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funny story

My English teacher is a prim lady who, to my knowledge, taught in an elusive private school in England for a while before coming to the US. She speaks very properly and is really decorous. So last week we began our Shakespeare unit and she has this lovely slide up on the board with questions decorated with flowers and such. The class is silent. Suddenly, out of literally nowhere, a 2 Chainz video complete with swears and vulgarity pops up on the screen and starts playing insanely loudly. My teacher literally screams and hides her head with her papers while the whole class is laughing really hard. I’m almost sure that she started to cry a little. We still have no idea where the video came from but we’ll never forget it.

Frozen Meme
↳[8/10] Scenes: Anna being kind to Olaf after her freakout

like. did yall know that gym class heroes was formed in 1997? they’ve been a band for nearly 20 years now (and even if you wanna say that they’re not a band anymore since they haven’t released anything since papercut 2, you’re still looking at 14 years.)

travie’s been working his ass off for such a huge portion of his life only to be met with a really small fanbase compared to 21p, who basically came out of nowhere in 2009 and within 5-6 years became one of the biggest bandoms on tumblr. that’s very #yikes

and i do realize that part of the reason 21p is more popular than travie and gym class right now is because of activity. 21p has released 4 albums since 2009, whereas gym class has released 2, and travie’s released 1 solo album and a couple of singles. i think some people may also be turned off of travie and gym class because they’ve been around so long, and people think it’s harder or “pointless” to get into bands that are older or not as active anymore. (you also see this with cobra starship and the academy is, neither of which have the huge fandom presence that they used to because they haven’t really been active since 2011, tai especially. but this post is about gym class and 21p, so i digress.)

another thing that i see sometimes is people saying that it’s different because tyler raps about “meaningful things,” while travie raps about drugs and sex and “typical rap things.” and i won’t deny that there are some gym class songs like that– clothes off and kissin’ ears come to mind, for example. (i’m not knocking either song– i love them both dearly.) but so many gym class songs have way deeper lyrics than people think:

  • pillmatic is about travie’s addiction to prescription drugs.
  • faces in the hall is about bullying, especially homophobic bullying, and the tragic and senseless consequences that can come from it. (tyler joseph, meanwhile, cannot handle the Gay Burden.)
  • ass back home is about making a long-distance relationship work, despite the difficulties involved.
  • have you ever heard kid nothing boy vs the echo factor? it’s travie calling out the mainstream rap scene and acknowledging that people will listen if he raps about “mainstream rap things” (drugs, sex, callout raps, etc), but he voices his concern that people won’t listen to him if he’s just himself and that nobody is truly listening to him. (”I could tell you whatever you wanna hear/but if I just said hello, would you listen to me?”) does this sound familiar? it should– this is more or less what lane boy is about, especially the first verse of lane boy, but without sounding superior to other rappers and the rap genre itself.
  • kid nothing and the never-ending naked nightmare, a sequel song to kid nothing boy, is about much the same thing as the first kid nothing song, as travie acknowledges how far he’s come and his past mistakes but still worries about whether or not he’s truly being heard and listened to. there’s even a break where travie talks about how anxiety-inducing it is going to the grocery store and running into a fan, and it’s one of the most heartbreaking things i’ve heard.

and i’m just a casual gym class fan, i’m only familiar with a handful of their songs. you could ask someone who knows their music better and i’m sure they’d have way more instances of travie rapping about “real things” than the ones i’ve listed here. and guess what? even if travie did do nothing but rap about “typical rap things,” that still wouldn’t discount how kind and talented he is, or how long he’s been working in the music industry.

i’m not dissing 21p at all– i’m a fan of their music and i do believe that a lot of it has helped me personally– but that doesn’t give them a free pass to the shitty or ignorant things they do and say. unfortunately, a lot of people seem to believe that you can’t offer legitimate criticism on 21p without automatically also attacking their characters and the character of every single person who has ever loved 21p. which, again, is very #yikes, because attitudes like that close off possible avenues for discussion, so nobody learns anything and everyone just gets angrier at each other because they don’t make an effort to understand one another.

it’s okay not to like gym class heroes. it’s okay to like twenty one pilots. but if you dislike gym class and like 21p, you might want to more closely examine the reasons that you feel that way, because it’s more than likely that racism is an underlying factor there.

Ciel's Diary

Sebatian: Young master, please calm down!

Ciel: Calm down? CALM DOWN?! They almost burned the manor and you tell me to god damn CALM DOWN?!

Sebastian: My lord, all is well. And if it did burn down it wouldn’t be something I couldn’t fix in mere minutes.

Ciel: But you can’t do that because nobody knows you’re a damn DEMON!

Sebastian: You know what, my lord? I believe that you’re stressed.

Ciel: Stressed? Me? Nooooooooo! Pfft, psh, pfft. Streeeessed? OF COURSE I’M STRESSED!

Sebastian: And what you need the most right now is a stress reliever.

Ciel: A stress reliever? Do enlighten, oh wise one.

Sebastian: How about writing a diary? You can write what happened during the day and how you felt about it. That would really help.

Ciel: You got to be kidding me!

Sebastian: -stares at Ciel-

Ciel: -sighs- FINE! -gets out papers and starts writing- Dear diary, my day was a complete disaster. It started out by waking up way earlier than usual because -stresses on pen- Sebastian thought it would be a DELIGHTFUL idea to have a meeting real early. Then, during lunch Sebastian thought it would be MORE than a WONDERFUL idea to -grits teeth- Feed me vegetables. Oh but wait, there’s more! When I asked for some tea and cake instead, he said -glares at Sebastian- That I would not get any cake until I finish my damn plate. Ohohohoho, but it didn’t end there my dearest diary, my 3 IDIOTS of servants almost burned down my mansion because they thought it would be a LOVELY idea to try new ways of cooking without someone watching over them. -grits teeth while tearing the paper with his pen- AND THEN THE BUTLER, SUGGESTED THAT IT WOULD BE EASY TO REBUILD THE DAMN MANOR WITH HIS POWERS WHEN HE, oh so accidentally, FORGOT that no one here knows he’s a DAMN DEMON! The end -smiles-


Ciel: -smiles at Sebastian-

Sebastian: Well… If I’m not mistaken, it appears I’m the source of your stress, my lord… And for silly reasons obviously…

Ciel: -crumbles the papers and throws them away- You know what Sebastian? -smiling- I think, writing this diary thing was a GREAT idea, I absolutely LOVED writing it. You know where I’d love to write more? I WOULD LOVE TO CARVE YOUR SKIN WITH THE PEN TILL YOU BECOME UNRECOGNIZABLE!

Sebastian: …. -laughs nervously- I-If you’ll excuse me… I’ll have to fix the kitchen -runs-

Ciel: SEBASTIAN MICHEALIS -slams hands on desk- GET BACK HERE!


“I know anything bad ever happens to me, I hope you’re in my corner too.”

Agents Antoine Triplett and Jemma Simmons in 1.14 : T.A.H.I.T.I.

Seventeen As: Stupid Things They've Done

Anon said: “Seventeen as stupid things they’ve done”

When there was a tiny amount of toothpaste left and he took it and ran for his life, resulting in him almost getting stampeded and trampled on by the rest of the members.

When they were at the beach and Seungcheol tried to run away with some sort of paper and he was like BOY IF YOU DONT and immediately grabbed on to him with the help of Hansol and dropped him (Cheol) unintentionally.

When he came out of nowhere and started reading some sentences from an English workbook that Seungkwan was struggling to comprehend, resulting in Seungkwan having to hold himself back from strangling him.

When he ate all those damn lemons!! (I’m almost 100% sure he got a stomach ache afterwards bc lord knows I would)

Didn’t share his food with Mingyu that one time and and Mingyu DEADASS stared him down. And when he pretended to be oblivious to DK opening his mouth for him to give him some ice cream and Seokmin stayed in that same position for like twenty years looking unamused as hell.

When he complimented Dino after a recording session and Chan was like, “thanks even though they’re empty words.” And he fr acted like Chan had said some hilarious shit and had to rest an elbow on the table in front of him but was just laughing too hard, resulting in his elbow slipping and him almost smacking his head on the table.

When him and Seungkwan (I believe) dropped Vernon that one time they were doing the choreography to Mansae and it got to the part right after Hansol’s rap (thankfully they lowered him enough for him to not hit the ground too hard).

That one time they were doing a V App broadcast and he was being extra and doing excessive aegyo and almost got his head bashed in by Boo Seungkwan and his squeaky hammer.

When he forgot to lower the mic after a recording session and Dino walked in and had to deal with Woozi and that other guy laughing at him because his forehead could barely reach where the mic had been directly in front of Mingyu’s mouth.

When I think of Minghao, I think of handstands, and after I think of handstands, I am reminded of that one time Seungkwan tried to do a handstand to one-up Jisoo but ended up falling face first.

That one time he got scared because someone was knocking really hard on the door yet he couldn’t see anyone through the peephole, only to later find that it was the person delivering his Chinese take-out.

When he almost punctured a lung with how high pitched his voice was getting because he kept telling Seungkwan to stop trying to hit a note that was straining his voice.

When he accidentally turned off the speaker that was playing a song that some members were really engulfed with and almost got killed by the glares directed his way.


What to do after a car accident

Short story time: At the beginning of May, I was hit while driving by another car that decided red lights don’t mean stop (what a bitch). Three years prior I hit a car that I’m pretty sure came the fuck out of nowhere (‘funny note’—I can’t remember a lot from that accident). And I have been in the car as a passenger during a couple negligible rear-ending incidents (one which happened days after my first big accident and caused me to have a panic attack).

So what do you do in the aftermath of a car accident?

FIRST—Check on YOU: You read it in airplane emergency brochures—help yourself before assisting your fellow passengers. The same thing goes for car accidents. Make sure that you’re okay before helping everyone else. Here’s what I do: check for major bleeding, wiggle toes, fingers, roll neck gently, feel body for debris. You can do this pretty damn quickly. But you’re no fucking use to anyone if you’re injured and bleeding and trying to help other passengers. Why? Because you’ll only hurt yourself further, and may injure the other person, as well.

Check on other passengers. Were you driving with other people in the car? Or are you another passenger being driven by someone else? Look around the vehicle and audibly ask if each person is okay. If anyone’s injured badly, take note, because you’ll need to describe this to the emergency operator.

Turn off the vehicle (if possible). Whenever your car is hit, especially if it’s hit near the engine or gas tank, turn the car off. The last thing you want is a fucking giant ball of fire on the side of the road. Also, turning off the car can make you feel like you’re doing something normal(ish), which might help keep your noggin calm.

Exit the car (if possible). Sometimes you can’t exit the car the normal way. You might have to crawl through a window, or crawl around the car to exit through a door that’s working. My first accident was a T-bone that resulted in my door being slammed in. The electric doors in the car were fucked up already, so my only way out was to have the responding officer rip the door off (the look on his face as he tried to open the other doors was fucking hilarious, though).

Do you need police/fire/ambulance? Then…

Call emergency services. The operator will ask you your location. Try to name off a nearby intersection, mile marker, or landmark—this can help first responders locate you more quickly. It pays to know where the fuck you are. Describe your car. Name the number of people and their injuries, if you can. Say how many cars were involved.

While you’re waiting, if you can, grab any personal belongings from your car (purse, backpack, etc.). In case your car is towed, you might lose access to these things. If your phone is working, take pictures of the scene. This can help later with insurance stuffs, or if it’s needed as court evidence. Or you can even use them to create a scrapbook memorial page mourning the loss of your first car. Also, call any important people who should know that you were in a bad accident: parents, spouse, lover, friends, boss, etc.

Is it a minor dent/scratch and no one’s hurt? Then…

Call the police anyway. Why? Because as good as some people can be, some will do anything to avoid taking fault for an accident. This can come back to bite you in the ass when you’re trying to get reimbursed by the other persons’ insurance company for any work your car needs. So why do I need a cop? Because they can be a third party witness who can assign a ticket to the faulted party, collect insurance information, and describe the details of your car.

If you really don’t want to call the cops…get the other person’s insurance. Take a picture of your car and their car. Shit, take a picture of their insurance card. Don’t let them get away by just giving you their first name and a phone number—you’ll never hear from them again. Be assertive about getting it, and if they’re hesitant or violent, CALL THE COPS.

Important things to note: Don’t forget to call your insurance company and let them know about the accident! Write down the number of the agent who you’ll be talking to. Get the cop’s name and badge number, the police report number, towing company, the names of everyone involved. Your insurance company will ask you to give your statement. Before telling them, write everything down so you know what to say and so you can make sure you didn’t forget to mention anything.

Miscellaneous tips:

Try to stay as calm as possible, at least when you’re on the phone. It’s really hard for emergency responders to get information out of someone who’s crying.

Bring a bag or box with you to get the stuff out of your car, if it’s been towed. If you had stuff in boxes in your trunk, they may have been busted during the accident, so you’ll be happy you brought a bag.

Don’t text and drive! Seriously! If you kill someone because you decided texting was more important than paying attention to the road, I hate you and hope you rot (fuck you, fuck you, fuck you). Same thing with cell phone calls! The person on the other end of the line doesn’t know if they’re distracting you, and not having two hands on the wheel can lead to some gnarly accidents (especially in bad weather). Bluetooth headsets are super-cheap nowadays, and a lot of states (like Illinois!) are making hands-free laws (IE, you need to use a bluetooth device while driving or else it’s a pricy ticket).

Even if you end up not going to the hospital, see your doctor the next day. Let them know you were in a car accident. Sometimes your body takes a while to tell you that you have an injury. Also, sometimes what you think is nothing can lead to major neck/back/brain problems later, so this can save you in the long run.

Also, BIG TIP: If you’re the car who hit someone, never say “I’m sorry.” That is considered an admission of guilt and is ultimately what got me charged as being Car 1 (car at-fault) in my first accident. Even though both I and the other car were technically at fault, the responding officer chose me (poo).

Stay safe, pay attention to the road, and wear your seatbelts!
-The Sudden Adult

PS. It’s totally OKAY to cry and freak out a bunch after an accident. I can only manage to remain calm enough to call 911 and talk to the police, but when I call my parents I cry a bunch. Luckily my mom is fluent in The Sudden Adult’s Tear-Filled Rambling and can decipher that I want my dad there to talk ‘police’ with the police (plus he’s a big fat guy, so hugging him’s like hugging a giant mustachioed grizzly).

The Jealousy Party

||Prompt|| Imagine one day Vision needs advice on how to ask Wanda out and you tell him a nice home made meal should do the trick, but he doesn’t know how to cook well. You help him and get a little too close. Wanda accidentally sees you guys and gets jealous so she goes off flirting with Bucky to make you jealous. 

||Warnings|| Jealousy.

||Pairing|| best friend!Vision x Reader, best friend!wanda x reader, bucky x reader, vision x wanda

Word Count: 1573

Not edited… 

The Jealousy Party

You laid in bed reading a book and listening to some classic music. It was great. Everything was going back to normal after the teams fought each other. Team Tony was in the tower while the team Steve people slowly came back home. Clint for sure wasn’t coming anytime soon since he took time off to see his family. Out of nowhere, Vision fazed through the wall giving another mini heart attack, he seemed to do often since he hasn’t seen Wanda for like 3 weeks.

“What’s up Vision?” You placed the bookmark on your current page before letting it sit on your nightstand and standing up to greet him. 

“I need help, Y/n.”

“The Vision needs help from this mere assassin? What a day to be alive!” You smirked leading him to your little bar where you pulled out two glass cups and offered him a fine wine, but he nicely declined. “Suit yourself; you’re missing out on the good. Nothing Tony or Thor can ever offer you can compare to this.” 

“Y/n please just help me.”

“Okay, okay big guy want you need?” You supported yourself on the marble counter top giving Vision all your attention. 

“Wanda is coming later tonight and you know how we had a hard time with the whole government thing, and I want to make it up to her. Possibly ask her to be my girlfriend.” He decided to take a seat on one of the bar stools as you handed him a can of soda. 

“My children grow up so fast.” You gave him one the hugest smiles anyone could muster. “But how does this have to do with me? I mean of course I’ll be the fairy godmother when you guys get children, but I don’t really see myself in the picture right now.” You took another sip of your wine. 

“Fairy Godmothers?” He shook his head, “Anyways, I don’t really know how to ask her out or even make things better.” 

“So you come to me for girl advice? God Vision you are getting desperate.” You laughed tilting your head, curiosity getting the best of you.”So you’re basically asking to help you set up a date?”

“Basically” He whispered back giving you puppy eyes.

“Okay, so we are talking about Wanda here. She probably would like some food. I mean what girl wouldn’t?” You mostly talked to yourself. “The best food is the food the man makes for you.” You raised your eyebrows at him when he gave you a nervous look, but you went on with it. “Flowers for the apology and maybe some romantic music you can dance to.” You nodded, mentally giving yourself a pat on the back.

“One problem,” Vision let his full can of soda rest back on the table. “I can only do one of those things, and that’s because all I need to do is buy flowers.”

You glared at him, “Really all this time alive and you haven’t learned how to dance?” You gave him one last look, before making up your mind. “Okay I’ll help you but no one can know about this, okay?”

“Yes ma’am” He saluted you and you both chuckled.

“Come back in 30 minutes, you should probably wear some gym clothing.” With that, he was gone and on the run getting ready. You too got ready. Ready to help two of your favorite people get together. 

Just before Vision got back, you ask FRIDAY when Wanda would come around and she said in 5 hours, so that gave you enough time to help Vision cook and teach him the basics of dancing. 

Vision finally came back with a bottle of water for you. 

“Okay,” You quickly ran to your stereo and placed a romantic CD before going back to Vision, “Get your left hand on my waist,” and so he followed your direction. “and your other hand on mine,” You put your hand on his, “and now follow my lead.” With that, about 2 hours were spent trying to teach the unteachable how to dance.

You immediately went running to the kitchen trying to get dinner done. You laid all the ingredients down on the table while Vision got the stove ready and all the knives and forks that will be needed. You pulled out pans and Vision started cutting a few tomatoes. 

“Vision you don’t cut tomatoes vertically, it’s more of a horizontal way, here let me help you.” You squeezed through the space Vision had left you and took the knife out of his hand. His body was pressed against your back and his hand on top of your as you cut the tomatoes trying to teach him.

In that moment, Wanda came into the kitchen but you guys couldn’t see her since your backs were faced to her. 

“H-” She stopped herself before you guys could hear her. She quickly hid but still able to see guys. 

“Okay, now the onions.” You reach for the onions and started chopping them immediately, knowing your eyes were extremely vulnerable to the scent or whatever made you tear up.”Okay so first cut the onion in half and then take off the papery layers.”  You take the layers off after Vision had cut the onions in half. 

You did everything as you verbally explained, “Lastly, you are going to cut many vertical lines and then make horizontal lines before you start cutting it like any other vegetable.” 

“Y/n are you crying?” Vision turned you around and used his thumbs to wipe off the tears. 

“You’re not human, you wouldn’t understand. Anyways let’s finish this before the time passes. We have less than 2 hours.” You turned away from Vision and started moving around the kitchen starting to boil the pasta, letting Vision cut the rest of the vegetables. 

Wanda had enough and decided to walk off, to find Bucky and flirt with him. She was your best friend and she has told you her humongous crush on him, just for you to make a move on him. So she used the information you have given her about your crush to take revenge. 

“FRIDAY where is Bucky?” Wanda asked FRIDAY, before making her way to the restroom. She stayed outside waiting for him to come out. 

Just as she got there, the door opened and Bucky was there, still with his bags behind his back where he had his clothing since Sam, Wanda and he had just arrived.

Wanda didn’t mutter a single word and went for a kiss. She pulled him close by pulling his jacket towards her and let her hands run through his hair. He let go of his bags and held her waist pulling her even closer than they already were. He pushed her against the wall and he lifted her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist while never stopping the kiss. 

“Okay Vision, everything seems right, I even got time to make some cookies with 30 minutes left. You should get ready. Put on some nice dark jeans and that gray sweater you always wear. A little birdy told me she loved that on you.” You winked at him while washing your hands in the kitchen sink. 

He didn’t say anything else before going back to his room to change. You took the last 30 minutes to serve the food on the table, put your baked cookies on a special plate in the middle, and placed the bottle of wine in the middle as well. You turned on some candles and everything seemed perfect. 

So you went off to the bathroom to take a shower so you could wash off all the sweat. You called Wanda to see when she would arrive but you heard her ringtone just a few feet away, and then you saw it, Bucky and Wanda making out. You instantly felt betrayed by your best friend and your heart crushed watching your crush enjoy himself. 

But of course being an assassin made you hide your emotions so you brushed them off, “Guys get a room.” You grumpily muttered making your way inside the bathroom. But before you shut the door you spoke to Wanda who still hadn’t let go of Bucky. “Oh, and before I forget, Vision asked me to help him make food because he wanted to ask you out and to ask for forgiveness. So if you decide to toy around with two men, Vision is in the diner.” You faked a smile while giving her one last look and closed the door. 

Wanda immediately let go of Bucky, who also looked surprised. The 2 of them looked at the closed bathroom door and Wanda quickly explained everything to Bucky. He nodded trying to comprehend everything but still didn’t get half of it, he only understood, ‘Y/n likes you and she was flirting with Vision so I wanted to make her jealous.’ 

Wanda made her way down to the diner where in fact, Vision sat with the lights dim, the candles giving off most of the light. He sat there fixing any wrinkles his shirt might have. He tried making the plates as centered as possible. Basically trying to make everything perfect. Wanda felt like shit. But she had to go along with it. She fixed her hair and wiped off her lipstick that was out of place. 

“Hi, Vision.” She nervously waved at him


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Update : Part II

Funny story from like 5 years ago, when i was helping my aunt with a magazine launch party, there were a bunch of young celebs from abc family, disney channel and Nick. I was helping to put the beverages in the cooler and this older white lady just started talking to me out of nowhere. I was like ??? ‘ok sure I’ll converse with you lady’ and we were just drinking and then she was asking how I got such clear skin? I was like “uhh idk i just wash it” and yeah she kept asking all these weird questions (i think she was on some happy meds or something) but it was whatever and suddenly she was like “oh yeah you should meet my son! he came here but idk if you know him” And then she started waving her hand telling him to come over and her son was fuckin robbie amell

and she was all “honey what shows are you on again?”
and that’s how I got robbie amell to apologize to me for his mom.

Hey, I heard that the Fight Club was starting?  Shame that my artistic talent is lacking.  Well, that’s alright, what I lack in talent…

…I make up for in pure ANIME.

So let’s go, you punks.  I ain’t afraid of you.  I’m Toasty’s friend, too.

I’ll show you what true “friendship” is all about.


One day I went to a friend’s place. He lives near a shopping district and rents a room in a sort of communal apartment. The shared (and sort of public) bathroom is on the first floor, and my friend’s room is also on the first floor, farthest from the exit.

We were hanging out in his room and drinking when I realized I needed to use the bathroom. Something about the bathroom was really creepy, so I kept looking around to make sure nobody was watching me. I finished up and left the bathroom when a young guy with a yellow hoodie came up to me out of nowhere.

“GOOD MORNING!” he cried out in a somewhat disjointed manner.

“Mornin’ to you, too,” I said and continued on my way back to my friend’s room. My friend then decided to use the bathroom, and when he came back he said the same thing happened to him—some guy in a yellow hoodie said hello, and he returned the greeting.

Not much later, I got tired and fell asleep. I don’t know what time it was, but at some point my friend started yelling at me.

“No way! Hey, wake up! You gotta see this!”

He was watching the news. When I lifted my head up to see what was on the screen, I saw an old woman. Underneath her was a heading that read “Slasher! People attacked in broad daylight!” The woman began answering questions the reporting crew was asking. What she described made my blood run cold.

“He was pretty young and was wearing a yellow hooded sweatshirt.” She had apparently been a witness to one of the attacks. The report continued on with information from the police regarding the man’s motive.

Apparently he had been stabbing people who didn’t reply to his morning greetings.



(Sorry if the video moves around, I’m not sure why, I apologise in advance)

Okay so basically, the wedding was getting boring, they played bad music, nothing to get us going. I wanted to request Shake It Off but I have a bit social anxiety so I didn’t want to go up and I told my sister to as well but she was hesitant. I got so stressed about Shake It Off not playing at the dancing part of a wedding and was just getting annoyed, bUT ALL OF A SUDDEN, AS IF A MIRACLE OCCURRED, OUT OF NOWHERE, THE BEGINNING BEAT OF SHAKE IT OFF CAME ON AND WITHOUT QUESTION, IT WAS AUTOMATIC. I SHOT UP OUT OF MY SEAT AND I WENT FOR MY LIFE. NO ONE ELSE DANCED SO I STOLE THE DANCE FLOOR AND PUT IN MY TAYLOR INSPIRED MOVES.  IT WAS A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. NO REGRETS. I HOPE YOU’RE PROUD OF ME taylorswift


Let me just start by saying that I have never been more excited for something in my life, than Season 5 of Teen Wolf. I remember when the trailer for Season 4 came out and I remember thinking okay this is sick! and being all stoked for it. And season 4 had some nice parts to it, but what it was lacking was a truly gripping plotline that continued down the path of hard-hitting emotional struggle that we all latched onto in season 3B. Teen Wolf had gone back to a sort of season 3A plotline style in season 4, and I think a lot of us missed the heavy, emotional bearing episodes that came with season 3B. Season 5 definitely shows promise for not only a strong, heart-rending based plot, but also insane action-packed thrill that we all enjoy and truly makes this show what it is.

I’ve genuinely been playing the trailer on loop ever since it first dropped online (might I say out of nowhere) and I know for sure I’ve never been so excited because I have never been so anxious for a new season of this show to start to the point where I have literally cried. Season 5 is offering some amazing storylines that many of us have been long-awaiting.

The trailer implies flashbacks of Lydia thinking to seeing Stiles unconcious beneath his flipped over jeep, which sparks the excitement for a stellar Stydia intrigue. We also get a glimpse into a crack in Scott and Stiles relationship, which is insansely interesting considering we as viewers have not yet witnessed any harm to the Sciles relationship besides a slight dent at times. Scott and Stiles’ relationship being the focus of the show is deffinitely going to draw viewers in to witness the true boundaries of the two’s faith in eachother, if there be any boundaries at all. We also get to see a peek at Lydia Martin’s unknown abilities, which from what we’ve seen so far, appear insane. Not only will Holland Roden grace our screen for a longer period of time (and we get to see more of her amazing horror acting skills), it seems she’ll be taking over with a bang and that makes me extremely excited to see. Another part to the trailer that seemed very small compared to the rest of the action going on, was a line that Scott said, leading into an important part to Scott McCall’s development on this show. Last season’s trailer showed Scott saying “I don’t want to keep watching people die.” he appeared sure of himself and strong as he usually is. However, in this trailer we witness Scott upset and unsure of himself, questioning his motives of letting someone into his pack and how things have changed. He says, “[and] I don’t know how to fix it.” While this is one of the most least talked about moments of the trailer right now, I think this is still extremely important, because now we see Scott, the guy who always tries to save everyone and is always thinking of a plan, we see him lost and almost hopeless. I think this will play a huge part in season 5 and Scott McCall’s character and will be intriguing to see unfold. Along with our two core characters (Scott and Lydia) we also have Stiles Stilinski, which in this trailer we see more of the dark side of him as opposed to the sarcastic/ligh-hearted side we witnessed more of in last season’s trailer. I am personally stoked to see Dylan O'Brien portray this side to his acting as it is my favorite to witness character’s endure. Slamming the steering wheel, screaming at the top of his lungs, slamming his pen against his board, and even yelling at Scott his best friend. This season encompasses more of the season 3B vibe of Stiles Stilinski, maybe even more intense which from what we’ve witnessed from season 3B, is quite an intoxicating performance that we’re all dying to see more of. I am very excited to witness the core characters plotline for this upcoming season, most, and from the looks of this trailer I think it will live up to the thrill we are all feeling now.

THEORY: The coyote, the raven, and the fox.

To finish off I wanted to state a short theory to build on the many other theories that are going around about season 5 of Teen Wolf. These theories are always a long-shot, but they’re always fun to talk about, especially during the wait for the season premiere. It is obvious that ravens will play a huge role in this season, considering the multiple cuts to dead ravens on the ground and sounds of bird caws in the background. From season 3B we saw Void!Stiles talking to Lydia when she was trapped, and he mentioned the coyote, the raven and the fox. The fox, as we all know, was the nogitsune and “The Desert Wolf” is the coyote, from what I believe from what has been introduced to us thus far (there’s always the possibility that Malia is the coyote but her lack of evil intentions from what we’ve seen, proves it not to be her, at least not yet). This means that we have had an animal that the nogitsune stated, mentioned each season so far (The fox in season 3 and the coyote in season 4). But of course that leaves the raven which has now been given a huge role in season 5. Ravens appeart to be evil creatures and signs of bad omen, when in reality they’re not. Ravens symbolizes wisdom and knowledge, being known as a very intelligent animal. This symbolism is derived from Welsh and Celtic roots, which as we know, is a huge basis for Teen Wolf. I was doing research on ravens and their symbolism and from an article I found this:

For example, the raven’s intelligence is possibly its most winning feature. Indeed, these birds can be trained to speak. This speaking ability leads into the legend of ravens being the ultimate oracle.

In fact, the raven is often heard to cackle utterances that sound like “cras, cras.” The actual word cras is tomorrow in Latin. This lends more fuel to the legendary fires that distinguish the raven as a bird who can foretell the future, and reveal omens and signs.

Countless cultures point to the raven as a harbinger of powerful secrets. Moreover, the raven is a messenger too, so its business is in both keeping and communicating deep mysteries.“ x

Now who does this sound like to you?

That’s right! Lydia Martin. While I don’t think Lydia will turn bad this upcoming season, there are many possibilites out there that there is other nogitsunes out in the world (one in the The Desert Wolf), one possibly ending up in Lydia Martin. We’ve all seen the theories about Lydia becoming a new host for a nogitsune, but from the ravens being shown to the teaser trailer of her laying down in the hospital bed, it’s becoming a quite real and exciting possibility. We see here Holland with a face that is very out of character, especially to her character that we’ve seen previously in this trailer of her scared and in past seasons.

And the resemblance of Dylan’s character’s face from when he was taken over by the nogitsune and Holland’s character’s face in the image above, should be noted.

External image

Like I said before though, the raven is not an animal with evil symbolism. But when we watch the trailer we don’t see just any raven, we see dead ravens. While I’m not quite sure to expect from this, I do know that in many cases ravens represent good luck and by seeing dead ravens I can interpret the idea of lost luck or even lost hope/faith, which is a theme we see in this trailer in many aspects, between Scott’s struggle, Stiles and Scott’s relationship, and unknown struggles for Lydia. I’m not sure what to turly hold out for with these ominous signs, but one thing that tips towards the side of Lydia encountering the dark spirit as Stiles did, is the scene where her powers show extreme strength.

In parts of the trailer, we see a frightened and traumatized Lydia Martin, however in these parts, he composure appears different from the rest. While they could just as much be traumatized I think it’s fair to refer back to the composure of the nogitsune and when it took over Stiles

It gave him strength and power he never had, and while Lydia most likely already had this power in her, it could also be possible that a nogitsune helps bring it out of her. Sort of like the "spark” that Peter Hale refers to when he talks about the night he bit Lydia to set off her banshee powers.

Giving her this insane amount of power that we see here.

The raven could be very much any one of the new characters we have yet to meet. However, having the new boy be the raven almost seems too obvious, especially with the way he enters the trailer and the fact the raven images show up right before his clip of him working out appears. Many signs show towards Lydia, with the symbolism of the raven and the possible return of a nogitsune. Also, Lydia appears to be in a vulnerable state in the clip we see of her when the man asks her what happened to your friends? and we all know the nogitsune takes advantage of that state to take over the body. I am not certain as to the possibility of Lydia having a similar situation to ones of Stiles, but it would be a very interesting plotline and many signs could be pointing to it. I think even if a nogitsune doesn’t play a role in this season, I still believe the raven is Lydia, and as a character who has contact with spirits I think the whole spirit side can still be able to play a role in the three animals theory of the fox, the raven and the coyote. Ravens are known to be messengers of spirits much like the way banshees are connected to spirits. I think this will play a huge role in Lydia Martin’s development as a character, maybe a plot that doesn’t play out the whole season, but one that sets the tone or affects her character in a big way. There is always the possiblity that the three animals aren’t all meant to be evil, and it was just the fox that was. I have not done further research on the other two animals, so I am not sure where the other two’s symbolism stands, for certain. But I am very excited to see how this all connects and unfolds in season 5.

IN CONCLUSION, season 5 of Teen Wolf shows huge promise for deep emotional character-development for the core characters of the show (Lydia Martin, Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski), huge and exciting changes or conflicts in relationships, and emotional, action-filled scenes that will be thrilling to see unfold and fall together throughout the 20 episode season of the returning Teen Wolf series.

WATCH YOUR PBACK (click to watch trailer)


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For people saying Korrasami came out of nowhere, or "they are just platonic"


Are you sure?



Come on guys this has been built up slowly for the past 2 seasons, your heteronormativity just blinded you. This isn’t the climax of a relationship it’s just the start, and it’s beautiful!

Confession Gone Wrong [ft. Jin]

Requested by: mymisstina 

i love you;

When done properly, side effects include: A seeming absence of your stomach, silence, perhaps tears, and an overwhelming joy.

You and a group of friends were on your way to the camping place. The reason you called it ‘the’ camping place was it’s been a tradition of yours to come here every summer since ninth grade.

It could have been a good day.

If only Kim Lana wasn’t here and if only she could’ve been less desperate and know how to keep her hands of a certain someone.

Kim Lana, the most irritated person you knew,  was hooking arms with your man.

And obviously, you weren’t okay with it.

You weren’t even sure who invited her here, she just came out of nowhere and decided it was okay for her to tag along. If it was someone else, you’d be okay with that but we’re talking about Kim Lana. Your love rival.

As you stared at her hand being tightly wrapped around Jin’s arm, all you wished was for God to send a flying bird to give her the biggest poop it could possibly give on her ridiculously perfect wavy hair.

Suddenly, Lana stopped walking and started to nudge Jin’s arm.

Jin-oppa~ My feet hurt so bad~” Lana whined while pouting her fish-like lips at him. “Can you carry me, please?~ I don’t think I can walk anymore.”

You really couldn’t decide what you wanted to do the most then, to rip her hair off or to break her fake nose?

As for Jin, he was shocked by Lana’s sudden request at first, but eventually got scared of how your reaction would be. He carefully glanced back at you. Quick as a flash, you turned to your left, where Hoseok was and started laughing while forcefully - and pretty awkwardly - clap his shoulder as if you had been talking all this time. Disappointment and jealousy washed over Jin’s body as he watched you continue laughing your ass off at…. actually nothing.

Turning back to Lana, he gave her a forced smile before nodding. “Yeah, sure.”

You watched Lana squealed like a little girl before jumping onto Jin’s back and wrapped her arms around his neck. Your heart ached for a second before you felt a gentle tap on your shoulder.

“____-ah, are you alright? Hoseok asked, grinning brightly at you. Turning his head towards the “couple” in front of you, Hoseok couldn’t help but chuckle. “Ah~ Someone’s jelly~”

“Y-Yah! Watch what you’re saying!” You yelled, embarrassed. “That’s not true at all! I-I don’t care alright? He can talk a-and touch whoever he wants. Who cares!”

You angrily stormed off, leaving a laughing Hoseok behind.

“These two, they can’t be that obvilous, right?”


“Guys! Let’s have a cooking competition!” Yoongi, the adorable little friend of yours shouted excitedly. “Whoever wins will get a surprise price!”

You heard Hoseok scoffing from beside you. “You say that every single time but there was never a price to begin with.”

“Yah! I’m serious this time! It’ll be one.” Yoongi protested.

All of you were divided into groups of two. Being to lazy to do anything, Yoongi let everyone choose their own partner.

You started to look around and caught Jin already staring intensely at you. When he realised you were looking back, his lips turned upwards into a genuine smile causing you to blush furiously. You watched as he started to towards and stopped when you were about a half meter apart.

“H-Hi ____~” Jin stammered and smiled shyly at you.

“H-Hi Jin-oppa~”

Your heart seriously needed to learn how to calm down. It should’ve been used to this. You guys had known each other for years, talked hundreds of times and yet, you was still struggling with controlling your hormones whenever he’s near.


You never got the chance to finish that sentence.

“Jin-oppa!~ Let’s cook together!”

This girl got to kidding me, you thought bitterly.

“But-” Jin glanced at you as if waiting for you to say something, but to his disappointement, you looked away.

“Come on, oppa!”

With that, Lana started to drag him away from you and you did nothing to stop her.

Maybe we’re just not meant to be.

That night, everyone sat around the campfire, each person wrapped in a thin yet comfy blanket. Everyone was chatting nicely when suddenly, you heard “Two People” playing out of no where. (Please play this; ). From one of the telts, Jin appeared, holding a guitar in his arms.

He was staring right into your eyes, while singing, making your heart well of happiness, love and desire.

“One harsh day is over and a shadow of two people under the moonlight

When I close my eyes, a dim of happiness is still there as if I can grasp a hold of it

Even if a broken heart overshadowed all your dream

Do remember, someone who painfully love you is by your side

Once in a while, this road seems so far, feeling sad and tears are dropping

Even if the harsh wind blows upon us

We, two people, will be shelter for each other,

Wherever you want to go, when you can’t find the way, I’ll be with you

I will remember only you in this life

We’re still lacking but I’ll be by your side forever…”

Jin stopped singing, still staring into your eyes a gentle smile grew upon his lips as he started walking towards…

“Oh my gosh, thank you so much, oppa~”

Lana stood up from her sit and ran towards Jin before wrapping her arms tightly around his neck.

Your heart dropped as you heard your friends gasped out of  shock. But you were too hurt to do the same. 

Too hurt to look.

Why did he look at you like he was singing to… to no else but you?

Standing up from your own sit, you turned around and walked away.

You were running and you didn’t know where you were going or where to go. The pain inside your chest was unexpected. You never knew he could’ve this much of an effect on you. It was ridiculous.

You stopped running, your legs felt like falling off as you gasped for air. The lack of oxygen made you feel so dizzy that you had to sit down. Still struggling to breath, you leaned against the tree behind you and closed your eyes.

“I’m such a dumbass. I should’ve known.” You mumbled while furiously wiping away the falling tears.

You hated this. You hated how you made a fool of yourself by running away. Now everyone will know how you feel about him. You weren’t even sure what you feel about him or why you feel this way. Like someone had just ripped your heart out of your chest and threw it away. It was only a ridiculous crush, right?

I shouldn’t be hurting this much.


No, please, no. Go away.

“_____! Where are you?!”

I hate his angelic voice, how can someone be so perfect?


I hate his boyish smile that always seems to light up my world whenever it appears.

“_____! Please, where are y- _____?!”

You saw a pair of shoes appear in front of you before feeling a pair of hands lifting you up by your waist. You stared blankly at the boy, watching him breath heavily.

“Oh my-” Suddenly, Jin dragged you into his warm embrace and wrapped his arms around you in a such protective kind of way. As if he was scared you’d run away again. “You’re okay. Thank God, you’re okay.”

You felt like crying again, why was he doing this to you?

Pushing him away, you stared into his worried eyes. “What are you doing here?”

“I-I wanted to come and make sure you were safe.” Jin mumbled gently. “I was worried you would get lo-”

You let out a humorless laugh. “Worried? Yeah, sure!”

You turned around and was ready to walk back to the telts before you felt his hand tightly wrapped around your wrist, causing you to stop. You tried to yank your hand away but as cliché as it may sound, he was too strong.

Let me go.” You gritted out, still pissed.

“Can we please talk-”

“You really like to play with other’s feelings, don’t you?” You cut him off.

You turned around to face him and watched his face switched from looking confused to pissed.


“You just confessed to Lana and now you’re here, pretending as if you care.” You explained. “Is this a game to you? Don’t you feel guilty at all?”

“No. You’re wrong, ____.” Jin said, with a dead serious voice. “I’m not playing any game. I’m just trying to make things right.”

“Oh, really? Then why are you here? Don’t you think you’re hurting Lana’s feeling by running to me after giving her a such heartfelt confession?” You mocked, watching him tighten his jaw. “I think we should go back. You’re wasting my time.”

Once again, you tried to free your wrist from his hold but he obviously had another plan. Instead of letting you go, Jin pulled you to him, causing your bodies to collide while doing so.

“Wh-What are you doing?” You let out a shaky breath.

I love you, ____.” He said angrily. “That confession was meant to you. But Lana, I-I don’t know why she did that. Do you know how hopeless I felt when you ran away? It felt like someone just stabbed me with a knife, right here.”

Taking your hand in his, he placed it right over his stone hard chest. You could feel how fast his heart was beating, making you wonder if he was having an actual heart attack right then.

“Can you feel what you’re doing to me?” He asked softly, making you look up into his eyes. “You’re driving me insane, ____.”

“I tried to make it as special to you as possible because I think you deserve it and much more. You deserve the world, ____. You really, really do.” 

Seconds passed by as you tried to take everything in. His cheesy yet touching confession.

“So… What do you think?” Jin broke the silence, looking nerouvly at you.

“H-Huh?” You blurted out.

“D-Do you feel the same about me? Or-”

“I-I love you too.” You confessed, shyly.

He was grinning, like the fool that he was, before gently capture your lips with his own. Your hands moved of their own accord, slipping into his messy yet incredibly soft hair and started to play with it as Jin tighten his hold around you. It shocked you when you suddenly felt the softness of his tongue touching your lips before prying it open. The kiss deepened and you couldn’t help but to let out a embarrassingly loud moan against his mouth.

Pulling away from you, Jin chuckled softly before  pecking your nose cutely.

“I think I’m in love with you, ____-ah.” He said before leaning his forehead against yours.

“I’m not surprised. I’m pretty awesome, aren’t I?”

You both bursted out laughing.


[Writer’s Note]: OMG!!! It’s way too long, I’m so sorry!! I hope you liked it! I should probably go to bed now, it’s 2:AM here where I live and I have to wake up early tomorrow -.-’’

Have a good day, sunshines!


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Part 1 of 3

Okay, it’s gonna get spammy - I just got our photos and it’s very hard to not just post everything all at once. Let’s start with group shots.

So, yeah, we had the best team ever, people joining in and leaving along the way (for some reason neither of our two Scouts stuck for long, like, literally, they came out of nowhere and at some point vanished into thin air without any goodbye).

Most of the time we walked around in a truly valve server squad: two snipers, three pyros, one soldier, one spycrab. And a medic, but he was so quiet, most of the time I wasn’t even sure he’s there. Kinda fits the pattern when you think about it.

Oh, and we accidentaly became the face (faces?) of the blood donating event. Apparently they decided we fit their color scheme. Well… c’est pas faux, as they say. The blood bit also fits. Kinda.

Photos by Bóbr Productions

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UK scientists in limbo after Brexit shock
Researchers organize to lobby for science as country prepares for life outside the EU.

The dust from last week’s vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union is nowhere near settled, but the country’s researchers are already bracing for the fallout.

On 23 June, 52% of those who voted in the country’s referendum came out in favour of leaving the EU. No one is sure how ‘Brexit’ will affect science, but many researchers are worried about long-lasting damage. Beyond the immediate economic impacts and the potential loss of EU funding — which currently supplies some 16% of UK university research money — scientists fear a loss of mobility between the country and the continent.

“I was on a career panel only yesterday, singing the praises of the UK as a wonderful place of opportunity for young scientists, and I feel like that has changed overnight,” said Vanessa Sancho-Shimizu, an infectious-diseases researcher at Imperial College London, in response to a Nature survey last Friday. She is a Spanish national and one of many scientists who expressed similar views.

Researchers are already mobilizing to lobby for the United Kingdom to remain a participant in EU science programmes, and for domestic funding to make up any shortfalls. “We need some kind of rapid monitoring to catch fallout problems early and implement remedial measures,” says Mike Galsworthy, who led the Scientists for EU campaign.

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