Okay, you guys have to agree with me… isn’t this face just beautiful and full of perfection? And isn’t this girl so lovable, amazing, nice, inspiring, cute, lovely, and beautiful? And, much much more? I think… she’s the definition of PERFECT, and the most realest person on this website. Yeah, her name’s Ursula. How can anyone not love her? I mean, just something about her… is so…. attractive… her personality. Yes, that’s it. Don’t get me wrong.. Ursula’s beautiful, but her personality is just so beautiful too. Can we just all like send some love to her ask right now, to show her how much you guys appreciate her?! Cause, I mean… SHE DESERVES IT. She deserves to know that we love her, and will always be there for her through think and thin. We love you Ursula.

Lol, why are people hating on Ursula. She’s beautiful. She’s amazing, and just wgbjwfgHrEARJTH. HAHA, funny how they waste a minute of their life trying to make someone feel bad when Ursula doesn’t give two fucks. They need to fuck off. Stop hating, and get a life… We all know you can’t be as beautiful on the inside and out like Ursula but, come on now. 

Ursula, don’t let some stupid anon’s make you feel bad because all your followers are here to remind you how much they love you and how amazing you are. Out of like 3 anon’s hating there’s 1021451857498104 of your followers sending you love. We love you. ♥ Stay beautiful my love.