supreme jumper

The Truth - WillNE

Pairing: Will Lenney (WillNE) & Y/N
Words: 1.3k+
Warning(s): none
Request/Summary: hey i really enjoy your imagines and was wondering if you could write a will one based of cals new lie detector video where you’re his ex and he says he wants to get back with you please

You were scrolling through your phone when a Twitter notification popped up.
@Calfreezy has tagged you in a tweet.
You rolled your eyes slightly, opening the notification.
Cal had tagged you in a tweet about his latest video, a load of other people doing the same. You began to watch the video, it being a lie detector challenge with Will and Marcus.
You watched the three on camera, it being Will’s turn first. You were nervous for what questions would be asked, knowing Cal can be ruthless.
Will’s second question is what got you interested.
“Do you still have strong feelings for your ex?” asked Marcus.
Will’s face fell, you could tell he was overthinking it.

You and Will had broken up just over 2 months ago, the work you were both trying to put into your channels making it so yous didn’t have time to see each other anymore. It wasn’t a messy break up, not even one that you wanted to happen. You had barely seen him since you’d split, travel and videos making it almost impossible.
It was a big difference, you’d been going out for almost a year, the intimate moments and the happiest moments being dragged down by the need to get videos out.
You regretted it, but couldn’t tell Will that because he seemed to be having a good time not being in a relationship.

Will’s head went back, an awkward smile on his face because he knows that this will be on the internet and you’re going to see it.
“Yes,” he admitted, throwing a dirty look at Cal and Marcus for asking him.
They all looked at the man in charge of the lie detector, waiting tensely for an answer.
He looked unsure, asking for more of a clarification on what strong feelings meant.
Cal nodded, “Yeah sure, would you like to get back with her?”
You paused the video, having to take a minute to breathe, not knowing if you wanted to hear the answer.
On one hand you’d know he felt the same way and you could then talk to him about it, on the other hand if it comes out that he’s lying, you’d know that you just need to get over him, and quickly.
You unpaused the video, seeing Will look slightly more confident, nodding his head, saying ‘yeah’.
Cal’s head went back onto the table, Marcus’ hand going up to his face. The whole YouTube community knew about your relationship, yous hadn’t been overly open about it but there were definitely parts in vlogs of yours and of other peoples that you could see yous being touchy feely.
The break up was relatively public, you couldn’t just be nowhere near each other anymore without explaining it to your viewers. There weren’t mixed reactions. All your viewers, all your friends, even your family gave off about the break up.

The lie detector man said that he was telling the truth, you letting out a breath at the answer. You were happy about his answer, but were unsure what to do about it.
You liked the video, moving back to Twitter to see what everyone has been saying about it.
You saw a lot of your fans being happy about it, some urging you to rekindle your relationship with him.
You saw that Cal had tagged Will under the automatic tweet that goes out when you like videos, Will replying with a short ‘…’
You could tell that he was unsure what this meant, not knowing if you felt the same way as he did.
You bit the bullet, pulling up Will’s messages that you hadn’t spoken in for the past two months, typing out a long winded message, deleting it straight away. You typed out a quick message.
Hey Will, I think we need to talk’ you said, throwing your phone down beside you, second guessing messaging him at all.
A reply came in soon after, ‘Your house? I need to get away from all the guys for a bit
You agreed, tidying up a bit, throwing your hair up in a bun just as Will knocked on the door of your house.
You opened it, sharing an awkward smile between the two of you, allowing him to go on into the living room.
You looked at him as he went, he was wearing black skinny jeans and the green/purple/white supreme jumper, your favourite jumper on him. His hair was messy from him very obviously running his hands through it a lot.
You sat down beside him on your sofa, facing each other.
“Sooo…” you trailed off, it was weird seeing him after so long.
His lips curled up into a small smile at your awkwardness.
“I think we need to talk about the video,” you continued, finally looking up at him.
He nodded as you began to ramble.
“So you still like me, right, and I don’t think I’ve stopped liking you and you said you wanted to get back together and I wanted that too but it’s going to be so weird and the viewers are going to be so confused an-“ you were cut off by Will putting his hand on your arm, a sad look on his face, but it looked off.
“Y/n, right, sorry…” he trailed off, “I wasn’t talking about you…”
Your heart dropped, feeling tears well up in your eyes as your hopes had been discarded so quickly.
“Oh, um, yeah. Of course.” You replied, trying your hardest to not cry in front of him.
He noticed, trying to comfort you but you pushed him away, standing up and asking him quietly to leave.
You felt Will’s arms around you gently, even though he knew you didn’t want it.
His hands ran up and down your back gently until you heard a small whisper in your ear.
“I’m joking love, of course I was talking about you,” he said, and you could hear the smirk in his voice.
You looked up at him, seeing a smug smirk on his face, his eyes glistening but a small worry in them that he’d taken it too far.
Your mouth fell open slightly, shaking your head at the man in front of you.
“You’re such a dickhead,” you said, an amused laugh falling from your lips, your head falling on his shoulder, arms wrapping around his waist.
A chuckle left his lips, one that you had missed a lot, his arms wrapping around you tighter, rocking you side to side slightly.
“So you like me too then?” he whispered in your ear, a smile on his face.
You nodded nervously into his shoulder, not wanting to continue the joke.
You parted, looking up to the boy you had fallen in love with a year and a half ago, his green eyes that held the world and the cheeky grin that could melt anyone’s heart.
His hand came up to cup your jaw, his thumb coming to run along the apple of your cheek, smiling when you did.
He leant in, closing the short gap between you, connecting your lips together.
As you kissed you felt the familiar butterflies in your tummy come back, not having felt them for months. Your lips moved in sync, not having forgotten what it was like to kiss like this, sweet and loving, something you craved since you broke up.
You parted the kiss for air, Will’s forehead leaning against yours, slightly out of breath from the kiss.
You smiled up at him, pecking his lips once more before he grabbed your thighs, lifting you up quickly and spinning you around, both of you falling onto the soft sofa in a fit of giggles.
You were laying beneath him, him laying in-between your legs. He smiled down at you, having missed this sight for so long, leaning in to continue your kissing.