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“You’d Be Surprised to Know who your Friends Aren’t” -Ali + MOLE Amongst the Liars?

So back in 2x13 FIRST SECRET episode, many of us noticed that scene where ali whispered to spence “ you’d be surprised to know who your friends aren’t” so what was ali referring to exactly? well, ali offered to help spencer win the election, so this gave us the impressing that ali had access to the votes which she did when she handed them to spencer, but spencer didn’t look at them and threw them into the fire. Ali was suprised at this and said “ i thought you read them first” then she goes on to say “ you’d be surprised to know who your friends aren’t” during this scene, many of us noticed the cam focused on aria and hanna in the background, im not sure if emily was in that background but aria and hanna for sure. so , was this to suggest that someone didn’t vote for spencer? I THINK SO!  

This has to be a big clue , after all, the liars have accused darn near everyone of being A. I personally believe there is a MOLE amongst the liars, (not saying who A is, since figuring out A is quite complicated for all of us lol, but hears something to think about, has anyone thought that the driving force of A could be one of the liars? if A is always a step ahead, A would have to be controlling things within the circle of the liars. We all know how A can orchestrate things, we know A has been giving instructions to mona for a long time now so mona has carried out alot of A’s plans (hence “A is everywhere and nowhere), A can use people to make them look like their A, A has aliases, but for all this A business to work, wouldn’t there have to be MOLE ON THE INSIDE OF THE LIARS making sure the identity is never known? perhaps one of the liars know who A is, and protecting their identity by being a mole) Who could this mole be?

  • Here’s some clues/suspicions i came upon:
  • first, we know the camera focused on aria and hanna in the background of 2x13. possible moles?
  • since ali warned spencer about who your friends aren’t, i solely believe spencer has a mole on her hands, “someone who she knows well, has her fooled” remember that line from garrett? was it really melissa who had spence fooled or is is someone else we are missing here?
  • ok so back in the beginning of season 3 i believe, spencer and aria formed SPARIA team, so now we see aria and spencer working together alot , and I noticed aria does control how spencer finds clues. how? aria is always the first to suggest something, the first to give her opinion on something and make it sound very logical in a sense, and everytime , spencer decides to go off on what aria says , which sadly leads all the liars to a dead end when it comes to being a step ahead of A. Has anyone ever wonder how A can always be a step ahead of the liars? There would have to be MOLE.
  • so many of us have noticed this pattern with aria, the one whos always conducting , and who seems to know exactly how A thinks.
  • In a way, it’s almost as if aria is using spencer to get ahead of the game, to keep spencer from getting too close to the identity of BIG A, but close enough to a point aria can turn the situation in her favor.
  • Back to what ali said to spencer in the first secret. so somebody amongst the liars didn’t vote for spencer. Here’s another clue. In season 5x06 spencer and emily come to the conclusion that somebody has to get into radley and that eddie wanted ezra to know that theres something to look into at radley. aria quickly says “ I vote spencer! well you know the place the best ” but this is silly of aria to vote spencer, its obvious spencer cant get back into radley under the circumstances emily pointed out. so of course this leads to aria being the one to volunteer at radley which is already suspicious to get info on bethany. question is, why did aria use the words I VOTE SPENCER? was this a way of her saying, ok since i didn’t vote for you in the election , i vote for you now. so is aria the one who didnt vote for spencer in THE FIRST SECRET? thats one way to analyze that. Clearly, ali knows who didnt vote for spencer since she helped spencer win the election.
  • when thinking about all this, let’s keep in mind A’s brlliant plan was to get ali put in jail, mona carried this plan out , but mona also wanted to double cross A so she could be the hero and figure out who A is , and get ali out of jail. We all know this bethany business could be completely false in many ways, from what we know of bethany now. Which keeps the suspicious on aria. plus, in the bethany letter, it said, bethany “FOUND a sketch book in the art box” this doesn’t mean all of those drawings are from bethany. Remember aria was showing spencer this book and aria made a face when spencer noticed how the first couple of drawings are normal and then turn to evil, and aria changed the subject? Could this have been arias sketch book or somebodys sketchbook that aria knows? when she went to volunteer, she did say she was comfortable there, as if shes been to a similar place like radley in the past? just something to keep in mind here, mona was in the works of double crossing A while trying to carry out A’s brillant plan.

There’s already a ton of clues that question arias loyalty to spencer, so far since team sparia formed, A has been one step ahead, and with the liars jumping to conclusions and accusing the wrong person. Spencer is the one who takes the lead in figuring out the clues , but who is feeding the thoughts into her head? aria. In terms of where things are headed now, and with spencer realizing that she keeps making mistakes and accusing the wrong people, will spencer start thinking for herself and possibly start looking at her friends as possible suspects? There has to be a MOLE within the liars , not to say they are particularly A maybe they are given what i said above it’s possible, but there must be a MOLE if A is able to be one step ahead all the time. what you guys think, is there a mole? is it aria? hanna? emily? :)

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