supreme chloe

voltron as stuff people have said at the ice skating rink part 3
  • keith: *falls* ugh i want death
  • lance: ok, so for the next competition, i'm skating to "eye of the tiger" and wearing a really snazzy outfit, just to let the judges know how much better i am than all of you
  • pidge: you can't make me practice i just ate a whole bag of gummy lifesavers
  • hunk: i'm trying to be optimistic about the fact that i suck at this. let's see...well at least i make good french toast
  • shiro: why is this so hard? it's just ice. ice has no power. hey, listen up ice, you don't control me. i control you. from now on, i decide whether or not i can do a toe loop. so there
  • allura: the key is to do everything gracefully. jump gracefully. transition gracefully. fall on your face gracefully. break your leg gracefully.
  • coran: *loses balance* *flails arms* no. shut up. you saw nothing. that didn't happen. don't look at me