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was taako's last name being "taaco" ever canonically stated? i'm not sure where it came from. Thanks!

I’m gonna lose it-

Okay, so in Episode 1, Justin does mention that Taako might have a last name;

Griffin: Okay, terrific. Do you have a last name, Taako?

Clint: Supreme?

Travis: The Wizard.

Griffin: No, for… I’ll give you Taako, I’ll let you—

Justin: It’s actually, it’s actually Taako again, but spelled differently.


Griffin: Taako Taco.

Clint: “T-A-C-C-O”.

Justin: I do have a last name, but it’s a secret that will only be revealed later in the adventure.

And in Episode 10, Griffin remembers that Taako did have a last name;

Griffin: You hear the voice of Davenport say um-

Davenport: Would the Reclaimers Highchurch, Burnsides, and Taaco report to the briefing room? Mm Davenport!

Travis: I forgot that Taako’s last name was also Taaco. [laughs]

But after that, his last name is never brought up again, so I have no idea if it’s even canon anymore.


this is stuck in my head and i have no time to do anything with it so i’m giving y'all a rundown in the hopes that SOMEONE ELSE WILL okay???

tl;dr: middle earth is a motherfucking spaceship AND I EVEN MADE AN ILLUSTRATION FOR MY HORRIBLE IDEA:

so what the fuck does this mean???? WELL LET ME TELL YOU FRIEND so the ~big idea~ is this is a fucking HUGE colony ship, like, each of those big circle things is the size of wales or something. HUGE! and each one is fully self-sufficient, but has a specialization too - shire, for example, specializes in hydroponics and such, lorien’s medical stuff, erebor’s engineering/machinery, etc etc etc. and isengard in the middle is nothing but (a) a trade station for mid-section trade, and (b) monitoring station. all things on the good ship mid-earth are automated. there is no pilot.

sort of.

we’ll get to that.

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Starters are hard. These days, you can’t just write “Hi” or “Hello” and expect to get some interesting replies, if any at all. It’s important to give roleplayers something to respond to! Here’s a list of 155 starters suited for Harry Potter roleplays. Don’t be afraid to edit any of these to suit your character. These are mainly just ideas to get your brain rolling. FYI, Not all of these are mine. I found about half through google or on tumblr gifsets! Please like/reblog if you use!

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I’d like to talk about Lucius Malfoy for a moment. Since this is a blog dedicated to his family, I figured this would be the best place to discuss the Malfoy patriarch. With that being said, let’s dive right into this, shall we?

Now, from what I’ve seen in the modern fandom world (mainly through sites like tumblr, twitter,, etc.), Lucius is the least popular of the Malfoys. First and foremost is Draco, perhaps most popular and note-worthy due to his impact and role to the Harry Potter series as a whole. Many people have grown to like Narcissa because of the role she played in the final two books (i.e. lying to Voldemort and thus sparing Harry as well as her involvement in taking the Unbreakable Vow for her son). Many even seem to like Scorpius because, while we know very little about his character canonically, a lot of fans and shippers I’ve come across seem to think he is a character bursting with possibilities. And then that leaves Lucius. The line of Malfoys extends quite a bit longer than Lucius, of course, though for all intents and purposes, he’s the eldest living Malfoy family member throughout the duration of the books that we’re introduced to. 

Furthermore, I see next to no posts speaking highly of Lucius (or even moderately fond of). Many fans have written him off for what he is to a superficial extent: a blood elitist who did quite a few terrible things during his lifetime and went through a short-lived stint in Azkaban. And while I agree that Lucius Malfoy is a character who has made several cruel and callous mistakes within his lifetime, it’s really…sad to think of all the growth his character could have had. There was as much potential with him as there was with Draco, and so few people seem to realize that.

I’ll bring it down to this point: a comparison between father and son. Now, of course no two people are alike, but for the sake of a family like the Malfoys…most of them are pretty damn similar. Blood elitism, for instance, stood the test of time for the Malfoys; it started hundreds of years before (presumably when one of the ancestral Malfoys was snubbed by Muggles) and existed quite strongly by the time both Lucius and Draco were born. In Lucius’ lifetime, Lord Voldemort was gaining followers and rising to real dark power for the first time. Realistically, the things he promised and proclaimed to Purebloods and elitist magical beings all across the Wizarding World struck a chord, and like flies to honey they all swarmed. Lucius included, if his Dark Mark and involvement in the First Wizarding War is anything to go by. We know very little about when Lucius joined Voldemort’s ranks; how old he was, how he worked his way into the Dark Lord’s inner circle, if his father pushed him into joining or if he consented willingly and on his own, what sort of tasks (if any) he was assigned early on, so on and so forth. We just know that he became a Death Eater, and when Voldemort fell the first time, Lucius and Narcissa claimed that they’d been cursed into following him and obeying his commands to save face. Still, though, there were no real consequences for his actions; the world didn’t even know if it was true that Voldemort was eternally defeated. The world might have thought itself changed by 1981, but it hadn’t. And those most loyal to him knew that, more or less.

Now let’s take a look at Draco. Due to inference and context, we can presume that he received his Mark the summer after his fifth year–around the time he turned sixteen years old. Not only is that remarkably young for a soldier, but he was also assigned a rather hefty assignment after his father had been shipped off to Azkaban: he was meant to kill his headmaster, and if the books and films are anything to reference, then not doing so would result in his and his parents’ deaths. And, unlike what we know about Lucius, Draco was given a bit more guidance via means of Narcissa. Narcissa, who took the Unbreakable Vow to protect her son; Narcissa, who coaxed Severus Snape into looking out for and protecting her son on his perilous journey. Even so, it’s clear through evidence seen in The Half-Blood Prince that the challenge itself was quite tasking on the youngest Malfoy; it seemed to make him uncertain of everything he’d dedicated his life to thus far. And that one seed of doubt–the challenge he’d been provided with and the backlash it crushed him with–is where the difference between he and Lucius first begins. By the time the Second Wizarding War came and went, Voldemort was not only irrevocably defeated, but the impact of this war was so severe that it changed the lives of all the Malfoys. And Draco, being the youngest and thus the least scarred by his troublesome and problematic past, faced redemption the easiest of all three. Narcissa secondly because of her involvement in saving Harry Potter, and Lucius…lastly. 

The thing is…Draco could have ended up like Lucius. If the war had kept going, or if Voldemort had won and became supreme ruler over the Wizarding World, things might have been different. Draco might not have seen any reason to change (or at least tone down) his elitist ways, and through credible sources over the years we, as the readers, have learned and inferred through the epilogue of The Deathly Hallows that Draco’s prejudice against blood status is not what it once was.

But for Draco, there was still time to change. He was still fairly young by the time of the Second Wizarding War. Lucius, though; well, by the time you’re middle-aged and have lived through two wars fighting on the wrong side, there’s not much you can do or say to redeem yourself. And it’s so eerie to think that if things had happened a bit differently; if Harry hadn’t risen in the forest after his face-off with Voldemort or if he’d lost the battle at the very end, then everything would have been different. So many people are so willing to forgive Draco Malfoy for everything he’s done; to find redemption in a young man who might have ended up exactly like every other Death Eater if reality hadn’t smacked him in the face, and in the same instant will throw Lucius to the wolves without a second thought. And while I don’t–and never will–condone the terrible things Lucius (or the rest of his family) did, there is one thing I’ll say in regards to the way he’s received by fans in comparison to his son: Draco Malfoy was a hair away from ending up like his father.

Never forget that Draco Malfoy’s adolescent prejudices and silent insecurities could have very well been an echo of his father thirty years before.

underaspellpotter Marauders edition of this

So cute! (but smoking James? I don’t think so. We all no Lily would hate it and therefore James would not smoke. But is…

It’s in the reference, it’s an aesthetic. I am against smoking, but I loved the look and I went with it. They’re boys, and they’re rebels. They’re against all the “wizards are supreme” bullshit, and I like the idea of them (or other students) bringing muggle stuff to school all the time just to show off and be damn annoying (Lily was always annoyed by things James did, but James did it anyway?) Still, I don’t think that canon James would smoke, but I drew him doing it anyway because I wanted to. And I draw Sirius with a cigarette all the time too (just not all drawings are posted yet), even though I’m not sure if he’d actually be smoking. :)

@kurosamaofsuwa Fai woke up and looked around. Funny, this didn’t look like his room. He yawned and scratched his head, still sleepy but knew he had to get up. A supreme wizard had responsibilities to his king/foster father and the world he lived in. He got up and exited the room after getting dressed. To his shock and surprise he didn’t find himself in Celes anymore. Certainly the tall, tanned skinned man sitting on the sofa wasn’t Ashura. “Who are you?” Fai asked softly, showing no fear, no curiosity. In fact, the child showed no emotions at all.


☥ Holy Mountaineering Give-A-Way ☥
Sorry for you the wait but here is the contest. It won’t be as random as I originally said but here goes.

Give me a 200 word (or less) story on your most absurd/funny/fail Magick ritual EVAR.
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Winner takes all, submissions will not be accepted after January 11th, 2014. They will be posted on January 12th and voting ends on January 13th.
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