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It literally is so annoying when people say “happiness is a choice”, because… HOW? FUCKING, HOW? If people could just pick and choose emotions, why wouldn’t we all just feel perfect all the time? It’s such a stupid thing to say, as if you’re blaming people for being unhappy, saying it’s their choice to just feel depressed - WHY would anyone pick that by choice? Get over yourself with this hippie garbage and help people who are unhappy, don’t shove the blame for it their way

@freakumdress suggested i draw miki and luka and of course, i know no moderation so the sketch turned into a full project 😂 i havent drawn either of these two in so long haha, its good to be back


All Might is Puzzled because the kids are following him even more than usual and staring determinedly at their phones for some reason. (All Might is a goddamn mobile pokestop where various rare pokemon gather. Literally every pokemon with an alt. form or that looks like him.)


Honestly you want to know what trope I think needs to be retired for a while? That one where it’s a (heterosexual) battle couple where the guy is really massive and super strong and the girl is really tiny and acrobatic and stuff. Like, it’s everywhere. I can think of five examples off the top of my head. I want that trope to stop for a while and be replaced with the exact opposite. The girl is the one who’s big and muscular and super strong and the guy is the one who’s small and lithe. But also without gender based stereotypes of big woman = masculine and small man = feminine. Think like ogre!Fiona and Dick Grayson from season one of Young Justice if they existed in the same universe and the age gap wasn’t a thing. Give me more gender reversed battle couples with size differences who don’t play into stereotypes.

PL͖̟͔͎̞͇E͎̕ ͇͚͖̗̞͠a̗̳͍̠̭̘s̤̪Ę ̪S̴̞͕͖̜̘T̜͚̦͖̣̹A̜͓͔̳͡ͅ ̮̘̘̞͉̲̹N͖̟̪D ̵̠̖̤͚̩b̫̘̤͈͠Y̲̘ ̛̹̼̤͓W̼̝̘̗E̺̭̺̻̱ ̤̗̳̤a̰R̲̦̥͓̰e̮͉ͅ ͚̦́E̴̖̻̹͔̯̠ͅX͙̣̬̦P̞̫̭̠̣͓̯E͏̘ri҉͓̳e̳̯̖̙N̻̺͈̫c͔̘̞̩͜I͘ N͏̩̟̥̮g̟͇͚̣͎ ̨̤̰̙͎t̢̯̞̲̖̲̥t҉̮̘͕̯̱͙t͍͉͔̞T͎̖̝̺͎̟̞͟Ẹ̱͖͔͇C͕͙͖͖͙̝H҉̲̭͖̩̟̭n͕̪͍̖͕i̩̳̺C̯̘̣͘A̪̼̼̼͇L̶̥̼̺̭͔̹ ̤̭̫̻͖̮̘D̛͈̳̯͍I̵̜̘F̺̺͙̺̙̤̪F̝̯͉̩̟͉̼I͏̬̙̱C͕͔͚̠̝͟ ̝̖̭̯̻̬̟̀U͇̱Ļ̤͙T̖I̛̩̠̺̦̞͓E̡̮̱̘̙̲̥S҉̫̲

Things that are important to me atm:

- “Sure, we texted this morning.” of course they text all the time, no big deal, the most normal obvious thing ever, two friends keeping in touch all the time

- “He’s worried I won’t like his new solo record.” again normal stuff, just Harry being nervous that his friend, whose opinion in music he’s always valued so much, won’t like his music, cause he put so much heart and work into it


your eyes are so bright i can see the light even when they’re shut.
sometimes i think about the sun and the moon and how sad it is that love is never for always

i hold your hand like something fragile. i understand icarus a little better now.

—  zenith, noun
the point on the celestial sphere vertically above a given position or observer. // s.z.

If it wasn’t for the Lads, the Fakes would have been stuck in the fucking dark ages.

Of course Ryan could build and rig trinkets to get them out of a sticky situation. But Ray’s ability to hack, code and infest Los Santos’ digital mainframe to do their bidding was one of the biggest jumps in success they had. Geoff had no idea he’d have eyes on every street corner without bodies to go with them. Blackmail became a whole new game too.

Especially with Jeremy’s skill to forge and pirate. The Fakes have dirt on anybody who’s anybody, especially LSPD and other crews running the streets. And just for fun he could make sure your next ATM transaction spits out Monopoly money while your real cash gets wired to his bank account.

Of course cars these days aren’t built like they used to be. Hot-wiring would be Jack’s thing, if we were stuck in the past. And what’s class about the past? So you KNOW Gavin’s made it his job to learn how to bypass fancy new security and safety precautions. Can’t be caught causing havoc down the streets anything less than push-to-start these days.

Probably the most under-appreciated talent is Michael: social media enthusiast. His influence is probably the most useful. Let’s be real, you could get by doing most of what the other Lads have done the old fashioned way. And Geoff wouldn’t ever be able to understand it, but the truth is everyone’s influenced by the soft glow of online media. It takes enthusiasm, charisma, and imagination to have the city’s public bend to your will. Michael can throw together 50 willing citizens for a flash-mob diversion mid-heist without meeting a single one of them. More elaborate set-ups include full-on block parties on the other side of town to keep LSPD busy for a while during a less-than-civil negotiation. All of this done through the many faces he wears on the network. Nobody in the crew knows who works for Michael privately. Even Ray, who’s scared to ask just how much the Fakes really need him, with someone like Michael and all he can hide from him…

ok for supergirl season 2 consider this 

  • no more love triangles 
  • lesbian alex danvers!!! 
  • lucy becomes a part of the supergirl team
  • astra flies into the sun in her fancy little space coffin, absorbs the energy and LIVES 
  • a visit from lois lane? 
  • kara and cat going on lunch dates
  • lucy gets her own story
  • more vasquez
  • alex and cat getting drunk together
  • get rid of the love triangle
  • Carter grant graces us with his presence every episode