Witch Herb of The Day:

Name: Elderberry

Latin name: Sambucus

Good for/against: metabolism, common cold, fever

Internal use: Cooked berries enhance metabolism and are used to combat sciatica and rheumatism. The syrup is beneficial to the throat during a cold. Helps to suppress fever during the flu.

External use: An infusion of the blossoms soothes and cleanses the skin. Compresses and facial masks combat wrinkles and are also good for mild sunburn. A decoction is helpful in cleaning suppurating wounds.

In tea: Tea from blossoms strengthens the immune system.

In food: May replace raisins when baking a cake.

Extra use: Has softening, healing and cleansing properties when added to a bath. Also suitable as a lotion for removing skin blemishes.

Animal Use: Bunched, bruised leaves above a door or window will keep mosquitoes at bay. Wreathes of branches are hung around horses’ heads to keep pesky flies at a distance.

When to use: Fresh or frozen

BtVS Season 10 - The Kittens

We saw on the show that kittens were used instead of money in card games (kitten poker) played by demons (Life Serial), and later that Spike got in serious debt and had to deal with a shark demon who demanded him immediate payment (Tabula Rasa):

SPIKE: Take it easy, you’ll get your kittens.

SHARK DEMON: Oh, I trust you, Mister Spike.

BUFFY: Oh god, what is it with you guys? Why kittens? Why can’t you just use money like everybody else?

SHARK DEMON: She’s funny. I like funny in a girl.

SPIKE: I just need a little more time.

SHARK DEMON: Time, time, time! Is what turns kittens into cats!

In Season 10 (issue #11), Spike was able to redeem himself of this awful habit of gambling for kittens – he rescued 6 of them that were about to be gambled by some nasty demons at the Suppurating Sore Social Club:

He took them home, saying to Xander that he would find them homes the next day…

But the kittens - now cats - are still in the apartment (up to issue #28)…

Xander takes care of them, too: and they were Xander’s companion when he was a little depressed and refusing to leave his bedroom:

And incorporeal Anya has been able to be seen by them since they arrived in the apartment:

Christos Gage loves cats; he was asked if the cats would survive Season 10, and he said that “no cat will ever die in anything” he writes - so no cats will be harmed during the final battle against D’Hoffryn.

Handsome Monster

by Joyce Mansour

Sickness with its floating moustache
Hovers over me
Each time my eyes meet under the table
Its long musical hand
Stuffs itself between my breasts
And strangles my abscess
In an egg
My nose runs like a sewer
My hair falls with sadness
And the stinking smell of voluntary humiliations
Torments me
My legs fly higher and higher
Open shells smooth fur
Inviting tender mouths
Scissors sea-horses with voracious claws
Share their delights
Their smiles their clothing
And their childhood pimples


Production designer Colin Gibson describes more of the theory behind the Buzzard tribe. “The Buzzards are basically vultures. They’re a pack of hyenas. If you build a world full of carrion, the hyena and the vulture will circle. And the difference with them is, they have much baser needs, because they were after just material, the crude mechanics, the very stuff of things. They didn’t see a Cadillac, [the Buzzards] saw metal; not man, but meat. George had the theory that they were Russian and I think maybe they were White Russian and way too white – their bodies were ravaged by impetigo and infection. They were suppurating flesh and peeling skin, held in place with Saran Wrap and bandage. It was just a little too moist in this dry and dirty place, so they hid inside the spiky vehicles. They were spiky as much to keep people away from them as for attack. The anthropomorphic treatment worked both on the front and the back, there was a sense of trying to find vehicles that had eyes, that we could add a grinning grille of mouth to, that the radiator could look like braces on an inbred mouth.


Gibson relates, "If the Buzzards are the hunters of carrion, then the Rock Riders are the hunters just pre-mortem. They have a path through which you must go, which brings you in single file, basically turns you into easy pickings. Their system of attack is obviously, if I live high, then I need to be able to move up and down. So we decided they were two-wheeled parkour artists. Certain motorbikes are built for this.

—  The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road

Une suppuration est due à l'évolution spontanée d'une infection à germes pyogènes (qui provoquent une suppuration).

   Elle provient ou non d'une collection purulente (abcès), qui peut être superficielle, comme dans le cas d'un furoncle (inflammation d'un follicule pilosébacé produite par un staphylocoque) ou d'un abcès de la gencive, ou profonde et localisée alors dans un viscère : foie, poumon, cerveau, rein.

In all my years as a restaurant critic I have learned that there is a certain type of florid, blowsy, patrician Brit who will sidle up and bellow, with a fruity bluster, that if I ever happen to find myself in Paris (as if Paris were a cul-de-sac on a shortcut to somewhere else) there is this little place he knows, proper French, none of your nouvelle nonsense, bloody fantastic foie gras, and roast chicken like Bridget Bardot’s tits, and that I should go. But, they add, don’t bloody write about it. We don’t want Monsieur Yank and his good lady wife turning up in droves. It’s called …