the-odd-aardvadillo  asked:

For the headcanon au thing. Klance and a Pokemon Go au. If thats okay? :3


  • Pidge is the one that gets Keith into it. Lance has already had it downloaded for 6 days and has combed their entire uni by this time.
  • They went shopping simply for Trainer’s clothes.
  • Lance is the one who explained the concept of gym claiming to Keith. He sorely regretted it the next day when Keith took over a local mini mart that was previously under Lance’s control.
  • Keith names his Pokemon sensible names such as “ClarityFly” and “Charmemeon” while Lance is over there naming his “Thing 1783″ and “PunMaster98″ and “comeback supremeo”
  •  Lance almost breaking up with Ketih because he joined team Valor instead of Mystic.


  • Lance regularly lifts his leg up onto any surface vertical when Keith is in the room, grins and says “Look at what Pokemon has done for my life. Look at my calves.”

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