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Random YGO theory...

You all remember way back in GX how Judai fused with Yubel right? And the whole reason Yubel had been having issues was because of the whole Light of Destruction thing?

Well….I got thinking…and Yuya uses a suspicious amount of Supreme King named cardes. Not to mention his dragon has Odd-eyes (heh) that are the same color in the same eye as Yubel did/Judai does when using Yubel’s powers.


(Used smile world one too see the colors more clearly)

So what if Yuya really is the Supreme King?

 Like maybe though the Light of Destruction’s influence over Yubel was removed by the Supreme King, the aftereffects of it on her weren’t completely gone. And since the Supreme King part of Judai wasn’t exactly nice or trusting, when it was time to reincarnate the reincarnation messed up and went completely insane due to Yubel and the Supreme King not really being all that sane to start with. 

The reincarnation went so insane that Yuzu’s past self, a powerful magician/duelist probably, was the only one who could stop him, and even then she could only stop him by splitting him and the dimensions into 4 so as to keep the Yuya’s from ever coming back together.

In doing so, he had to split herself up/maybe something happened there. But since Yubel was a duel monster, it didn’t work properly and Yuzu and Yuya’s incarnations got a little messed up.

And by messed up I mean that fragment created the Magicians of Creation and Destruction. 

Meanwhile, Yuzu had forseen some of this and manipulated it so she would be reborn close to the Yuya incarnations, and created the bracelets (and maybe had something to do with the pendulum too?) as a security measure. Since she hopefully would be able to befriend or at least stay close to a Yuya they were made to warp the Yuya’s away when they got too close to eachother. But they were much stronger in their own dimension with their own Yuya. In another dimension maybe they can’t warp them away, and they blink as a warning instead or something.

I mean it makes a lot of sense. Except for the Magicians of Creation and destruction part….but that’s hard to explain with all of them. 

Maybe it was created as a warning? In hopes that someone would put the pieces together like we are trying too? Like “oooh that Destruction one looks a lot like Yuya. Huh. Yuya has been having issues with going crazy on people lately. And that Creation Magician looks a lot like Yuzu…whose bracelet seems to warp away Yuya’s look-alikes……maybe we should keep the Yuya’s away from each other.”  or something.

Or maybe I was right and Yuzu is the Light of Hope, but was wrong in Yuya being a different darkness than we’ve seen before…he’s the gentle Darkness but was corrupted by the Light of Destruction. So a corrupted/mixed LoD and gentle Darkness was too much for the Light of Hope to fully handle, so she sealed/split it up.

I dunno. 

I mean I still like the Creation/Destruction God theory a lot, but it is kinda suspicious that Yuya has so many Supreme King cards on him. Once is a reference. Two is a pattern. I mean I know it’s an equip spell for that specific card..or is it? Maybe all the extra deck monsters with 2 dimensional dragons as materials have “Supreme King” in the name. Then it would equip to all of them….but probs not. It matches OEDRXD.  Not to mention the fact that it’s Yuya’s Xyz conterpart’s dragon that gave us the Supreme King Dragon, not the fusion one. Oh also Supreme King Odd Eyes Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon sorta resembles Supreme King Judai.

The purple on OEDRXD matches the purple on Haou Judai’s outfit? Also it’s got the chest thingie like Judai does just the yellow/gold color on his clothes instead of the purple. It also has three wings where Judai has three spikes on each side. And it’s head kinda sorta maybe looks like his helmet(can’t really find a good pic with the helmet so I’m not quite sure). I think they loosely based the design for DRXD off of his clothes, just they switched the purple and gold in the designs.

PS. Also, maybe the Supreme King reincarnated into 2 after the Yubel fiasco? One human one Duel monster? Would Explain Odd-eyes and the other dimensional dragons. And how they can merge/fuse together like that….

Okay I need to stop now.

P.S.S. Maybe this is an AU where Judai wasn’t the Supreme King and the Not-Judai Supreme King fusion with Yubel really messed stuff up and made the Supreme King insane, the dimensions them split a little bit after that, and the dimensions have been split for longer than we have kinda been assuming. The Supreme King and the Yuzu’s weren’t reincarnated in the 4 dimensions until recently, and each of the 4 dimensions developed their different dueling styles during the time lapse.