supra mkiii


Hit the jackpot on a delivery at work today. Saw this shop next to the body shop I was delivering parts too and saw this. Even met the owner who was a former master tech at my dealership before I started working. Two S13’s both with Silvia fronts, both with SR20’s, S14 with am RB25, MkIII Supra Turbo getting restored and prepped for a 1JZ swap. Another S13 hatch shell being prepared for a build, and the best for last, 240Z on the lift getting fully restored and featuring some T3 suspension parts as well as getting prepped for an RB25 swap which going to be twin turbo’d with top mount twin turbos like tue old HKS drag car. He showed me the materials he was going to use to fabricate the exhaust manifolds.

The owner was super nice, would’ve talked longer but had to go back to work.