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An omega with a pretty faint sent gets recruited for a gang (any gang) and say yes. Because they have such a faint sent gang alphas, betas, and even omegas can't smell their sent without having to use sent suppressors or blockers. I head canon that the fainter the sent the lighter the heat, that means this faint sented omega can still work while on heat, making them rather valuable to gangs that recruit omegas. Can go under cover as a beta easily but has to put a bit more work into ...(part one)

I like this 


so I saw this headcanon in the maccready tag about mac toting duncan around in an improvised baby sling..

now I can’t get off the dad-maccready train, and I feel completely fine


@Regrann from @gy6vids - Calling all those that consider themselves a #Patriot #3percenter #2Asupporter or anyone that wants the NFA to be changed!
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M1C Garand sniper rifle

Manufactured by the Springfield Armory between 1943 and 1945, scope mount manufactured by Griffin and Howe, serial number 3495645.
.30-06, 8-round en-bloc clips, M82 2,2X scope offset to the left, MRT leather cheek rest and M2 flash hider.

Looks like a star wars prop.

Sauce : James D Julia Inc.


Added two pistols to the collection yesterday. You’ll be seeing a lot of these two in the future, including action shots! Stay tuned for more!


Because we CAN… Thank you @deadairsilencers

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