supreme gaylord

Stranded With a Cup of Coffee

(Featuring Supreme Gaylord Ludwig Beilschmidt)

The car shuddered as the engine slowed, the click of the key ringing in Lovino’s ears. The sleepy Italian rose up from his nap, after he’d napped on the plane, after he’d napped waiting for the plane, and after he’d napped on the way to the airport. He poked his head up to the front of the car, his makeshift blanket of an oversized jacket slipping off him.

“Hey, Patatino, why’d we stop?” Lovino asked, half-asleep, nabbing the styrofoam cup from the driver’s cup holder.

Ludwig frowned as his coffee was stolen–but then again, he didn’t smile much, so Lovino figured his habit as coffee thief wasn’t too much of an inconvenience. Even so, he gave that grouchy face a peck when it looked over at him. There it was, tiny little thing; a shy twitch of the lips. His job done, Lovino glanced out the window, rubbing a tired eye.

“The engine keeps cutting out.” Ludwig’s words, always blunt and to the point, cut into Lovino’s observation of the cars speeding by on the highway. Miles of road stretched both from whence they came and in the direction of their destination. “I’m going to check under the hood.”

Lovino groaned into ‘his’ coffee. “Ugh. Fix it fast, I want to get home and brush my teeth. My mouth tastes like carpet.”

Ludwig sighed and nodded, getting out of the car. “And you’re getting that in my drink,” he grumbled, before shutting the door.

“Love you too,” Lovino said with a roll of his eyes, even if the German couldn’t hear him. The Italian huffed, and crawled over the seats to sit in the driver’s seat, pulling his blanket-jacket so he could turn the steering wheel into a comfortable cushion to put his chin on.

Yes, this was perfect, Lovino thought, settling against the wheel-turned-cushion. He could just sit here, sip coffee, and watch his boyfriend fix the car with those manly muscles– the hood of the car flipped up, obscuring Lovino’s view.

Lovino scowled, roughly removing the jacket from the car. He instead curled up with it and his coffee in the warm seat, noting how that lovely ass had left an imprint in the spongey padding. Mm, that was his yummy booty right there.

Ludwig straightened his back, and heard a satisfying crack, a long while of bending over the hot engine making his back stiff. He wiped his greasy hands on his pants with a sigh. He hadn’t found any reason for the car’s behavior. Although that may have been in part because his mind was preoccupied.

Lovino’s short kiss stuck in his mind, the feel of it still outlined on his cheek. Ludwig felt his face heat up at the thought. No matter how many times they kissed, no matter at what intensity or situation, he would never get used to it.


Ludwig jumped at the car horn, a hand going to his heart in surprise. He muttered a German curse as the horn was honked again, longer this time, pulling the hood of the car back down to close it.

“What are you doing?” Ludwig asked after opening the car door, resisting the urge to sigh. His cute Italian cutely scowled, a cute rosy color to his cheeks, cutely moving over to the passenger seat to (cutely) allow him back his seat.

“Did you fix it yet?” Lovino asked, still wrapped in Ludwig’s jacket. “I need the bathroom.”

Ludwig blinked. “We passed a rest stop ten minutes before, but there’s a forest right here-”

“I’m not some barbarian. Did. You. Fix. The. Car.” Lovino’s words left no room for argument. The harsh snap to his voice, which he usually reserved for everyone who actually got on his nerves, had returned.

Ludwig sighed. “Yes,” he finally gave Lovino the answer he wanted, getting in the car. He out in the key, hoping the engine would cooperate for the rest of the trip. Lovino barely relaxed, glaring as the German prayed, glancing at the Italian nervously until the dashboard lit up with green numbers and meters.

“Great.” He didn’t sound too happy. More annoyed. “Now turn around and drive back to that rest stop.”

“Ja, of course.”