• some guy:i'm an egalitarian. i believe in rights for all. i'm not a misogynist; i love women. all opinions are valid.
  • same guy:feminists are the ugliest group of women on the planet and they're all mad that no one wants to bang them.
  • me:yikes.

ok like i know everyones so excited abt gay sulu and lesbian holtzmann but i cant help be a lil pissy bc 

1) we get a gay man but he doesnt get to kiss his husband even tho we’ve seen kirk be a creeper towards multiple women

2) we never actually hear holtzmann talk abt being gay

Magi Monday and... WHAT did I just read?!



…….Aladdin/Kogyoku better NOT be a thing.

Remember when I said that one of my my NopeTPs is Adult/Child and that I couldn’t believe I had to say something like that but because of Toto and Olba, I kinda had to?

I didn’t even get into character specific NopeTPs (for example: I don’t want Hakuryu and Aladdin in any ship. Same with Mogamett, Madaura and Arba).

I am also vocal that I feel that Kogyoku is one of the few human characters left, while Aladdin became inhuman after the Alma Torran arc. And pairing those two, irrespective of the fact that they barely ever interacted and that one is an adult woman and the other a teen boy with mommy/women issues (I’m sensing a pattern, Ohtaka… -_-) and yeah…

…Needless to say, any hints that way will fall flat with me.

But since the word ‘marriage’ isn’t mentioned, I take at least comfort in that after the last shipping fiasco.

So back to what is actually mentioned: Yes Kogyoku knew. But played no part. She truly is a female character in Magi! /spitesnark

We’re also retconning another post-time-skip thing! LOL. Guess what? Apparently Hakuryu didn’t abdicate because he ran away with Aladdin and Morgiana, apparently he abdicated because of Sinbad’s machinations! *insert facepalm here*

Yet despite going through the trouble of deposing “Good Emperor Hakuryu” Sinbad then lets Kogyoku jump over Hakuei in the line of succession, thus rendering Sinbad’s troubles moot. Wat? Either Kogyoku is still under Zepar or this makes no sense. But why the hell would Aladdin go to a Zepar’d Kogyoku?

…Yaddayadda Alibaba and Kogyoku have a shippy moment yaddayadda Alibaba is sooo in love with Morgiana that he wants Aladdin to risk getting caught so that he can tell the world about his marriage and how he wont be a virgin joke anymore yaddayadda no mention of Morgiana actually doing something or having a reaction yaddayadda Kobun is apparently jealous and that’s more important than Morgiana’s reaction yaddayadda…

“Shitty Empress Kogyoku” also makes an appearance because it’s not like she’s a better ruler than “Good Emperor Hakuryu”! We must make really sure that she fumbles everything the moment the men let her take the reins (Alibaba being gone and Komei vowing to follow whatever decision Kogyoku makes)! And this time she’s even letting her pride (that she tossed aside last time we saw her) get in the way!

Was there anything else? Oh yeah, Sharrkan is family-zoned again. By this time, Yamraiha has made her feelings of familial love perfectly clear in multiple chapters, omakes and backstages, so putting these two together would be too forced and even incestuous on Yamraiha’s part and…

……*Puts face in hands and starts mumbling curses*

Okay, so if Kogyoku is Badroulbadour (whose name I misspelled last time, sorry Full Moon of Full Moons!)… Please tell me that Hakuei wont get together with Koen or Komei (fat chance, Ohtaka has been teasing those ships forever despite Hakuei being both first cousin, half cousin and their adoptive sister, and unlike Hakuryu, she actually accepted her sisterhood with the Ko-sibs).

Well whether Kogyoku or Hakuei are Badroulbadour, I’m against it since they’re fully grown women and Aladdin is a child and Aladdin is Aladdin and he’s a main character so it wont be as easy to ignore as Toto/Olba.

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Louis is so tiny I just asdfghjk and the height difference oh god...

Allow us to use this beautiful, wonderful fan here as reference…

He’s standing on is lil tippy toes which adds about 2 inches to his height 

Then this asshole, who is not only standing at normal height, but is actually slouching just a bit

I genuinely get sick over this bullshit I am so disgusted


“There is a vast melancholy in the canticles of the wolves, melancholy infinite as the forest, endless as these long nights of winter and yet that ghastly sadness, that mourning for their own, irremediable appetites, can never move the heart for not one phrase in it hints at the possibility of redemption”

                                                                               -The Company of Wolves

Love, and especially the maintenance of love, takes much work. Love is about sitting in silence and enjoying every second of it simply because your partner is sharing it with you. Love is about reading another person’s mind and finishing his or her sentences - because you know that person that well. Love is about wanting to be as physically close as possible because you can’t get enough of the other’s smell, or feel, or mere presence. Love is about putting another person before yourself because, quite simply, when that person is happy, you’re happy. Love is about staying in on the weekend, ordering Indian food, and putting on a new documentary because you wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. Love knows no gender, race, shape, or size. Love is love - an energy that fuses souls. And when you fall into its warm embrace, you won’t want to let go.
—  Connor Franta, ‘A Work In Progress’
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Supposedly, this is the Chinese MV for Miss A’s Goodbye Baby