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hey kat what's your favorite movie?

DANG GOOD QUESTION my top favs are inception, life of pi, moonrise kingdom, and princess mononoke i’d say.

i always feel dumb saying i love inception but i’m constantly floored by the impossibly subtle ways the story connects and comes together; there’s just so many layers. i seriously notice something new every time i watch that movie.

life of pi is just a visual masterpiece honestly. the musical score hits you so emotionally too, man did it made me cry. suraj sharma’s performance as pi is amazin’ tbh. i love the book too, it’s a very special story.

i like all of wes anderson’s stuff but moonrise kingdom especially makes me feel an odd sort of warm nostalgia. ofc his overall visual style always does that but it’s a cute little eccentric kid romance. i just really love the quaint outdoorsy setting i guess!

ghibli of course is always beautiful, but mononoke is amazin’. i really love stories about challenging gods for some reason, it’s something i’ve done in my own work. i really like the maturity of this story and to be honest i wish more animated features of this nature were standard in the industry!