I fucking want you (Luke Hemmings)

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Could I have a Luke imagine where y/n just friends and he gets jealous of y/n with a guy friend and he reveals his feelings roughly.

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I left school right at the last bell, going to meet up with my friend Matt. We weren’t that close, not as close as me and Luke but it was good to have other friends as well. I felt kind of bad though, because Luke had asked me if we could hang out today and I turned him down.

I went to meet up with Matt, and he suggested that we go get some coffee so we started walking towards the nearest coffee shop. He hung out for the entire afternoon, but I still had some homework to do so I said goodbye and made my way home. I still felt bad for blowing off Luke, so I had bought him a cookie at the shop, planning on passing by his house to bring it to him.

I let myself in, as I’ve done a hundred times and headed straight to him room, he was clearly home alone by the lack of people. I saw him sitting at his desk with his earphones in and paper sprawled out around, and knocked lightly and walked in.

He turned his head to me and took out his earphones, giving me a small smile. “Hey,” I grinned, walking over to his desk. He didn’t say anything, putting down his pen. “How do you know Matt.” Were the first words to leave him lips.

“What?” I exclaimed, confused about his question that came out of nowhere. “I saw you,” He stood up, explaining himself. “After school. I was walking home, and I saw you with him.”

“Oh,” I muttered, not really knowing where he was going with this. “So?”

“So, I was just asking how you knew him.” He asked again. “Are you guys going out? Like are you guys a couple or whatever?” he asked, before I had a chance to say anything.

“No!” I exclaimed again. “We’re friends, we hung out.”

Luke bit lip and nodded. “Okay, don’t date him.”

“What the hell, man?” I have no idea what’s gotten into Luke, I don’t know why he was being like this.

“The guys a tool,” he muttered. “You don’t even know him, Luke.” I said. He was starting to piss me off, I don’t know what his problem was.

“I don’t need to” He shrugged, and repeated once more. “Don’t date him.”

“What the hell is your problem Luke? You can’t tell me what to do!” I was starting to yell, sounding angrier by the second.

He didn’t say anything so I kept going. “You’re not my dad, or my brother, or my boyfriend. I can see whoever I want to see!”

“No,” He spoke up, yelling as well. “I don’t want you to see that guy!”

“Why the hell not?” I shot back at him.

“Because, because I don’t want you to get hurt.” He said angrily.

Even what he said would be considered nice, it pissed me off. “Who says I’m going to date the guy? And so what if I do? Maybe I want to fucking date him! What’s it to you?”

“Because I fucking love you, okay Y/N?” He yelled at me, making me jerk back in shock. What?

“Not in that best friend bullshit way.” He said, still yelling. “I. Love. You.” He repeated, enunciating each word. “I know it sounds selfish, but the thought of you with another guy,” He paused, quieting down a bit. “Its life a knife stabbing into my heart.”

My jaw was probably down to the floor. I was not expecting that at all. “So yeah,” He kept speaking, voice getting louder again. “I don’t want you with that Matt guy, I want you with me. I fucking want you.”

He had gotten closer to me, chest rising and falling at a faster pace than usual because of all the yelling, and I could feel his breath hitting my face. “Fuck, I’m sorry.” He muttered.

I didn’t think. I had no idea what I was doing; I mean this was best friend. The guy who had helped me finish my colouring books and who would push me on the swings. I reached forward, lacing my hands around his neck to pull him forward, shut my eyes and brought my mouth to his.

He seemed taken aback by my actions, and honestly so was I but I didn’t want to think right now.

So I kissed him instead. 


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Step Right Up

So I went to an amusement park yesterday. (yay! woo hoo!) and I saw this soccer game, and immediately had inspiration. So besides making my new minho blog, I wrote this all day ^^ Hooray! So here you go~

Minho stood in his Referee uniform, juggling various bits of merchandise as crowds of people passed him. “Step right up, step right up and try to win at the soccer challenge!” he sang, “It’s easy, just make one goal and you could win this soccer ball! Two goals, and this batman jacket is yours, and with three goals you’ll get one of the shiny balls to take home.” Across the way, Taemin smirked watching Minho attempt to sell his game. While Taemin’s job was a necessity, Minho was constantly “begging” for customers.

A cute couple with two adorable children walked by, one happily jumping as he pointed at one of Minho’s orange soccer balls, donned with a popular superhero, “How about you? Do you think you could beat your brother playing soccer miss?” He flashed his award winning smile at the little girl in the dress, but their parents moved on, talking up one of the roller coasters.

Minho glanced across the way, looking at Taemin who shook his head with sarcastic disappointment. Minho responded with an eyeroll. He couldn’t help but laugh when Taemin was caught making faces by customers asking for a slice of pizza.

He went back to smiling, kicking around a stray soccer ball and calling out to folks that walked by. Just then two men walked up. One was considerably shorter than Minho, and had a big mouth that jabbered on as he got closer. “Watch and learn Kibum,” he said, tossing Minho 5 dollars, “I can beat this easy.”

Behind him, a taller man rolled his eyes. He was a little too fashionably dressed for the theme park, but looked good enough to eat. Minho’s eyes were drawn to him, watching him as his hips swayed before he rested his elbows on the red bar separating his booth from the foot traffic.

“Show me, show me just how good you are,” he shook his head. What was his name? Key? Bum something? Minho struggled to remember, so he returned to his usual speech.

“You’re given 40 seconds to-” The man nodded, interrupting Minho.

“Yeah, I got it, just let me play, I want to win this one.”

Minho knit his eyebrows together in annoyance, and went to where he started the game. Before he pressed go, he flicked a switch. Taemin watched from across the way. He knew that switch. Minho called it the asshole switch. It put the game on an impossible mode only revealing the target fully at the very end, but usually by that point, whoever was playing was too exhausted, or gave up too soon to even try. Minho only used it for the asshole parents and showoff’s who thought it was a piece of cake, like the lovely gentleman standing behind the white line.

“Alright, you just get 40 seconds!” Minho pressed the button, and watched as the short man started running around, kicking the ball at anything that looked even close to a target. Normally Minho enjoyed watching the stupidity ensue, but not this time. He was more interested in the other man, Key? Kibum! Kibum sounded right. He let his gaze wander towards the man texting on his iphone, completely uninterested in the person frantically kicking in front of him. Thankful for his sunglasses, he found his eyes following the man’s bodyline. A perfect chest, then a perfect waist, and to top it off a perfect-

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It wasn’t that Touka had hated her life- quite the opposite. She had appreciated everything her parents had done for her and Ayato. Her father said her mother, who she could barely remember, would hum her to sleep, regardless of where they were. She would devote majority of her time to them, Arata had told them, eyes sparkling

Ayato enjoyed hearing about his mother but she- all she got from those stories was a burning sensation in her throat and desire to see her mother more than anything. Her father did his best regardless- she and Ayato were raised comfortably and he provided them with the care and affection both needed. When he was gone and they were left with no where to go, she vowed to be a replacement for both of them. How hard could it be? she questioned herself as she ruffled Ayato’s hair.

“‘Nii-Chan,” Ayato had called out, a couple hours after they had ran from their former home, “I’m tired.” She had turned around, wearing a cheerful grin.

“That’s fine!” she exclaimed, hunching on the ground, “I’ll carry you then.” And he nodded, grasping onto her shoulder.

“Let’s go take over the world!” he declared, giggling as she ran quickly.

Too bad the world hadn’t been as beautiful and majestic as the books their father had read to them described.




“I’m hungry,” she sighed, gently sitting down on a bench, stomach burning. They had probably walked more than a few miles from their apartment and eaten not a single thing. Even though her brother didn’t weigh much, she was surprised at how tired she was and how stiff her back was.

“Me too,” grumbled Ayato, kicking his shoes off. He rested his head against her shoulder. “You okay, ‘Nii-Chan?”

“You bet,” she grinned, wrapping her arm around his waist. “It’s getting cold, hu?” He nodded, slowly closing his eyes. They’d make it, she persuaded herself. It was only the first night. They had to get used to it. They would get used to it.




“You’re really pretty,” the man said, a malicious smile spreading as he approached them, “and you can become strong. How much do you think they’re worth?”

The woman next to him grabbed onto Ayato’s shoulder, gripping it so tightly that he cried aloud. “Not sure,” she began and Touka swallowed saliva her shoulder aching. How had she released her kagune again? “Probably a lot due to their hair color. Never seen such a shade on children.”   

The man grasped a fistful of her hair, lifting her up slightly before her kagune blared before him, crystallizing. She could hear Ayato cheering, chanting her name as her shards stabbed into the man’s body, the sound of bones cracking under the sharpness of each crystal. The grip on her hair loosened, and she fell to the ground, managing to land a kick on his stomach. She turned to the woman, who was backing away, mouth a gape.

“Monsters!” she yelled, so loud that the word echoed in her ear. As if without a thought, she killed her. How were they monsters? How dare she, a human trafficker, call them, innocent children, monsters? She dug her hand into the woman’s arm, ripping a portion out and mouth watering. It was food time.




“Why do people hate us?” Ayato mumbled into her ear, weeks later. They hadn’t eaten in a while and she had been walking continuously for various hours. They had ceased walking during the day. The sun was miserable, but she was able to sleep. Ayato on the other hand, was most energetic during the day. They made a deal- she’d sleep during the day and he’d protect her while she’d carry him all night and would keep him safe. “Nii-Chan?”

“It’s ‘cause we’re better than they are,” she huffed as they approached an uneven road. “We’re prettier, and stronger, and we don’t need to work, and we don’t need to study, and all we have to do is live. They’re all just jealous!”

And Ayato giggled and she could imagine him smiling. “We are better! We’re gonna take over the world!”

“We’re going to be the strongest!” she proclaimed, eyes watering up. When would they ever reach there? When would they ever be able to take over the pitiful world?

“Thank you,” Ayato seemed to whisper as he drifted off to sleep and she cried aloud. Pent up emotions, the knot in her throat, everything- she let it out.




Her childhood hadn’t been the best, Touka thought later as she watched Hinami break into tears, holding onto her deceased mother’s hand, but it certainly hadn’t been the worst. 

(AN: Happy Birthday, Touka!)