henchmen, Bellamy approached me slowly so that I was not startled. Shivering I covered myself up as my top half was exposed. Belamy shrugged off his jacket putting it on me and zipping it up. Smiling reassuringly at me he lifted me to my feet.

        As we entered the camp everyone had formed a crowd, probably overhearing Bellamy shouting orders. They sent me pitiful stares as they parted, Bellamy’s arm wrapped around my shoulder, guiding me towards the dropship where Clarke was waiting. She sat me on the makeshift operating bed hugging me afterward.

“I’m so sorry.” she whispered.“I know you won’t want to do this but I need to assess you for wounds.”

        I glanced at Bellamy who turned away from us. After I was sure he couldn’t see me, I took off his jacket, left in only my jeans and bra. I caught a glimpse of my back in the smashed mirror. There were bruises all over me, some of them in the shape of fingers from where they had grabbed me. Clarke began inspecting me being very gentle and slow not wanting to make me more scared than I already was. Once she was done she handed me a t-shirt before calling Bellamy in.

“Make sure she gets to her tent and that someone is in there with her.” She ordered Bellamy before walking out of the drop ship.

      Bellamy walked back in just as I tugged at the bottom of the t shirt. As he walked up to me I held out his jacket to him though he refused. Slipping it back on I let Bellamy put his arm around me again. His jacket engulfed my body but I sort of felt protected, as if it was my shell which I could retract into.

      Apart from those on night patrol everyone else had gone back to their tents to sleep off the day. Chris was sat outside of ours arms crossed with one leg bobbing up and down. Once he saw us he rushed over and hugged me. I was a little startled but I embraced it, just wanting my friend near me.

“I heard what happened.” he said as he pulled back.“I’m going to beat the shit out of those bastards.”

“That won’t be necessary. We’ve got it under control.” Bellamy spoke up. He then began to walk away.

“Bellamy,” I called after him, causing him to turn around,“thank you.”

Did I win?

Bellamy x reader song image: lay my body down by ragn bone man. thx! 💕

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I loved this, it turned out way longer then I thought.

I decided to make this a One shot where the grounders are training the Sky Crew and she goes from a shy innocent girl, to a kick ass, terrifying grounder and Bell is super impressed.

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On a starship...

Wow. I have been doing some reading while I’m sitting here and I can’t believe some of the verbiage that is floating around! Fake accounts tagging Sam and Cait, saying horrible things about certain shippers and aligning themselves with the king of crap, WS. Every time this happens in this fandom it’s as bad, if not worse, than our political situation here in the states. Everyone scrapping and biting.
We been dealt another blow, that is for sure, but we shouldn’t be surprised. It’s so blatant, uncharacteristic, and crazy unnerving! I can tell you that I did have a few hours of regret, but it didn’t last long. Not for shipping and believing in Sam and Cait. Granted, I haven’t seen “the picture” (at the wedding and in a kilt?) or “the picture” (with the sign and a map), but I don’t care. I’m here floating around the galaxy in a starship called the HMS Royal Kilt and Shamrock. Let them try to effect me and my shipping way up here among the stars.
I don’t know what is going on, as none of us do. Maybe Sam is a friend of the groom, maybe he has some role in MPC. I don’t know and don’t care. Sam is a crappy actor when it comes to making me believe that he loves the girl from the south. And I know for a fact that he is NOT a crappy actor. So, I’m still sailing.
One more thing about my sailing and your’s. We may get some more shite slung our way, especially with the Oscar Wilde awards coming up, but NO ONE can tell us who, or how, or why we ship. NO ONE. Remember that dears.
And if you feel like you want to take a break, “beam on up”. There’s plenty of room on this old starship and you are more than welcome here among the stars!

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I think we're all up for smutty book recs :)

Because you asked so nicely…

Disclaimer: Smutty books are usually LOADED with problematic content. So don’t get your panties in a twist if you open one up and a character/author does something shitty and be like “Hannah said this was a good book!” People have weird kinks, and part of the nature of the smutty book is to feed into that kink—no matter how problematic it may be to the rest of us.

That being said, I have read some smutty books that I would NEVER EVER EVER recommend. They’re so problematic and horrible and not even the smut is good enough for me to recommend them. BUT, some people have weird kinks. Who am I to judge?

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Pls Stop

Damn…this show’s only been out for a few months and y’all are already cancelling the WHOLE thing. It really seems like a lot of you are really hopping on any and all opportunities to demonize the (not children but STILL young) cast, call them trash, “drag” them and this that and the third.

I can understand some of the KJ and Cole hate(though there’s no concrete evidence he abused his ex and we’ll probs never know for sure) but are we REALLY calling out Lili (and Camila by association) for being “lesbophobic” now? Why? Because she said that an UNLIKELY ship was UNLIKELY to happen in a story that’s BEEN centered around a hetero love triangle? (Because let’s be real this would never happen in the Archie comics let alone a fucking CW show, y’all give them too much credit). People seem to forget, Lili doesn’t write the show and has no control over what’s canon!!! If she says there’s a possibility of Beronica, it’s deemed queerbaiting. If she says it’s “not gonna happen”, she’s ‘homophobic’??

This is something I feel fans are really overreacting to. She wasn’t talking about ALL LGBTQ ships and even elaborated on the comment in question. And this is coming from a Beronica fan who is LGBT btw..

The section of the fandom doing this disappoints me. Sometimes I really hate this website and the ‘problematique’ call-out culture that’s so prevalent

Anxious!Clay With Supportive!Tony Headcanons

Request: Headcanons for Clay’s anxiety and Tony supporting him?


A/N: Sorry about the slight delay, I hope you like it! I wasn’t sure if you wanted boyfriends or platonic, so I just didn’t mention it.


Warnings: Anxiety, Panic Attacks


Anxious!Clay and Supportive!Tony Headcanons…

  • Clay isn’t one to be upfront and say he’s nervous, instead his body tends to give it away
  • His legs are shaky, and his hands can be too, and he often squeezes his fingers in an attempt to ground himself

  • Just about anything can make him nervous, in fact he can panic over literally nothing
  • It gets particularly bad around exam time at school, and Tony never fails to notice

  • He’s been noticing it for years, and he makes it his mission to do everything he can to support Clay
  • Tony tries not to make a huge deal about, he doesn’t want to make Clay more nervous than he already is

  • He’ll drive Clay to and from school, and often take him to have afternoon so that he knows Clay is eating
  • He’ll wrap his arm around Clay’s shoulders more frequently and give him a supportive squeeze

  • Clay quietly loves this, and he comes to crave it around these points in his life
  • Tony will invite Clay out to do fun and distracting activities with his brothers

  • He and his brothers make a point of proving how tough they are, so Clay has nothing to be worried about because they’ve got his back
  • Tony supportively squeezing Clay’s hand

  • Letting Clay stay over- though they usually stay up all night ‘cause Clay can’t sleep
  • Helping Clay to get through all his school assignments on time

  • Clay gets distracted and draws pictures on Tony’s skin and he just lets him
  • Tony glaring at any student who says something even remotely rude to Clay

  • Staying close but keeping a comfortable distance when Clay has a panic attack because he knows not to touch him
  • But he always talks Clay through those panic attacks because he wants the boy to remember he’s right there with him

  • Cuddling with him for hours after those panic attacks, just softly singing to him and stroking his hair once Clay lets him touch him again
  • He makes sure that Clay is drinking enough water

  • Softly singing him to sleep as he gently strokes Clay’s hair
  • Meanwhile Clay’s staring at him with heart eyes

  • Tony calling Clay’s parents to reassure them that he’s safe and well
  • Watching over him when he sleeps at his house incase he gets nightmares

  • It turns into anxious!Tony who worries he isn’t enough of a help


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Letters to Bucky (Part Five)

Welcome back to the story lovelies!
Thanks for all the love and encouragement along the way! If you are new to the fic, catch up HERE
. Over 3000 words this time, sorry for such long posts, but I love love LOVE you guys for reading it!

Tony read the poem at least a dozen times before refolding it and putting it back in his suit jacket pocket.
He hadn’t stopped smiling since the letter had been delivered that morning, hadn’t even left his desk yet. Couldn’t even think of what he wanted to say back to his soldier. In fact, Tony could barely string a thought together, so he just sat at his desk and grinned like a schoolgirl with her first crush.

It was kind of disgusting.

And he loved it.

“Tony!” Pepper snapped, sticking her lovely red head into his office for the eighth or ninth time in so many minutes. “You have a meeting RIGHT NOW. How many times– are you reading that letter again? Who is it from? What on earth?” She rubbed her forehead. “Look. I’m glad the pen pal program helped you through rehab, I am. Really. But you still have a company to run! So if you would just–”

“I’m coming!” Tony jumped up, waving his arms. “I’m coming. You know, Pepper I should just give the company to you. You care about it more than I do.”

“Don’t joke about that Tony.” She warned, and he stopped walking, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her soundly on the lips.

“I’m not actually joking. Let’s talk about it okay? Later. I can’t be late to this meeting.” With a quick wave of his hand he disappeared into the boardroom.

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