supposed to be hard

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advice for people just starting college/university: everyone always has stories saying that you HAVE to do this. or HAVE to do that. that you're bff is gonna be from your freshmen floor. or that all the people on your freshmen floor will suck. the best college advice is to just be yourself. study hard. and seize all the opportunities that you feel comfortable seizing. DON'T push too hard just because you think you're supposed to. be yourself and things will work out as they should.

^^ this though!!! <3 <3 <3 

You know

I was so worried about how other people were going to treat me that I completely forgot about how hard college was supposed to be.

I think I have died and seen the abyss with this 6 hour Anatomy class I’m taking.


He gotta give him that air you know

call it poetry –

the 150 patchwork characters above your instagram photos and below your profile picture; the 650 words you bled into your common app essay, baptized by midnight tears and shaky fingers on backlit keyboards; the 2 am text you sent your friend when she was sad, which read more like a love song than any top 50 hit; the scribbled words you placed among doodles and integrals on the back of your math test, the ones you almost hesitated to erase before you turned it in. 

call it art –  

that photo of your best friend laughing, even though it’s blurry and his left hand is out of frame; those pancakes, the ones the man at the other booth smirked at you for admiring before eating, laughing harshly before returning to his bitter coffee and significantly underappreciated waffles; the sunsets and sunrises that fill your photo stream, reminders that yesterday was beautiful and tomorrow might be too; the photo of yourself that you can’t decide if you quite like, but can’t delete either, your finger nervously hovering above it. post it. 

call it music –

the laughter of your friends from the other room that makes you smile, even though you missed the joke; the sound of your turn signal clicking, melting into the patter of raindrops on the windshield’s glass; the whistle of the summer wind outside of your old bedroom, the one that promised fairytales and twisters in sleepless childhood nights; the rhythm of your shoes in the empty hallway, reverberating with the sound of your arrival.

it is poetry.

it is art.

it is music. 

it is you.

Happy simming for Autism Acceptance Month <3 


Goodnight, Captain
(AKA vague prequel to this)

Where freshly minted Captain Kirk reads up on stuff even when he’s not on shift and nods off in random conference rooms on the Enterprise. Certain first officers who don’t require as much sleep take care of things.