Talking about transracial/transethnic stuff cannot be “not about” adoptees. Since it’s the language of adoptees that’s being coopted and abused, it is literally always about adoptees. Any analysis of the misuse of those terms that does not centralize it as a coopting of adoptee issues is ignorant garbage analysis.


The knowledge dropped by one of our allies over toxic bio spawn unoppressed​‘s ignorant garbage was so perfectly articulated, we had to preserve it as a quote.

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Hi Luka! Since I'm new I'm not really super in-tune with the rest of fandom at large. But I'm sort of curious -- from what you can see, do you think people prefer N52 Jason to preboot Jason? I worry that a lot of people actually prefer this Jason (tbf, not entirely unjustified, N52 Jason is better than like, Morrison Jason/BFTC Jason, he's just worse than Winick Jason), which makes me skeptical that a reboot would bring back the Jason we love. But I don't know for sure. Thoughts?


It’s actually really weird, because while I feel like I have somewhat of a presence in the DC fandom, I rarely participate in it. When I first dipped into the fandom, I mostly followed art/edit blogs and wondered where the hell Steph and Cass were in all the group shots. Once I met @theflyingwonder at the beginning of my RP days, I essentially just followed all her friends, and then friends of her friends, and so on. I even stopped reading fanfiction. My “circle” is pretty limited in perspectives as a result. I don’t think any of them like New52 Jason. 

From what I can see, though, I do think that New52 Jason is very popular. Whenever I post something from the New52 with Jason being sassy, the notes blow the fuck up, and fanart of his new costume with the red Batsymbol is most prevalent on my dash. 

I don’t think that the fandom prefers him as he’s actually written though, because as a whole, he’s pretty unlikable imo. However, the idea of New52 Jason seems to have an incredible appeal to the fandom: the badboy of the Robins, the snarky asshole, the one who died and won’t shut up about it, the actual feminist™, etc. He also has a much more cohesive image than he did in Pre52, in which he went from shooting a 10-year old in the chest to saving that 10-year old from getting mauled by a lion-person. As much as I criticize New52 Jason’s inconsistent portrayal, especially in B*RE, it’s not nearly as bad as it was in Pre52.

I’m also skeptical that a reboot would bring back Winick’s Jason, firstly because Winick is gone, secondly because I feel like Jason is too far gone in his current characterization to revert back without confusing people, and thirdly because writers have never really known what to do with him. My only hope is one writer, which I’ll be talking about later, and I admit that it’s a longshot. (If he’s at BCC, I may use the puppy eyes on him to try to convince him to fix Jason.) 

It’s a shame, because as we saw with sales of Under the Hood and the popularity of Jason in Arkham Knight, when written well, he’s very appealing as more than just an idea. I don’t know why they don’t translate that to the comics, but if they figure that out, we might have hope yet! 

At the end of the day, I’ve accepted that Winick’s Jason is gone. If he returns in some capacity, then I’ll be overjoyed, but for now, I have lots of fun analyzing him and RPing him and ranting about him to my latest Skype victim. (sorry not sorry)

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