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Latch (Elliot Alderson x Reader)

A/N: I’ve found a tragic lack of MR fanfic despite the popularity of the show and the (ever-growing) size of the fandom so I’ve decided to make a stand. This is my first ever writing for this show and character so please be gentle but feedback would be very much appreciated. The other writers I’ve seen on here are brilliant so I hope to uphold those kind of standards. This is just a short fluffy piece I’ve put together inspired by the song Latch by Disclosure. Ask box is open for requests.

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Follow in my Footsteps

This was supposed to be a quickie but somehow ended up around 2000 words.  Oops.    Anyhow another RoyAi baby Maes Mustang adventure based on these pieces of fanart: @theysangastheyslew ‘s piece and this other one.

“Dad? Can I have this?”  

Roy looked over at his son rifling through the laundry on the floor and knew he shouldn’t have delegated the task to the kid.  Maes was supposed to be helping him sort the colors and whites and not using it as his own personal thrift store. Still, the boy looked so excited to claim his old academy hoodie that he it was going to be hard to deny him.  “It’s a little big for you, isn’t it?”

“Who are you calling small?”  Maes quipped and clutched the hoodie in his arms and frowned.

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peach & strawberry jello shots (they taste like candy!)- makes ~25 medium jello shots, or ~35 small

* prep: ~20 minutes // ready in: 6-8 hours *

materials needed:

* large bowl

* pot

* [2] measuring cups

* spoon

* ~25 medium or ~35 small disposable shot glasses

* cookie sheet

* cooking spray


* [2] 85g packets of strawberry jell-o (NOT “no sugar added”)

* 2/3 cup of regular vodka (pre-chilled in fridge)

* 2/3 cup of peach schnapps (pre-chilled in fridge)

* 2/3 cup of cold water

* 1 cup of boiling water


* take out your cookie sheet and place the shot glasses on it. this will make it easier to get in and out of the fridge. once the shot glasses are lined up, quickly spray them with cooking spray (the jell-o will slide out easier afterwards).

* in your first measuring cup, mix vodka and peach schnapps. using cold water (tap is fine), add until it reaches the 2 cup line. place measuring cup in fridge to chill.

* using your second measuring cup, measure just over 1 cup of water and put it in a pot on high to boil. this would be a good time to make sure your jell-o is out of the box and ready to be mixed.

* once the water is boiling, re-measure to make sure you have a full cup. pour the boiling water into a bowl and mix with both jell-o packs, stirring constantly.

* once the powder has all dissolved, take your chilled water/alcohol mixture from the fridge and mix it in with the jell-o, once again stirring constantly.

* now, use a measuring spoon or similar object to scoop out the jell-o mixture into the shot glasses. i find about 2/3 full is usually good (you want to have lots!)

* now that they’ve all been poured in and the mixture is gone, put the cookie sheet in the fridge either over night, or for at least 4-6 hours. anything less and it won’t be firm enough!

* once they’re firm, serve them to friends and enjoy!! *

Gabriel’s not entirely sure how he ended up here. He’s pretty sure Jell-O shots and a stupid hybrid game of spin-the-bottle and seven minutes in heaven were involved, somehow, but he’s a little hazy on the actual walk from the living room to the closet. And yet, here he is. In the closet. A little bit tipsy and tucked up against something big and warm.

That wouldn’t be a problem, of course, if not for the fact that the big and warm thing happens to be a big and warm something that Gabriel has spent many a lonely night thinking of, with a little help from his right hand. Because, wow, talk about firm and mouthwatering and-


Right. He’s not alone. Gabriel looks up at the big and warm something he’s leaning against, and sighs.

Of fucking course he’d be stuck in a closet with Sam Winchester.

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UA Update # 3 or 4? Fuck it. I don’t remember…

So yesterday was my UA (9-6-16). I woke up yesterday morning and did the sure jell thing mixed with 32 oz of lemon lime gatorade. It wasn’t too terribly bad. It was a cake walk compared to the Mega Clean. 

I urinated a couple of times before drinking the Mega Clean which is just as bad as I remembered it. God awful stuff, really. It took everything in my power not to puke it all back up. 

Drank the Mega Clean and only 16 oz of water instead of the recommended 32 oz since I had done the sure jell thing as well. The picture above was a super expensive test I got from the local pharmacy ($37, YIKES) and the urine I used was my third after drinking the Mega Clean. 

You can see the negative line for the THC. It’s faint, but it’s there. Also, let it be known that I’ve never taken PCP in my life so I am entirely unsure as to why that negative line is faint as well. I urinated once more before going to take my UA. I dropped for that test on my FIFTH time peeing after the Mega Clean.  

The woman at the testing facility mentioned that the lab may send my sample back as too dilute because it was almost crystal clear. I would HIGHLY recommend taking a few B vitamins daily in the days leading up to your test, especially if you plan to dilute. 

It’s been about 30 hours and my prospective new employer reached out to me to see if I had completed the drug screen so obviously the results aren’t in yet. I should know more tomorrow. 

Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t have to take it again and that we will be good to go! 

I can’t wait for all of this to be over so I can smoke a super fat blunt.