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What's happening in Egypt?

Oh that’s a good question

3 years ago, on Jan 25, 2011, the people rose against Mubarak’s regime. People were killed during the revolution. Mubarak stepped down. SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) became in power. People started protesting against them as well as they were also part of the old regime. People were killed again in several massacres. Presidential elections were held. One of the candidates represented the old regime. And another represented the Muslim Brotherhood. And many others of course. The old regime guy (Ahmed Shafik) and the MB guy (Mohamed Morsi) got the highest votes. Morsi wins and becomes the first ever democratic president of Egypt. SCAF, media, police, and all govt organizations still work for the old regime. Media attacks Morsi. Media calls for protests and ‘revolution’ against Morsi on June 30, 2013. Millions of ppl protest against Morsi calling for early presidential elections. At the same time, thousands if not millions protest in Rabaa square supporting Morsi. 

Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, minister of defence, removes Morsi. 

People still protesting in Rabaa. People protest in Nahda square too.

Massacres start.

Massacres: National Guard 50+ dead, Menasa: 100+, Rabaa & Nahda Massacres (where they dispersed the squares) 2000+ dead (number reaches 3000+) 15000+ injured Ramsis, Abu Zaabal (where they killed 35 protesters in a police van while taking them to the abu zaabal jail. They shot tear gas and suffocated them to death inside the van) (note: the guy responsible for this massacre got one year in jail)  6 October 50+, 25 January 30+, etc etc….  (every Friday more ppl join the lists of martyrs)

So yeah

Basically people are still protesting against the coup.

And more people are dying. More people are getting arrested. (23,000+ arrested now. Many reports on them getting tortured inside jails. Many on hunger strikes) 

And just a few days ago, 529 protesters got sentenced to death.

And Sisi is going to be president soon