sure hope he's dead

I know everyone is freaking out over the Perc’ahlia thing (because D A M N!!!!) but like Vaxleth was so cute last night?

Keyleth so excited to show her boyfriend her hometown, and Marisha was just so adorable while Matt was describing everything! 

The whole exchange with her dad. Yes. Good.

AND the fact Vax said he couldn’t wait to come back. That was the sweetest thing, and you know exactly how much that meant to Keyleth… and what a huge thing that was for Vax, who an episode ago, was ready to make his goodbyes because surely they’re gonna end up dead. But now he’s hopeful, and thinking about the future and about his future with Keyleth and it’s just SO SWEET I CRY! 

How Dead: RWBY Volume 3 Finale

AND HERE WE HAVE IT!  The results of the RWBY How Dead Are They? tally for the Volume 3 Finale!

Drum roll?

Penny: 5.4 

Perhaps because she was our first on-screen “death,” we as a fandom seem incredibly torn when it comes to the fate of Penny Polendina.  The quirky, robotic redhead who got quite literally torn to pieces may yet make a reappearance.  Or maybe not…

Roman: 7.7 

A guy gets swallowed by a Griffon and suddenly everyone gives up hope!  Though there are some who believe the man isn’t dead until you’ve burned the body, poked around in the ashes, and then waited a few days to see if something grows out of them, we seem to be modestly sure he’s dead.

Ozpin: 1 

BOY ARE YOU GUYS HOPEFUL?!  Is it that we don’t THINK he’s dead or that we HOPE he’s not?  Whatever the case, it seems that the RWBY fandom are expecting a reappearance of the Great and Powerful Ozpin in a future volume.  Dare we hope, Volume 4?

Pyrrha: 8.7 

Poor Pyrrha…  Though many members of the fandom are clinging to the idea that Pyrrha met the same fate as what we presume as Ozpin’s - to be magically transported to Salem’s lair - we seem to be leaning harshly in the direction of DUN DUN DEAD!  Guess that first kiss is going to be her last…


Have any requests for “How Dead?” tallies that you want us to host?  Send in a message and let us know whose head got put on the chopping block in your favorite TV series, books or movies!