@kurosamaofsuwa Fai woke up and looked around. Funny, this didn’t look like his room. He yawned and scratched his head, still sleepy but knew he had to get up. A supreme wizard had responsibilities to his king/foster father and the world he lived in. He got up and exited the room after getting dressed. To his shock and surprise he didn’t find himself in Celes anymore. Certainly the tall, tanned skinned man sitting on the sofa wasn’t Ashura. “Who are you?” Fai asked softly, showing no fear, no curiosity. In fact, the child showed no emotions at all.

underaspellpotter Marauders edition of this

So cute! (but smoking James? I don’t think so. We all no Lily would hate it and therefore James would not smoke. But is…

It’s in the reference, it’s an aesthetic. I am against smoking, but I loved the look and I went with it. They’re boys, and they’re rebels. They’re against all the “wizards are supreme” bullshit, and I like the idea of them (or other students) bringing muggle stuff to school all the time just to show off and be damn annoying (Lily was always annoyed by things James did, but James did it anyway?) Still, I don’t think that canon James would smoke, but I drew him doing it anyway because I wanted to. And I draw Sirius with a cigarette all the time too (just not all drawings are posted yet), even though I’m not sure if he’d actually be smoking. :)