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Yuzuru is the supreme elite of figure skating. He skates at an unimaginable level, and I have no choice. I have only one thing to do, to try achieving the same results somehow. Many skaters actually fear him, coz he’s just so above everyone else. He jumps so organically, so naturally in a program that I question if it is reality, if it’s achievable. It is necessary to set goals, but I dont look forward to the pain I have to go through to reach Yuzu’s level. Masters like Yuzuru know what to do. He “kills” even before entering the ice; he already does it during the warm-up. We juniors look up to him and try to do the same, to try to put out the rivals before entering the rink during warm up, but we haven’t reach that level, and we’ll probably never will. Even Yuzu’s look may affect another skater, so usually we try not to face his eyes.
Yuzuru Hanyu has so many records. Right now there is almost no competition for him, but when a rival appears, he won’t stop and wait, he will do something new because he is the highest level, and he will not give what belongs to him. I am still far from this company of world figure skating.
He is incredible, he is superior. If figure skating is a video game where there are many levels, Yuzu would be cruising in the insane level.
—  Dmitri Aliev on his opinion of YH (EDIT: He was referring to all of the top men skaters, not specifically YH. Apologies for not clarifying; this was how I found the quote to be written on an Instagram post.)

In a dystopian world, the Catholic Church reigns supreme. Their elite, the Paladins, are those without sin. For their devotion they have received amazing powers. But, a single infringement on one of the 10 commandments would remove this power. However, the resistance now have their own Paladin.

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The first video by Supreme featuring their elite skateboarding team.
Video by William Strobeck
All rights go to Supreme NYC


I will be directing Supreme Elite’s new video next week, here’s his latest visuals tho. My masterpiece will be much rarer.