supposedly earth

just because they’re in space and surrounded by confirmed aliens doesn’t mean that pidge and keith have stopped their alien conspiracy theories. there are still so many questions, like

  • pidge: [slams table]
    keith: !!! what?
    pidge: how come the alteans look like humans and have lions, an animal supposedly native to earth?
    keith: …i think you’re onto something here
  • keith: they lost contact with the ship, AFTER it landed, and decided they would claim “pilot error”??
    pidge: what a cover-up!!
    keith: such a cover-up!!!
    pidge: i bet they’re working with the galra!!!!
    keith: i bet you’re right!!!!!
  • pidge: we’ve seen galra of different vertebrate classes…like, they all look different? not all of them are mammalian?
    keith: yeah some are totally reptilian
    pidge: what’s the deal with that?
    keith: what if…the galra aren’t just one species. what if they’re artificially created from other species?
    pidge: [whispers] i think we’re onto something big here

At some point in time, one had asked what home was.

‘No, it isn’t a place.’ Todoroki Shouto said in a cocksure whisper.

‘Then what is home, to you?’

She wasn’t a home. She was everything. And every time some would utter her name, all he could think of was the aging roots of time enlaced around her feet, the roses and its thorns sprouting upon her fingers, the languid motion of clouds in the sky of her irises, and the throbbing silence of the unmoving ocean within her chest.

The world was, and is such a beautiful thing.

She is the world.

Yaoyorozu Momo is beautiful.

And he was, and is glad to call her ‘home’.

i still cant get over the fact that no one seems to care that the diamonds are supposedly coming to earth, even with multiple members of the main cast knowing about it.

remember when peridot first showed up and the gems FREAKED OUT, broke the warp pad and proceeded to try to teach steven to fuse?

remember the high tension and actual FEAR when lapis said homeworld was coming? 

and even considering the really slow pace we were given for malachite and the horribly dull end to the cluster, there was still some tension.

it honestly seems like they just FORGOT about ‘theres still time’ especially considering its been like. over a month in show time since then. how long does it take for homeworlds time defying ships to get to earth

it honestly comes off as very lazy.



ahaha okay so i wasn’t gonna talk about this because as a seiusa shipper this scene hurts my heart and also tends to be a scene the fandom reacts unnecessarily violently towards but i got sick of the void of empathy so here’s my thoughts

bear in mind two things: a) im not very good at analysing stuff and b) i’ll refer to seiya with she/her and i’m not arguing with regards to that (actually, im not arguing with regards to any of this stuff, this is just me attempting to shine a light on seiya’s motivations or perhaps, more accurately, lack of motivations)

for context, this scene comes at the end of an episode in which we are shown that seiya is preparing to move on from her “new life” as it were and this, unsurprisingly, is a difficult and emotional stage for seiya’s character. seiya, unlike yaten and taiki, actually settles really well into life on earth, so much so that she actually falls in love with usagi. this episode is the point at which seiya truly realises the extent to which she has fallen, when she sees usagi rather than kakyuu in her daydream about home.

i think, for a sixteen year old with a huge responsibility who is experiencing a new planet, that’s gonna be confusing as hell. seiya’s entire life and existence and purpose on earth has (supposedly) revolved around finding kakyuu thus far, with everything that came with being an idol just being part of the disguise. here though, we see that there’s more to it than that, and that seiya is indeed emotionally invested in her earth life and more specifically, in usagi. this has always been a part of her character but i think this is where it really comes to the forefront.

this all culminates in the above scene which has led to…pretty disturbing responses calling for seiya’s head which is…yikes, but anyways. it’s important to note that this scene comes after seiya has already prepared to say goodbye, after she sees the drawing of usagi and mamoru on the desk and comments how their time together has been short, but fun - there is no malice, nor motivation of any kind to change usagi’s mind or whatever. that isn’t part of who seiya is as a person and it never was.


whilst seiya frequently displays a casual side to her approach to her and usagi’s relationship, this doesn’t mean that seiya doesn’t have feelings too. and it doesn’t mean that she isn’t hurting as well. this is something i think the fandom at large either fails to pick up on or really doesn’t care about and like, idk, maybe it’s worth some thought.

seiya is upset in this scene. she’s upset and yes maybe she’s jealous, because she is there and she is protecting usagi and she cares so deeply for usagi. and this mamoru person (who seiya knows nothing about by the way - unlike the audience) is absent and possibly, in seiya’s perspective, appears to not care at all and yet usagi can still only think about him. and that’s going to be fucking painful. seiya doesn’t know the extent to which usagi is suffering either, because usagi up until that point has publicly kept it quiet because she is a brave little soul. 

and so, seiya slips up. and i cannot say that what she says in “am i not good enough” was the correct thing to say because of course it isn’t. she takes usagi’s pain and suffering and she does make it about her. but here’s the thing - seiya is also suffering at this point. seiya is also going through pain. and seiya reacts based purely on emotion at this instant. unrequited love hurts like hell and i personally can’t begrudge her the opportunity to make a mistake here in how she deals with that. this isn’t a planned line or something she necessarily thought would make usagi change her mind or anything like that. this is literally a teenager in love expressing pain and a lack of self-confidence and not being careful of usagi’s feelings whilst doing so, because she is wrapped up in her own pain - as is natural for her to do, because seiya kou also experiences emotion, and seiya kou also sometimes lets that get to her.

it’s a mistake yes, but it doesn’t make her a bad person. we all make mistakes, especially where emotions are concerned, and i think it’s important to make note of that. im not saying u have to love seiya or even like her, but baying for her blood because she fucked up slightly in an emotional moment is just too much.

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The Pikmin series has lots of cool enemies, all supposedly evolved from common earth creatures, it's a weird game and I love them

The visual aesthetic for the designs feel like a combination of this

With this

shabbat shalom, sincerely, stan

Relationship: Bill Denbrough/Stan Uris

Characters: Stanley Uris, Bill Denbrough, Andrea Bertoli, Donald Uris

Words: 2474

Author:  hawrthiacoopri


On his head was a delicate white kippah that was embroidered with feathers- of course it has feathers, Bill thought, it’s Stan’s, for god’s sake- and that contrasted against his dark, angular features in a way Bill knew Stan had meant for it to. His eyes, a deep, chocolate brown that Bill had grown to call comforting, were trained fastidiously on Bill from his spot at the mirror. “Oh, hello, Bill- shabbat shalom.” He snagged Bill’s confused eyes and smiled. “Haven’t heard that before, huh?”

“Nuh-no, sorry.”

Stan laughed, a slightly throaty sound that made Bill smile yet again. “It’s the greeting for shabbat. It means have a peaceful shabbat, basically.” He looked bemusedly at Bill’s expression of bewilderment again, and smirked. “Shabbat is sabbath, Big Bill. I thought you were smart.”


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Anonymous said: blurb of going to a space museum with niall and he gets all nerdy and teaches his girl about anything and everything

Hand and hand Niall basically dragged you all over the museum, your legs not being able to keep up with his long ones. He was too excited, like a child in a toy store looking at everything, oohing and aahing at the thousands and thousands of diagrams and planets and stars and galaxies. 

There were so many things to read and look at and touch and listen to and experience, Niall couldn’t stand still for a moment. When you thought he was intrigued by one thing, he disappeared and bounced of to another thing. You couldn’t keep up.

“Baby, look, read this!” Niall’s voice echoed through the space, making a couple of people turn their heads. 

“The Apollo astronauts’ footprints on the moon will probably stay there for at least 100 million years.” Niall read straight off the board. You looked at what he was reading. A picture of an astronaut and their footprints.

“There’s no wind or water to blow it or wash it away so it just stays there. Sick!” He exasperated. 

You wrapped your arm around his before Niall could escape again. You followed him around to the next station. There was a video playing, showing what spaced looked like. The purple and blue swirls of galaxies and sparking little stars is what probably caught Niall’s attention. You both grabbed the headphones that were attached to the podium and slipped them over your ears. There was a noise you didn’t particularly like. It sounded like the wind blowing. Perhaps the audio on the video was defective. You took them off and looked to Niall. His lips were in a small “O” shaped, fascination etched on his face. You tapped his shoulder. He turned to look at you, removing one headphone off his ear.

“What are we listening to?” You shrugged.

“That’s what Earth supposedly sounds like. Each planet has it’s own sound, you know.” Niall gasped. “But space is actually dead silent.”

“How do you know that?” You asked him

“I just know.” Niall smirked and pointed to his temple. 

Niall gave up on the headphones and moved on. You grabbed his hand so you wouldn’t get lost again.

“So, if each planet has it’s own sound then why is space silent?” You asked him, wanting to see what answer he would have for that.

“The planets are millions of miles away from each other. So they have all that space in between.” Niall explained as he kept walking, leading the way and he probably had no idea where he was going. You hummed.

“Makes sense. How many miles is Neptune from the sun?” You quizzed him.

“4.44 billion miles.” Niall replied nonchalantly.

“Okay then, how many stars are in the galaxy?” 

“Too many.”

“Are you just saying that or do you finally not know something?” You teased him. Niall was so smart, he had an answer for everything. Whenever he didn’t know something, you didn’t miss the window to tease him.

“No really, there are too many stars to count.” Niall chuckled.

“Okay, Mr. Know-It-All. What’s the biggest star in the galaxy?” 

“Everybody knows it’s the sun. But in my galaxy, it’s you.” Niall sarcastically cooed. He turned to you, batting his eyelashes and pouting just a little bit.

Your heart fluttered but your face couldn’t hold back from twisting into a half smile and a half cringe. Niall smiled ear to ear, full aware of how corny he was. 

“You probably have kernels stuck in your teeth after saying that because that was really corny. Like, on the back of a candy wrapper type of corny.” You snickered. Niall laughed, loudly and obnoxiously but it still sounded beautiful.

“Kernels in my teeth! That was as bad as mine.” He gasped in between giggles. You paused.

“You’re right.” You chuckled. 

You and Niall composed yourselves. You and Niall both saw the same thing at the same time and you knew Niall was going to bolt for it. You’ve only seen them in some malls, which was a small roller coaster. The one you’ve seen was just a box, inside there were seats and a big screen that played some scenario while the box rose and fell with the action. This one just so happened to be shaped like a rocket ship.

“What is that?” Niall gasped. 

“Some little ride thing, I guess.” You shrugged.

Niall looked to you, to the rocket ship, then back at you. He was silently begging. You looked between him and the ship also, there was a small line and most of the people in it were kids. You chuckled, taking his hand again.

“Alright, let’s go.” 

What Is and What Should Never Be. Part I (Trixya) ~ Mistress

A/N: This was supposed to be a oneshot but I’ve discovered that I am incapable of writing oneshots. So it’s a short series. Mostly so I can have people tell me how amazing I am *hair flip*. No but really I need to know if i should keep posting this story bc I’ve put a fuck ton of time into this when I should have been working on my 2 other fics.

This prompt came from an AQ anon, so thanks. I immediately thought of the Supernatural episode much like the ask so I wrote Trixya as monster hunters going after djinn. Their deepest wishes for a different life are turned upside down leading to new appreciation for each other as they are. For those who don’t know, Brian McCook is Katya and Brian Firkus is Trixie. Pronouns depend on context. 3k words 

Summary: The Brians have a very… unique way of hunting monsters. Namely, dressing up as ladies and presenting as live bait. Sexual tension has always been part of their partnership, but it just can’t work out between them that way. Then The Brians track down a djinn–a monster of twisted wish fulfillment–and not everything goes to plan. When everything is exactly how they always wanted to be… nothing is right.

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okay so, some non-spoiler Guardians of the Galaxy 2 thoughts:

Peter was abducted pretty darn young and when the first movie came out I had trouble suspended my disbelief about all the earth pop-culture references he knew. Even if they were all 80′s references, it had been almost 30 years since he left earth.

I resolved that Peter Quill has a fucking incredible memory and was probably very pop-culture savvy because of his mom.

Now in the second movie, he calls Rocket a “Trash Panda”. Some quick googling tells me that “Trash Panda” has really only become a popular term for Raccoons in the last 2 or 3 years. (sidenote: google searches for trash panda appear to have spiked since GOTG2 came out– kinda wish I could see this chart with the past week excluded) Since Peter supposedly hasn’t been to earth or had contact with earth since 1988 I’ve come up with three possible theories as to how he could possibly know this term:

Least Likely: Earth Culture Bleeds Into Space

Why it’s possible: Earth is big and loud, there’s been a few alien encounters. Slang terms spread verbally. So maybe some government agent said something about trash pandas to an extraterrestrial who then used the term with their friends who used the term with their friends until eventually Peter Quill heard it and thought it was hilarious.

Why it’s unlikely: This would be much more plausible in the comics universe, where interactions with aliens and travel between planets is much more common than it is in the MCU. Seeing as no one around Peter seems to ever understand his references it is unlikely for earth culture to bleed enough for such an uncommon slang term to reach him.

Slightly More Likely: Peter Does Actually Have Contact with Earth

Why it’s possible: All that’s really stated in the movie is that Peter has never returned to Earth since he left. We don’t know that he hasn’t kept up with Earth affairs. He has enough connections that it’s probably not difficult to keep up with Earth news just by asking around. Satellite internet exists and it’s probably also not too difficult to rig up a way to access it or the radio or TV whenever he passes by the Milky Way. Just to see what the planet’s been up to without him.

Why it’s unlikely: Could you imagine Peter doing this and never mentioning it? Plus if this was something he was doing why is this one term the only way it’s manifested in dialogue.

Most Likely: Peter Invented the Term Completely Independent of Earth Influence

Why it’s Possible: Peter knows what a Raccoon is, he probably knows what a panda looks like, he knows raccoons eat trash. Peter’s obviously a smart dude, he’s moderately good with words, I think he could have figured this one out without us.

Why it’s unlikely: I honestly can’t think of any reasons.

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i got the idea of a cool god? au where Laurens is the god of the stars and the night and its his job to change the positions of the sun and moon in the sky, and Eliza might be the goddess of love and compassion who has the ability to make flowers bloom from her touch,, and Ham might be like,, the god of knowledge?? idk - it just sounds like a cool idea??


I was actually making a greek god au where laurens was suppose to be apollo or helios but space laurens was too good to resist—–

I did end up assigning planets and gods to them before tho and i still have to revise that tbh (the planets and gods aren’t necessarily connected):

  • Hamilton - Mercury | Hermes
  • Jefferson - Venus | Aphrodite
  • Eliza - Earth | supposedly Hestia or Demeter:
  • Angelica - Mars | supposedly Hera or Athena
  • G wash - Jupiter | zeus
  • Lafayette - Saturn | tho i actually thought of him as poseidon;;
  • Hercules - Neptune | supposedly Hephaestus
  • Madison - Uranus
  • Burr - Pluto | Hades (get is cause its cold in pluto)
  • others:
  • Laurens - constallation, space | Helios or apollo
  • Philip - Day, Stars | supposedly helios o r apollo
  • Peggy - asteroids/comets | artemis
  • Theodosia - Persephone
  • Charles lee - Ares

thats all i have thought about tho (and really messy aa);;; i’m still really open for suggestions or changes!!!!

water & its relation to characters in preacher

yes… i’m gonna be that person– this will probably be an over-analyzation, but if there’s one piece of literary symbolism that is most often used in media, it’s that of water. and more specifically for preacher, rain and swamps. get ready for some “meta-reaching:”

when it comes to preacher, weather often plays an important role– whether it be w/ the SOK and the tornado that killed him or cassidy’s inability to step out into direct sunlight without combusting, oftentimes nature acts as a hand of God, more or less (ironically enough in a show where God is missing and supposedly roaming earth to tour jazz bars). 

now, this isn’t anything new– literature such as The Great Gatsby and The Awakening utilized water symbolism to its utmost ability, acting as harbingers in a way for the character’s demise. its important to note, before i go on, that rain/water isn’t always a negative symbol– it was practically born in western society from the biblical symbolism of “rebirth” following baptisms (which we also got to see in preacher). primarily, water acts in 2 ways: to nurture or to destroy. either a person exposed to rain will be “reborn,” indicating a shift in their life of some kind, or they will die– often-times for no good reason. death by or near water often symbolizes a death without meaning, an unfair demise that brings nothing in exchange. 

now, continuing with this, we must go all the way back to season 1, episode 8 (”Finish the Song”). i may be very wrong about this, but its one of the only times I can actually recall characters being exposed to rain… fiore and deblanc. it is raining as they make their way to the “travel agency,” and as we all know, despite being characters that we assumed to be immortal, they both were killed by the SOK. deblanc’s death in particular harkens to a “useless death,” as there was no reason for the SOK to kill him other than for the fact that the SOK is a soul-less monster. fiore survives his initial encounter w/ the saint, and is ultimately changed– for the worst. after this, we see that fiore has lost his will to live now that his partner and lover is dead. fiore was “reborn” in the worst way possible here– suicidal and without motivation or drive. 

more recently, we have the SOK trapped in a swamp. he has been reborn in a sense even before this, having gained a part of jesse’s soul. however, with this submersion into water, i think this signals that there will be a major shift in the SOK’s motivations. he’s not looking to get into heaven anymore– when he gets out of the swamp (and he will), his only goal will be to make jesse custer suffer.

tldr; so i’m not saying we should worry about characters that get exposed to water or rain… but at the same time, we should be weary when the weather in preacher acts less as a plot device and more as an indicator for things to come. given that rain/water is a common symbolic device, i don’t doubt the show’s writers have given enough thought to at least connect some of the major thematic plots with this symbol. 

Apparently according to conspiracy theorists, the world is gonna end on September 23rd when “Planet X” will supposedly collide with Earth, so I blame Lou Talbot because afterall, that’s the planet he identifies most with, so finally a valid reason to not like him. He’s a destructive evil planet.

Plus, bonus, other people believe the ancient Annunaki inhabit this planet, so maybe Sonny Joon is onto something and it’s all connected.

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A thought regarding the nature of Amethyst's weapon, and Bismuth's testimony that a whip is unusual for a quartz: perhaps the whip, along with Amethyst's shapeshifting virtuosity, expresses a flexibility and adaptability discouraged by Homeworld? (Whether the latter is a standard ability of amethysts remains to be seen--I've heard rumors that we're going to be meeting some more, but I'm waiting until the WInter '17 Bomb's legitimate airing.) Hope you're feeling better, by the way.

That’s a good point! In fact, Bismuth’s actual line is “Not every Quartz can make a whip like this,” which implies that other Quartzes can make whips, it’s just, they have fundamental differences from Amethyst’s that a skilled blacksmith can tell just by looking.

And flexibility is a pretty good way to put it. In this post I talked about how Amethyst’s other abilities, weapon aside, are all comparatively more flexible than those of other gems. The spin dash attacks that we see both her and Jasper do several times differ between the two of them.

Amethyst is able to manoeuvre more efficiently at the cost of overall power while Jasper has a lot of raw strength but it’s essentially a linear charge. And when we look at how Amethyst has always felt the need to change herself to adapt to the standards of the senior Crystal Gems and life on Earth, we get to see why flexibility is such an important trait for her. That’s why it’s not a huge surprise that Ame really likes to shape shift. 

When pushed very hard though, that versatility makes it difficult for her to pinpoint exactly who she is, which was the conflict central to On The Run, and never fully resolved.

As to whether Homeworld is against adaptability, I would say they’re not openly against it and annihilating gems who happen to be more versatile than are others. But Homeworld implicitly finds comfort in predictability and patterns. They are averse to change, perhaps because they don’t have a lot of extra padding if that change causes them to mess up. Recall that they are in a resource crisis. It’s likely that they’d rather tough it out with systems that might not be as efficient as they could be than change because of the risk of failure.

And it’s interesting that you mention it: There’s also a possibility that gems grown on Earth may, in line with the symbolical implications of Earth, be more adaptable. That everything on Earth supposedly grows and changes and has the opportunity to do so, may mean there’s something in the water, or in this case, soil, that makes it more conducive for gems to want to change things up.

Wampus Cat

It is a creature in American folklore, variously described as some kind of fearsome variation on a cougar.


In terms of appearance, sources say:

  • It is commonly described as being bipedal.
  • A body covered in short fur that resembles half-mountain lion, and half-woman.
  • Yellow, glowing eyes (sometimes described as hypnotic).
  • It emits a powerful and nauseous odour.
  • A metre and a half tall (on four legs).
  • Cries out sinister screams and howls.
  • Very sharp teeth.

The wampus cat is often compared to the “Ewah” of Cherokee mythology,  in that it was a woman who disguised herself in the skin of a cougar to spy on the men of the tribe, as they sat around the campfire with their wolf brothers, and told sacred stories on a hunting trip. When the woman was discovered, the tribe’s medicine man punished her by transforming her into a half-woman, half-cat, to forever doomed to roam the Earth. It supposedly still haunts the forests of East Tennessee. 

Legends state the Wampus cat is the spirit of death and when its cry is heard that means someone is going to die and be buried within the next three days. It is also believed that the Wampus cat is aggressive and attacks humans, as well as feasting on their flesh.

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So, since the Second Period was supposedly our Earth all Along (futuristic and post-apocalyptic, since there's malice, the black boxes and sentient masks are apparently AI), do you think Held's green hair is natural or dyed?

Dyed, I would think. But then, just because it’s our Earth doesn’t mean anime hair doesn’t exist, so it might be natural.

So I had a thought about Father Julia:

I’ve seen a lot of people saying they think he’s evil, and as my earlier post implies, I do too. There are three bits of supporting evidence I’ve personally noticed.

The first one is pretty obvious - he took Roberto into the library and told him he could borrow any books he wanted. But he failed to mention until after it was almost too late that ‘by the way, some of those books are cursed. Whoops.’

The second one is a little more subtle, but I saw a lot of other people mentioning it so it was definitely widely noticeable. Why is Father Julia leaving for an overnight trip on a night when spirits supposedly roam the earth looking for Christians to kill? the obvious answer might be ‘oh, he doesn’t believe in that’ or ‘his belief in God will protect him!’ But considering how scared everyone else at the church was, Julia being willing to travel was an outlier. The other christians around believe the legend and aren’t certain that God will protect them. It’s also worth noting that the other members of the church may fear violence from other people. Practitioners of Bazuna could decide to take matters into their own hands and kill people they know to be members of the church. So the smart thing to do would be stay put. Also, why didn’t Father Julia mention where he was going or why? There shouldn’t be any need for him to sneak around if he’s going on a trip for the church.

The third one struck me immediately and made me uncomfortable (and I think it struck Josef too): Julia’s rooms. Julia invites Josef into a pristine white space with marble floors and beautiful furniture, complete with a portrait of himself hanging over the fireplace. This is all pretty unusual for someone who has supposedly devoted their life to God and to helping others. He lives luxuriously while even John the ‘prophet’ had a much sparser room. Josef looked rather surprised and uncomfortable too. I think he had that same thought - how can someone who is supposedly so concerned with others live so luxuriously when he knows that they’re suffering? Where did he get the money, and why doesn’t he spend it on the clinic?

It was the painting that made me wonder something: this may sound crazy, but I’m wondering if maybe Julia is aiming to be canonized? For a catholic, that’s a huge deal. It would be a huge power trip for someone who seeks glory. I’m wondering if he found a way to preserve John’s body as a means of getting people to come from the Vatican. Once he had them there, his plan was to show them just how hard he works - day and night. I don’t know if the marks on his back were actually self-flagellation (they could be from something more sinister) but if they are, it would be a sign of his devotion to living his life the ‘right’ way. And of course Josef only saw them AFTER they were done treating patients - which required Julia to lean, lift, and move his arms extensively. That should have aggravated his back. And I’m sure it did! But he only showed Josef privately, after he was done working himself to the bone like a martyr. It’s also possible that Julia is trying to stage a plot wherein Josef or Roberto are in mortal danger so that he can ‘save’ them with the ‘grace of God’ which he totally has and can use at any time just like the saints you guys!

This probably isn’t it, that was just a thought I had. He could also be trying to incite a war against catholics and the people who practice Bazuna, or he could be seeking power or deification through their religion. I don’t know.

(A table of contents is available. It will be kept up-to-date as new posts are added. Disclaimer: If you are planning on basing your own fictional magic system off an existing magic belief, please do extensive research into anthropology and discussions from people of that belief. Avoid direct appropriation and be respectful!)

Part Ten: World Integration

When we first conceive of a magic system, the thing about it that we are most concerned with is how the magic interacts with the characters. It’s easy to see why: The characters are the ones using and harnessing it; the characters are the ones discovering it; the characters are the lens through which we see its usage. Depending on a few traits of your magic, you may have one other major player to consider: your world.

Remember way back in Part Two where we talked about where the source of your magic is? If your characters are using something other than their own life force for performing magic, take some time to imagine how magic manifests in the world. One of the prevailing beliefs in our own world is the concept of ley lines where power supposedly courses through the earth, drawing cultures across the globe to put monuments, worship spaces, and a variety of other culturally important places on top of them. The hope was that the power of the place would lend power to the people and that the ground was a variety of sacred. If your magic is external in any way, how does your world deal with that?

Does magic manifest concretely in your world? I mean, are there physical things that someone can go and touch or that they can carve or that they can own that are made of magic? Are there outcroppings of rock with chunks of magic projecting from them, or veins like rivers of magic flowing through your world that users can tap into? Is it possible to uncover a pond of magic that existed beneath the surface and use that? Does the magic disappear as it’s used or is it infinitely refilling itself? Does magic float in the air, tinting the color of an area depending on what kind of magic is present? Is there a smell that is associated with your magic being in the area? If your magic is based in elements or life-forces, how does the usage of those elements impact the world around it? If your character uses plant-based magic and causes a whole tiny ecosystem to grow at their command, how does that survive? How does an environment deal with the sudden dispersal of half its water supply when a magician using water magic comes along and whips out half a river against their enemy?

These ideas about bringing your magic into a more tangible feature of your environment aren’t necessary, but if you are playing around with an externally powered magic, it may be one aspect to your system that helps it stand out and make it unique. The more you can make your magic integrate with your world–rather than having it exist as an extra layer–the better. Your goal with building magic systems is to be unique and seamless. They should feel as though they’ve always been a part of the world and that the world has formed with this magic, not as a tacked-on sort of system. Unless there was a world-altering event that led to the introduction of magic, embed your magic, don’t dress your world in it.

Next up: Real-world worries!